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LGBTQ+ supporters are not provided any safety guarantees at FIFA World Cup 2022 by Qatar.

LGBTQ+ supporters not safe in FIFA 2022

Several organizations have recommended against traveling to the FIFA World Cup because Qatari authorities failed to assure traveling LGBTQ+ supporters that they will be safe there. They asked football enthusiasts to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 at home online.

The Supreme Committee, the organization in charge of planning the World Cup, was asked by The Guardian several straight questions regarding LGBTQ+ supporters and their worries this week, but no specific responses were provided.

A primary response read: “Everyone will be welcome to Qatar in 2022, regardless of race, background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. We are a relatively conservative society – for example, public displays of affection are not a part of our culture. We believe in mutual respect and so while everyone is welcome, what we expect in return is for everyone to respect our culture and traditions.”

LGBTQ+ advocacy groups have expressed growing concerns about safety as talks with coordinators have stagnated. The LGBTIQ Human Rights Sports Coalition has been in contact with Qatari officials for almost two years. Still, according to Anne Lieberman, a founding member of the group, no definitive safety guarantees have been provided.

Lieberman said. “This quite clearly suggests to us that LGBTIQ people, whatever their role, will not be protected from the state and its repressive anti-LGBTIQ legislation, or from other potential risks to their safety,” 

Groups are urging a boycott of the tournament because of the Qatari government’s inability to adequately address issues or even use the word LGBTQ+. Even though no details were provided, FIFA told the Guardian that they considered it had gotten enough assurances from Qatari officials guaranteeing supporter safety and law enforcement.

FIFA’s Joyce Cook, then the organization’s chief social responsibility and educational director and currently a senior advisor, claimed in a statement to the Human Rights Sports Coalition that the organization had “thoroughly assessed the named legal clauses and their implementation in practice, including in particular as they pertain to LGBTIQ+ persons.”

She said, “Based on our engagement with the relevant Qatari authorities, and following existing government guarantees, and the event-specific legislation, as well as our experience of hosting other events in Qatar, FIFA is confident that persons identifying as LGBTIQ+ will not face any repercussions based on the above-mentioned legal provisions.”

Lieberman said, “FIFA has had a responsibility from the beginning to ensure the proper human rights due diligence was done, and a positive legacy for all is left, and now we are less than 100 days out still fighting for basic safety assurances.”


LGBTQ+ groups claim that a lack of clarity and poor public relations have only fueled fears. Whether supporters can fly rainbow flags in Doha without facing the consequences is still debatable.

Everything you need to know about Harry Kane, the Star player of FIFA World Cup 2022

England’s captain Harry Kane short bio

Harry Edward Kane is a professional footballer who plays for the England football team and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. He is one of the best strikers of all time and is famous for his remarkable goal-scoring. 

Early Life of Harry Kane

He was born on July 28th, 1993, at Chingford, a suburban area of Northeast London. He was raised with his elder brother Charlie, and they both studied at Chingford foundation school. Harry’s parents belonged to Galway, a harbor city on the west coast of Ireland. In a recent interview, Harry said, “I believe my sports genes originate from my mother’s side of the family.”

Harry Kane’s Career

In 2001, he joined Arsenal youth academy, but they felt that he was not a good fit for the academy, so they terminated him after the first season. Harry started his professional career in July 2009 at Tottenham Hotspur and played in a local club, ridgeway rovers. In 2013, he started playing in the team Tottenham Hotspurs and participated 19 times in a competition. 

Achievements by Harry Kane

After scoring six goals in the FIFA world cup 2018, he received the Golden Boot Award. He scored all six goals in the first four games of the tournament. Harry Kane is the second English footballer who win the golden boot after Gary Lineker, who scored six goals in the world cup of 1986. He also got the Tottenham player of the year award in 2016 and 2017 and PFA Fans player of the year. In 2019, he got the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) award for his football services in Queen’s New Year’s Honors.

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Record held by Harry Kane

He scored 31 goals in 51 appearances and broke Gary Lineker’s record of 30 goals. He reached the top regarding his goal scoring in 2017, with 30 goals in the Premier League, and all competition scores were 41. He broke Alan Shearer’s record of 39 goals by taking a back-to-back hat-trick against Burnley and Southampton in 2017. He came into the list of Tottenham’s top 10 scorers. He has a unique record of scoring goals against all 30 teams in the Premier League. 

 In the FIFA World Cup 2018, held in Russia, he was appointed captain of the England team. In November 2021, during World Cup Qualifiers, he completed a perfect hat-trick against Albania, and England won by 5-0. This victory led his score to 39 goals. Then in the game against San Marino, he scored four goals, and England won by 10-0, which took his tally to 43 goals. He scored on penalty against Denmark in Euro 2020, which made England qualify for the final of Euro 2020. 

Who has won the most FIFA World Cups in history?

FIFA winners

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is drawing nearer.  The best international teams will face off against each other in November to win the World Cup. The competition is expected to intrigue everyone who supports their country. Let’s take a lesson and look at former World Cup champions returning to the first event in 1930.

  • Brazil (5 Wins)

With five championships, Brazil is the most successful World Cup-winning nation. Their first World Cup victory came in 1958. In 1962, they won consecutive tournaments. Their most recent championship was won in 2002. Brazil has a more manageable group this year with Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon, so that they might be an excellent choice. They are considered favorites to win all three games and finish first in their group.

  • Germany and Italy (4 Wins)

Italy and Germany. They each have four titles and are still strong candidates to represent Qatar.

Jurgen Klinsmann, Lothar Matthaus, and Miroslav Klose are just a few legendary players who have played for Germany’s stellar international teams. They last won the World Cup in 2014; in four of the previous five competitions, they placed in the top four.

Italy won its most recent title in 2006. Despite not having as many top-four finishes as Germany in recent years, they still have a fantastic team. Even though their squads aren’t as strong as in previous tournaments, this could be the year one of these teams matches Brazil’s record.

  • Argentina, Uruguay, and France (2 Wins)

Argentina, Uruguay, and France have all won the World Cup twice, but no side has ever won three trophies.

Aside from their two victories in 1930 and 1950, Uruguay has few more top-four finishes. They once possessed a formidable international side. However, most of the time, Argentina took center stage.

Argentina has always had a lot of talent and shown great promise. Despite having famous players, they have only won two World Cups in 1978 and 1986. They’ve finished in the top four five times.

France currently has the World Cup trophy after defeating Croatia in 2018. They also hosted the tournament in 1998, the year before their other victory. France hopes that Qatar will be the place where they can reclaim their international glory.

  • England and Spain (1 Win)

 England and Spain are two countries that have each won a single World Cup.

In a historic victory over West Germany in 1966, England won their only World Cup championship. They have since attempted to win the trophy but have eventually failed. 

Spain, like England, has also won a World Cup; their triumph came in 2010. They had possibly one of the best international teams in history at this moment, and their team was dominating the international football scene. It included legendary Spanish players like Casillas, Ramos, Busquets, Alonso, Xavi, and Iniesta.

Some of the most one-sided matches in the history of the FIFA World Cup

FIFA matches

Football games with the maximum goals scored tend to be the most enjoyable. The biggest sporting event on earth, the FIFA World Cup, has featured several one-sided games

  • Yugoslavia vs. Zaire 9-0 (1974)

Yugoslavia’s only previous World Cup participation came against Zaire, renamed as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After failing to score in their group phase opening match against Brazil, Yugoslavia immediately replied by scoring six goals against Zaire in the first half. Dusan Bajevic scored a hat trick.

  • Hungary vs. South Korea 9-0 (1954)

The Hungarian team led by Gusztav Sebes entered the tournament in Switzerland as a major contender to win the championship, and they dominated South Korea 9-0 in the opening round. The 1954 World Cup performance by Hungary is unmatched. They also hold the records for the highest goals per game rate, the highest total goal difference, and the most goals in one edition. 

  • Hungary vs. El Salvador 10-1 (1982)

László Kiss, the Hungarian substitute, was the star of the show. Kiss scored a hat-trick in the second half after coming off the bench. In addition to becoming the only World Cup hat-trick by a substitute, he completed his three goals in seven minutes, making it the fastest hat-trick in tournament history.

  • Sweden vs. Cuba 8-0 (1938)

In the Round of 16, which was Cuba’s lone participation in the World Cup to date, Henry Andersson, and Gustav Wetterstrom of Sweden, each scored hat tricks, contributing to the one-sided outcome.

  • Uruguay vs. Bolivia 8-0 (1950)

In 1950, Uruguay’s first encounter was with Bolivia. France was supposed to join the other two, but they withdrew. Four goals in each half gave Juan Lopez’s team an easy 8-0 victory against Bolivia. 

  • Germany vs. Saudi Arabia 8-0 (2002)

The Most significant World Cup victory of the twenty-first century belongs to Germany, who defeated Saudi Arabia 8-0 in 2002. Miroslav Klose gave runners-up Germany a commanding lead by scoring two goals in a row before completing the hat trick in the 70th minute.

  • Poland vs. Haiti 7-0 (1974)

Poland won all three of its games during the group stage. They defeated Haiti by 7-0. Andrzej Szarmach completed his hat trick in the 50th minute, and Grzegorz Lato closed the scoring with a brace in the 87th minute.

  • Portugal vs. North Korea 7-0 (2010)

Cristiano Ronaldo contributed to the goals in this group-stage 7-0 victory against North Korea. Portugal scored only one goal in the first half and six in the second half. After this match, they did not score a single goal in ire tournament and were eliminated by the Spanish team in the round of 16.

Preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 by media purchasers

media Fifa

Due to the weather in the host nation of Qatar, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in the winter this year. This has several concerns for media buyers who are also planning their Christmas promotions.

The FIFA World Cup has consistently attracted some of the most significant linear TV viewers, both in the UK media and everywhere else. The schedule alteration this year, however, presents a challenge for marketing companies who must now prepare for a FIFA World Cup that may be tactfully described as highly contested and tactlessly described as posing a threat to brand safety while also considering Christmas Black Friday, and back-to-school advertisements.

“A Euro or a World Cup for four weeks in the middle of the summer is like an island in the ocean. You can isolate it and wrap it around it.” Mark Trinder, director of sales at ITV, comments on the event’s unavailability in the summers as a professional presenter in an interview with The Drum for the TV Talks podcast.

In the UK, professional channels ITV and the BBC draw lots to determine who gets to broadcast what, each having different goals. “We’re going to schedule competitively. Against those games, we’ll be staging something for a larger audience,” says Trinder.

To reach millions of people simultaneously, advertisers will be able to purchase Tv commercials on the ITV hub across linear and live broadcasting, according to Yatin Patel, head of AV at Publicis Media Exchange (PMX). “We have never seen a TV opportunity on this scale before.” In contrast to the typical £30 to £50 million Trinder thought would result, he forecasts that the World Cup will only bring in an additional £15 to £30 million for broadcasters.

Some clients are engaging in typical winter activities, others are becoming more passionate about football, and a selected group is eager to reconsider their balance between linear TV and BVOD.

Patel said, “The unknown is whether supply chain issues and rising costs will hamper clients’ budgets between now and the time to commit to buying activity in the World Cup, but agencies will have a better idea by the beginning of September when the official ITV advanced booking deadline passes.”

However, he is “unaware of any companies that want to avoid promoting around the tournament” now. Since many people will be watching some of the world’s best football, he expects that the FIFA World Cup 2022 will reduce the price advertisers must pay for male-skewed TV viewers. Targeting is a further point. Christmas is a popular time for brands to interact with “decision makers” in households, who are often still women.” There’s quite a lot of demand for some of the programs that will be non-football at these times because, if the logic follows through, those programs could deliver quite a lot of female viewing.”

Following a “change of heart,” Iran reappoints an expelled football coach

Iran coach

The Iranian Football Federation (FFIRI) confirmed that Dragan Skocic had been restored as the head coach of the Iranian National Football team, better known as Team Melli, after being sacked about a week ago. Less than four months before the FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicked off, the 53-year-old Skocic lost his position as head coach, according to a statement from the officially approved Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) last week.

According to rumors surrounding the move, former captain of Iran and top goal scorer Ali Daei reportedly rejected a proposal to replace Skocic. Daily sports publication Khabar Varzeshi provided this information. With 109 goals scored for Iran, Ali Daei once held the record for the highest number of goals scored for a single country in men’s football history. Cristiano Ronaldo only surpassed this record in 2021 with 111 goals.

According to FFIRI, “The Board of the Football Federation has once again emphasized the all-around support of the technical staff of the national team, and based on this, the cooperation between the two sides will continue.” The federation has pleaded for harmony as Skocic has officially been hired as the head coach.

Ehsan Osuli, a representative of the board of executives at the Iran Football Federation, said, “We ask that the national team players, the media, ex-players, and everyone unite for the common goal to elevate the name of Iran.”

Following a meeting of the FFIRI executive board, Osuli reportedly stated that there had been a “change of heart” during the events leading up to the Group B games, which are scheduled to take place in about four months. “The outcome of the meeting is that Dragan Skocic is the head coach of Iran’s national team and will continue to be so,” Osuli said. “He has a contract until the end of the 2023 Asian Cup.”

Ali Daei, Javad Nekounam, Amir Ghalenoi, and Afshin Ghotbi were among the local candidates chosen to lead Iran beyond the group stage and into the Tournament in November.

The Belgian Marc Wilmots, who left the team in December 2019 after two straight losses due to a disagreement with the federation, was replaced by Skocic as Head Coach at the beginning of February 2020.

While the team was competing in the second round of Asian World Cup qualifications, Wilmots left. Iran qualified for its sixth World Cup since 1978 because Skocic boosted the team to the top spot in its group. While in charge, he amassed 15 victories from 18 contests, although he lost two of his last three games, including a 2-1 friendly defeat to Algeria in Qatar last month.

 Iran’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 campaign will begin on November 21 with a match against England, followed by games against the United States and Wales.

Confirmed Locations where the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held| FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums

FIFA Locations

The eight stadiums listed below, along with more information, will host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

  • Al Thumama Stadium

This stadium is located in the Al Thumama district of Doha, Qatar. The Hamad International Airport is not far from there. The Al Thumama stadium has a 40,000 seating capacity. The opening match of the World Cup between Senegal and the Netherlands will take place there on November 21. The “gahfiya,” a historical head covering for men in the Arab world, is like the Al Thumama Stadium. 

  • Khalifa International Stadium

Khalifa International Stadium also referred to as National Stadium, is a multi-use stadium in Doha, Qatar, and is an essential part of the Doha Sports City compound. The seating capacity is around 45,000. This stadium was constructed in 1976. To host the FIFA World Cup 2022, renovations were made in 2017. On the first day of the World Cup, English and Iranian teams will face off at Khalifa International Stadium.

  • Al Bayt Stadium

Al-Bayt Stadium is situated in Qatar’s Al Khor. It has a retractable roof. This stadium is reminiscent of Qatar’s “Bayt al sha’ar,” which was used by nomadic people. The Al-Bayt Stadium has a 60,000 seating capacity. The Quarterfinals and semifinals will be played in this stadium.

  • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

The Al-Rayyan Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar. It was established in 2003. It is primarily used for football matches and is the home of the Al-Rayyan Sports Club and the Al-Kharitiyath Sports Club. For the FIFA World Cup 2022, the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium underwent renovation in 2016. There are 50,000 seats available at the brand-new Al Rayyan Stadium. 

  • Education City Stadium

The Education City Stadium is situated on the outskirts of Doha. “Diamond in the Desert” is the title given to it. It has a seating capacity of 40,000. 

  • Stadium 974

In Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, Qatar, there is a stadium called Stadium 974. It is a temporary venue composed of 974 repurposed shipping containers that opened on November 30, 2021. In the history of the FIFA World Cup, it is the first makeshift venue. There are 40,000 seats available at this Stadium. 

  1. Al-Janoub Stadium 

Al-Janoub Stadium, formerly known as Al-Wakrah Stadium, is a retractable roof football stadium in Al-Wakrah, Qatar.  The ancient Dhow boat’s sails influenced Al Janoub’s magnificent design.  It has a seating capacity of 40,000.

  • Lusail Iconic Stadium

The Lusail Iconic Stadium is 23 kilometers north of Doha in Lusail, Qatar. The Final of FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played at this stadium. It is the largest stadium in Qatar, with a seating capacity of more than 80,000.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Facts| Interesting information regarding the FIFA World Cup 2022.

FIFA Facts

Here is a list of some interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup 2022 that you should check out.

  • The inaugural Winter World Cup

Due to the oppressive summer heat in Qatar, it is relocated from its typical timeframe of June to July. The Qatar World Cup will take place from 21 November to 18 December 2022. As a result, it is the inaugural winter World Cup.

  • Second Ever in Asia and First in the Arab World.

After the event in South Korea and Japan in 2002, this will be the second World Cup held in Asia and the first World Cup ever to be contested in the Arab world.

  • Most Expensive

Regarding the budget of the arrangements, the World Cup in Qatar will be the most expensive in the tournament’s history. The host country reportedly spent an astounding €200 billion to prepare its infrastructure for the event. It entails constructing roadways, hotels, and other structures.

  • Female Referees

According to Surprise Sports, three female match referees will oversee the matches of a Men’s World Cup for the first time. The three female match officials are Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda, Stephanie Frappart from France, and Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan.

  • Increased numbers of Substitutes.

A team can make five substitutions in the first 90 minutes plus additional time. Previously, it was 3. Due to a rule change, coaches can now select players from deeper benches.

  • Semi-automated Offside Detection

In this World Cup, FIFA will employ semi-automated offside recognition technology for the first time. The setup comprises 12 specialized cameras with 29 data points to follow the ball and each player individually. Additionally, an IMU sensor will be inserted into the match ball to determine the ball’s precise location. A 3D animation of the offside activity will be generated simultaneously and broadcast on TV and the big display. 

  • Most accessible

With less than an hour’s drive between each venue, The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be the most accessible FIFA World Cup ever. 

  • Most Spectators

About 28,000 scheduled airline and charter flights will operate out of Qatar airports during the FIFA World Cup. Between November and December 2022, when the mega-sporting event will be held, the nation anticipates receiving at least 3.5 million passengers.

  • Last World Cup with 32 teams

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 will also be the final one to include 32 teams. Sixteen additional teams, for a total of 48, will compete in the World Cups beginning in 2026.

  •  Tourism Zones

The organizing committee made a deal with the government so that both the fan fests and the hotels are declared “tourism zones,” which will lessen the socio-cultural shock because religion forbids drinking alcohol, among other things.

The first hotel in Dubai with a football theme will launch in November, just in time for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.

dubai hotel FIFA

In November, the first hotel in Dubai with a football theme will open, allowing football supporters to stay there throughout the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and take shuttles to and from Doha during the day. NH Dubai, located on Palm Jumeirah’s western side, will become a popular destination for fans traveling to Qatar to see the world’s largest football event ever held there.

International football supporters wanting to stay in the UAE have increased their demand for hotel accommodation in recent weeks as the FIFA World Cup approaches its November 21 start date. The Expat Sports travel agency’s “Football Supporters Dubai Experience” will provide a package that includes transportation to and from the airport, lodging at the brand-new NH Dubai The Palm, and flights from Dubai to Qatar.

This is a brand-new contribution to Dubai’s hospitality scene, said Sue Holt, executive director of Expat Sport, the only sales representative for authorized matchday hospitality. “To provide our guests with a special and immersive experience, we are working with official FIFA World Cup partners.”

“There will be foreign visitors coming to this area for the first time, so being in a relaxed atmosphere with other like-minded people in a breathtaking location on The Palm should make this a delightful and unforgettable vacation.” As a professional sports tour company, we fully know football fans’ often-specific travel requirements compared to other tourists. 

The NH Dubai The Palm, scheduled to launch in early November with 533 rooms, will become a football mania hub over the month-long competition. Hotel customers will access sporting activities and contests throughout the event, and the sports bar will be converted into a fan zone. The hotel will provide greeting packages, passes, and concessions to other authorized fan zones where fans may watch the match for those traveling to Doha for a single day and staying there. 

Bus services will be provided for spectators to watch other matches at official fan zones throughout the city, such as Dubai Harbor, the Coca-Cola Arena, and Football Park at DIFC.

For a group match, hospitality plans with parking, meals, and beverages start at $950 (Dh3,500). The costliest hospitality plan is $4,950 (Dh18,000) per person for a group stage game for a spot in the Pearl Lounge. A six-course dinner, music, beverages, and a customized travel agency service are all included. For $22,450 (Dh82,450), a stadium luxury suite may be rented for a fancy dining experience.

For the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Air Arabia has announced more than 200 shuttle flights.

air arabia shuttle flights fifa world cup

One of the leading low-cost carriers in the Middle East, Air Arabia, will now offer daily flights for those who have purchased tickets to the most eagerly awaited international FIFA World Cup 2022. The airline operates daily shuttle flights alongside flydubai, Qatar Airways, and Saudia Airlines.

Air Arabia stated it had scheduled more than 200 extra flights to accommodate the high demand on the route during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in an official notice on the airline’s website. These additional flights will go between Sharjah International Airport and Hamad International Airport in Doha along the same route as the current flights. The start date for these flights is November 21st, 2022, on a Monday.

From the usual three flights between Doha and Sharjah, the low-cost carrier will operate 14 flights daily. These flights will run during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, with the final flight on December 18, 2018, the day of the last game.

These shuttle flights are solely accessible to pass holders, like other carriers operating shuttle flights throughout the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. On these shuttle flights, travelers can bring 10 kilograms of hand luggage. Bookings for these shuttle flights can now be on the Air Arabia website. The starting fare is about AED 530 for one-way travel.

Ticket holders must sign up for a Hayya card through the main website to reach Qatar, gain entry to the venues, and receive transport services to and from the venues via the Doha Metro from Hamad International Airport.

According to Adel Al Ali, group chief executive officer of Air Arabia, “shuttle flights will give fans convenient, dependable, and timely access in and out of Doha to enjoy the games and return directly after.” Air Arabia advised all passengers to carefully arrange their journeys, getting to Doha at least four hours before a game and leaving four hours after it.

Additionally, Flydubai confirmed match-day flights that would make it simple for ticket holders to travel between Dubai and Doha. Throughout the FIFA World Cup 2022, the airline runs up to 30 round-trip flights daily.

Qatar Airways announced last week that it would briefly adjust its flight schedule to accommodate the anticipated increase in flight demand during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Akbar Al Baker, chief executive of Qatar Airways, stated that “we have to withdraw from numerous locations to relieve load and provide a place for other carriers to come to Doha and use the slots, which otherwise would be practically impossible to sustain.”

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