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With unique events, Qatar Malls honor the 100-day countdown to the FIFA World cup 2022.

Qatar Mall FIFA 2022

Contrary to common opinion, many football fans participated in special events held yesterday at malls in honor of the 100-day countdown to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Most three-day events in Doha’s Festival City, Place Vendome, and Mall of Qatar consist primarily of football matches, electronic games, performances, and exclusive gifts. Fans will mainly have the opportunity to win tickets to the opening FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match between Qatar and Ecuador at Al Bayt Stadium, which is very significant.

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The grand finale event will effectively be hosted at the Mall of Qatar. Doha’s Festival City and Place Vendome started operating yesterday and will be doing so till tomorrow, from 1 pm to 10 pm and 12 pm to 10 pm, respectively. The absolute top scorer on each day will often receive tickets, which is essential. They assumed that most events at the Mall of Qatar would occur today and tomorrow from 12 pm to 10 pm.

On its official social media page, Doha Festival City said, “Join us at 100 Days to Goal, Doha Festival City, and have the chance to win a free opening match ticket for the most awaited football event, which is enormous, which is extremely important. Are you prepared? Contrary to popular belief, showcase sort of your football talents, for all intents and purposes, gain points and win!” There is a common understanding that events will occur at Square Node.

The Mall of Qatar also extended a very open invitation to the general public to participate in the celebration of the 100-day countdown. “Join us for some special activities and festivities that are undeniably very meaningful and bring sort of your A-game. The opportunity to win tickets to the FIFA World Cup’s first match is particularly noteworthy. Don’t miss out on the enjoyment! Fans can participate in the essential activities at the Oasis area.”

In addition, Place Vendome urged the general public to test their football prowess for a chance to win World Cup opening match tickets, which are often of rather substantial value. Bring your family and friends primarily so you may enjoy the exciting activities, actual performances, and shows.

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The hashtag #100DaysToGo, which is somewhat noteworthy, was also used by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy to ask the general public to contribute a photo showing how they are primarily celebrating the World Cup. Contrary to common opinion, it said, “In a matter of days, sort of your heroes will go to the field, supporters will especially bring the noise, and Qatar will open its arms to the globe.”

Coca-Cola’s Trophy Tour for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA worldcup

The trophy continued its world-trotting voyage in Seoul, Korea Republic, after receiving a send-off celebration at FIFA’s headquarters in Switzerland. For the first time in history, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will travel to all 32 countries that participated in the competition before Qatar 2022. FIFA is starting its worldwide Spotlight: Your Dreams initiative jointly with icons and innovators, including online superstar Noah Beck.

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Following a send-off celebration at the Headquarters of FIFA in Zurich featuring 2002 FIFA World Cup winner Gilberto Silva, the second and last phase of this year’s FIFA World Cup Trophy Touring by Coca-Cola began today in Seoul, Korea Republic. The incredible voyage will end in Doha, Qatar, only a few nights before the world’s greatest spectacle starts on November 20, 2022. For the first time, all 32 qualified nations will have the opportunity to see football’s top prize real close.

The FIFA World Cup Trophies Touring by Coca-Cola has been bringing fans the most recognizable trophy worldwide since 2006, thanks to Coca-Cola, FIFA’s oldest consistent sponsor. By touring 51 nations and regions in total, the 2022 season will move Coca-Cola and FIFA  closer to their 2030 aim of having the cup tour each of FIFA’s 211 member nations.

According to Colin Smith, “The first phase of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola was a terrific success, engaging the broader public via the magic of the largest football festival on Earth,” 

The Championship title Tour will continue to gain momentum by, for the first time, traveling to every country that has qualified for the FIFA World Cup. This will give fans of all ages a taste of the upcoming excitement, and we hope those who will participate in the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022 for the utmost celebration of the beautiful sport.

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FIFA is also unveiling its Spotlight: Your Dreams initiative with a statement from the movement’s brand ambassador, former NCAA soccer player and social media superstar Noah Beck. Fans will have the opportunity to make their own “Dream Cam” experiences in an enhanced photographic session while watching FIFA Legends share their aspirations, history, present, and future at several tour stops. FIFA will highlight and host young artists from the world of football and beyond, who will make special cameo performances on-site to display their works with the FIFA World Cup concept.

In a competition that will finish after the tour, FIFA is also planning to allow fans all around the world a platform to express their desire to attend the FIFA World Cup through fan art on social networking sites. The “Dream Gallery” will be on FIFA+, the organization’s brand-new, top-notch digital service designed to unite soccer fans worldwide. It will be the central location for all campaign-related information, celebrity and fan material, and other interactive elements.


The Hayya Card is now available for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 daytrippers.

Hayaa card for FIFA 2022

Despite common opinions, fans attending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 may now apply for their Hayya Card through the Match Day Shuttle service. Fans who aren’t staying in Qatar can use the Match Day Shuttle to travel, see a game of their choice, and then depart the area in less than 24 hours. Remarkably, the services are being provided by Qatar Airways and several regional airlines, including Saudia, flydubai, Air Arabia, Kuwait Airways, and Oman Air.

The Match Day Hayya Card will offer its owners various advantages, including admission into the State of Qatar, entry to stadiums (with a legitimate match ticket), and access to relatively free genuinely public transit, which is usually rather substantial. Contrary to popular belief, Fans who aren’t staying in Qatar may use the Match Day Shuttle to fly there, see their chosen game, and then fly back within 24 hours. 

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As a result, the Hayya Card website and mobile app can now accept fans’ applications, specifically Match Day Shuttle services. Fans who use Match Day Shuttle services may now apply for Hayya Cards via the company’s website and mobile application. They go on to show how the Match Day Shuttle enables visitors to Qatar to travel there, see their chosen game, and then fly back to where they are staying. To acquire their Hayya Card, fans simply need to give their travel information. Access to stadiums and public transportation is granted through the Hayya Card, sometimes referred to as the Fan ID card.

Throughout the World Cup competition, the card is necessary to enter Qatar. The term “Hayya Card” refers to an intelligent device that SC will give to each applicant who submits a successful application. When used in partnership with a valid match ticket, the applicant can enter a stadium to watch a match and may also make additional Hayya Services available. The mobile app SC released to facilitate the delivery of the Hayya Services is called the “Hayya Mobile App.” The website, where applicants can apply for a Hayya Card, is referred to as the Hayya Portal. When a candidate is informed that their application was successful, the term “Hayya Service Center” refers to the service centers that SC advises. Your ticket grants entrance to the stadium and admittance to the State of Qatar (along with the match ticket).

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Additionally, foreign fans must confirm their travel arrangements. Hayya Services refers to the services that the Hayya Card will provide, whether provided by SC or a third party, aside from entry to a stadium to watch a match (in combination with a valid Match Ticket). Hayya Services’ transportation services include using the Doha Metro, city buses, tournament buses, and trams.

Team Base Camp line-up reflects the uniquely compact nature of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

media Fifa

All 32 teams participating in the FIFA world cup 2022 will be accommodated throughout the competition in world-class facilities. Twenty-four teams will remain within a 10-kilometer range of each other. The most condensed FIFA World Cup since the 1930 edition featured a Team Base Camp (TBC) for each of the 31 participating teams. The same high-quality facilities will be utilized throughout the event, so no internal flights are necessary. Therefore, formal practice sessions will be placed at the appropriate practice facilities the day before games.

Participants will want to prolong their stays from a minimum of 15 days to 33 days. An accomplishment restricted only to the finals at their Team Base Camp Hotels (TBCHs), where teams will come in at least five days before their first encounter.

24 of the 32 teams will remain within a 10-kilometer radius of one another as part of the FIFA World Cup 2022 unique characteristics, guaranteeing that the tournament’s electrifying ambiance will be focused in and around Doha for the enjoyment of both domestic and foreign fans. 

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According to Colin Smith, FIFA’s Director of Operations for the World Cup, “Qatar 2022 will be a World Cup unlike any other, with teams taking advantage of its small size and friendly locals. Players will have more time to train and rest during the competition while enjoying the excitement sweeping the nation at much closer range.”

“We’re happy to let fans witness the world-class facilities that Qatar has constructed for their national teams. Legacy planning has been important in all World Cup projects. Many restored and new training facilities will continue to serve local clubs and communities long after the competition. After 2022, the other hotels will help Qatar’s expanding tourism sector,” said Nasser Al Khater, Chief operating officer of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

A TBC is a competing team’s base of operations during the FIFA World Cup tournament. It blends a designated Team Base Camp Training Site (TBCTS) with an appropriate hotel or another type of lodging (TBCH). During the competition, three training centers will be used: neighborhood clubs, clustered training centers, and venue practice locations. Many have been newly constructed or rebuilt, a significant element of the contest’s legacy for Qatar’s local football.

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The TBCHs include lodging for schools and universities and four- and five-star hotels, chalets, resorts, and other non-hotel accommodations. They contain dedicated communal spaces in addition to facilities like treatment rooms to safeguard the privacy of the teams and follow the appropriate security precautions. Beginning in October 2019, 162 assessment inspections were arranged for the countries that competed in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifications.


FIFA World Cup 2022 official poster was displayed at London’s Design Museum.

FIFA World Cup 2022 official poste

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Poster was unveiled at a special ceremony at London’s Design Gallery. The purpose of the celebration was to honor the artistic talent and cultural value of the art created by Bouthayna Al Muftah, a female Qatari designer. Traditional headwear is shown being tossed in the sky on the primary poster, representing jubilation and football enthusiasm throughout Qatar and the Arab region. The seven supplemental signs highlight the love of football in the Arab area and how it can unite communities. 

Several distinguished visitors, including David Beckham, the designated FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Ambassador, were present during the London presentation. The exhibition Football: Creating the Wonderful Game at the Design Gallery, which features the poster, was unveiled on occasion, making it available to the public for the first time outside Qatar.

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Al Muftah provided a narrative explanation for the primary poster and the seven-subsidiary works of art at the event. Al Muftah autographed the sign from The Design Gallery along with the other invitees.
It is an immense delight to see the Official Poster being shown at The Design Museum, said Fatma Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Communications & Media for the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC). ” This exquisite work of art, together with the seven accompanying posters, shows the significance of holding the first FIFA Globe Cup in the Middle East and Arab world and demonstrates the fervor for football in our region.”

Al Muftah declared, “I am beyond honored to represent Qatar and leave my mark on this amazing milestone in my nation’s history. It still seems odd to be allowed to work on a World Cup project. It is an honor to have my work displayed in esteemed venues around the globe, such as London’s Design Museum.”

“It was wonderful to visit the Design Museum today, view the Qatar 2022 World Cup poster, and speak with the artist. Football unites people, and Bouthayna’s artwork captures that joy and fervour for the game,” according to Beckham, who played for England in three FIFA World Cup competitions. The seven auxiliary pieces of art and the models of the Lusail Stadium and the Al Janoub Stadium have all just been added to the show. 

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Both locations, which will serve as the championship’s game sites, were created by British designers. The 40,000-seat Al Janoub was created by the late British-Iraqi designer Dame Zaha Hadid, while the 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium, which will host the world cup final on December 18, was designed by Foster + Partners.

You can view the Football: Designing the Beautiful Game display through August 29, 2022, during which the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Poster will make its first public appearance outside Qatar. Following its

debut at Hamad International Airport in Qatar in July, it is now on display at the Design Museum.

Five essential details about Lusail Stadium

FIFA is contemplating moving up the start date

The Lusail Super Cup between the top teams of Saudi Arabia and Egypt will be played on Friday, September 9, at the 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium, reflecting Qatar’s vision and the nation’s enthusiasm for promoting Arab traditions around the globe.

The final of this year’s Tournament, which will take place on December 18 on Qatar National Day, will be played in the country’s largest stadium, Lusail, which will also host games throughout every tournament stage. The venue adds a new chapter to Qatar’s past while honoring its and the nation’s rich past.

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Here are the top five things to know about Lusail Stadium:


  • Futuristic yet historic

The perfectly futuristic appearance of Lusail stadium is inspired by the contrast of light and darkness that characterizes the fanar lantern.  Intricate artistic designs on bowls and other items typical of the golden period of art and handicraft in the Arab and Islamic world are echoed in the stadium’s shape and front.

  • Ready for a final

Compared to other World Cup venues in Qatar 2022, Lusail will host ten games. It will host elimination matches in the round of 16, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final in addition to the six qualification matches. In the Group C match, Argentinian and Saudi Arabian teams will contest at Lusail for the very first time on November 22, 2022

  • 3) A center for the neighborhood

The stadium is surrounded by various public assets, such as homes, shops, cafes, hospitals, and colleges. The moveable upper tier will be put to new use after the World Cup, and the seats will be given to a region without adequate sporting facilities.

  • A green city with an eco-friendly venue

Wastewater treatment techniques and ecological construction methods were used in the development of Lusail. Using recycled water to irrigate the venue plants, the facility saved 40% more water than typical stadium constructions. The roof, made of a cutting-edge substance called Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), shields the stadium from heated winds, filters out dust, lets in enough sunlight for the field to flourish, and offers cover, easing the pressure on the cooling system. Lusail was awarded a five-star grade for Building Design and Architecture under the Global Sustainability Assessment System as an outcome of these eco-friendly construction techniques.

  • Accessible by Doha’s public transit system

Hayya Card users would be allowed to use Doha’s public transit system for free from 11 November to 23 December 2022. The Lusail QNB Terminal on the Red Line, which is close to the venue, will serve as the entrance point for spectators utilizing the Doha Metro. The Al Khor Expressway will provide accessibility to the venue for vehicles. Numerous parking and transport facilities will be located adjacent to the stadium. 


A vast number of entertainment attractions to wow visitors to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup

Qatar during FIFA

The 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Qatar from November 20 through December 18, will feature a wide range of cultural and recreational experiences for the entire family.

More than 90 unique activities are scheduled to be held with the competition, which today reached its 100-day countdown as part of the nationwide festival. There will be locations for spectators to watch matches, music concerts, historical exhibitions, and street entertainment at significant events.

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All eight venues’ surrounding areas offer a variety of activities for spectators. More than 6,000 performances will take place over 21 venues as part of the Last-Mile Culture Activity. Visual arts, craftsmanship, culture, style, fashion, public performances, music, and movie screenings will all be among the events’ unique attractions.

Football supporters will go to Al Bidda Park’s FIFA Fan Event, which will broadcast every game live and feature live performances, restaurants and bars, community festivals, and sponsorship authorizations, apart from the venues. The FIFA Fan Event starts November 20 and will have room for 40,000 guests. In addition, the Economic Area and Al Khor will feature fan zones. Soon, more information will be released.

At Al Maha Island Lusail, visitors can take part in amusement park rides and other activities like ice rinks and circus shows. A beach club and a variety of great restaurants, including fine dining and fast food, will also be available. For audiences of all ages, Al Maha Island Lusail will also offer a variety of entertainment and activities.

During the competition, music lovers will also be very well supplied. Up to 15,000 people are expected to attend the Arcadia Spectacular dance music festival, close to the Ras Abu Fontas metro station. Meanwhile, 5,000 people are expected to attend the MDLBEAST-hosted music event in Al Wakrah.

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The 974 Beach Resort, near Stadium 974, will provide entertainment, activities, food and drink options, and shop stalls for up to 10,000 visitors. It will be another popular destination for tourists. In addition, there will be daily street entertainment for some 50,000 people on Lusail Boulevard, which is close to the venue where the FIFA World Cup final will take place.

Fans will also access cultural and recreational opportunities nationwide at popular tourist locations.

“Fans from all over the world should expect an incredible experience when they arrive in Qatar for the biggest mega-event event in our country and region. To present the most thrilling FIFA World Cup edition ever, we will deliver a variety of entertainment activities for both locals and visitors thanks to strong collaboration with our various stakeholders,” said Khalid Al Mawlawi, General Deputy Director. 


Pakistan may send personnel to provide security at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

pakistan army fifa

A preliminary deal allowing the government to send personnel to Qatar in November for the FIFA World Cup 2022 has been passed by the cabinet of Pakistan. On Monday, Pakistan’s minister of information, Mariyum Aurangzeb, declared that the Cabinet had approved the agreement for sending personnel to Qatar for the grand event, which is planned to take place from November 21 to December 18. The Cabinet approved the deal after neither the foreign office nor the Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) opposed the Joint Staff Headquarters’ (JSHQ) proposal to sign the agreement.

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The Cabinet gave its approval moments before Shehbaz Sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister, traveled to Qatar for the first time at Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar’s invite.

Shehbaz spoke with the Qatari authorities extensively during his visit. The Prime Minister’s Secretariat said both countries review the full range of bilateral connections, emphasizing boosting energy-related collaboration, strengthening trade and business links, and seeking more career prospects for Pakistanis in Qatar. Along with the Emir of Qatar, the Prime Minister also went to “Stadium 974” in Doha, where he was informed of the tremendous preparations made by the Qatari authorities to organize the FIFA World Cup.

According to the cabinet report, Pakistan’s military had suggested forging a contract between the two countries for the aim of helping Qatar with security-related parts of the World Cup, which begins on November 20. “The agreement attempts to clarify the commitments of the two parties, the specific specializations, and the number of security personnel to be supplied by Pakistan to participate in the security and safety operations.”

Details of the contract, such as the number of personnel that could be dispatched, were not included in the report. When contacted by Al Jazeera, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Safety & Security Operations Committee (SSOC) did not respond right away.

Suleyman Soylu, the Turkish interior minister, stated in July that his nation will deploy 3,250 security staff to Qatar for the World Cup and that Ankara had also instructed Qatari security guards in advance of the event.

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The North Atlantic Alliance said, “As part of the strong cooperation between Qatar and NATO, NATO will help the security aspects of the World Cup.”

“The assistance will involve instruction regarding CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) material risks. Additionally, training will be provided to address threats presented by improvised explosive devices and to protect essential individuals.” 

According to a report by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency, Seoul will send five counterterrorism-trained police officers to Qatar so they can “transfer ‘technical expertise in the field of law enforcement, such as surveillance, close combat training, detain techniques, and establishing public order, to the Qatari military police.”

Later this year, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will compete in his fifth World Cup in Qatar.

everything about Cristiano Ronaldo

Most of football’s most excellent prized awards have been won by Cristiano Ronaldo. The striker’s trophy cabinet is filled with achievements in the UEFA Champions League, the Euro Cup, and other tournaments. However, he continues to follow the World Cup, the most fantastic prize.

Since 2006, Ronaldo has participated in four FIFA World Cups, and on November 20, 2022, he will compete in his fifth FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. In the 2006 FIFA world cup, he faced Angola in his first game.

He scored from the penalty spot in a 2-0 victory in the next match against Iran. At barely 21 years and 132 days old, he scored the goal that made him the youngest Portuguese player to score in a FIFA World Cup.

Portugal and Netherlands competed in the Round of 16. Ronaldo’s involvement was cut short because of a horrific tackle by Khalid Boulahrouz, which left him writhing in agony. Thankfully, he made a full recovery in time to play a significant part against Britain in the quarterfinals. But in the tiebreakers, he came through with his final penalty kick. Portugal finished fourth in the World Cup after losing to France and Germany in the last two games.

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After losing to Spain in Round 16, Portugal was eliminated in 2010. When Brazil, Ivory Coast, and North Korea were in the group stage, Ronaldo was outstanding and awarded man of the match awards. He performed strongly in the other two games while scoring and providing an assist against North Korea. 

Ronaldo had patellar tendinitis when he came to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Even though he wasn’t fully recovered, he nonetheless entered the game. He could not prevent his team from losing to Germany 4-0, though.

He gave a late assist to draw 2-2 against the United States in the next game, while he scored a late goal to beat Ghana in the championship game. Although it was his 50th goal for his country, Portugal still lost on goal differential and was eliminated from the pool stages.

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In the first encounter of the 2018 FIFA World Cup group stage, Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to steal two points away from Spain.  He set a World Cup record for the oldest player to ever score three goals in a single game.

He scored again to help his team defeat Morocco in the next game, breaking Ferenc Puskas’ record to become the top scorer in European history. However, he missed a penalty kick in Portugal’s next match against Iran, resulting in a 1-1 tie. Portugal exited the competition after falling to Uruguay 2-1 in Round 16. He was included in FIFA’s Fan Dream Team even after an early departure.

FIFA bans all India Football Federation for having third-party influence

FIFA bans all India Football Federation

The U-17 World Cup for Women “cannot be conducted in India as scheduled,” according to FIFA, which banned India for “excessive interference from third – parties,” delivering the nation a severe blow. The country would host the FIFA competition from October 11 to October 30.

Because of “multiple violations of the FIFA Regulations,” the All-India Football Federation (AIFF) has been prohibited by FIFA for the first time in its 85-year period. The All-India Football Federation (AIFF) will be suspended immediately, FIFA stated in an announcement, “due to excessive influence from third parties, which constitutes a major violation of the FIFA Regulations.”

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“The suspension will be removed after an order to establish a committee of administrators to assume the authority of the AIFF Executive Committee has been revoked, and the AIFF administration has fully regained control of the AIFF’s daily operations,” according to the press release of FIFA. 

The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022, which was supposed to be held in India from October 11–30, 2022, cannot currently be hosted by India as planned due to the ban. If required, FIFA determines the tournament’s future steps and will bring the issue to the Bureau of the Council. Following the most recent event, the Center asked the Supreme Court to hold an urgent review of the AIFF case.

FIFA had sent a letter banning India, which was in the national interest and needed to be recorded. FIFA opposes the CoA’s meddling but is open to debate and wishes for the quickest possible installation of the AIFF executive board, after which they will release the embargo.

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He continued, “The government is dedicated to finding a solution as quickly as possible since it wants India to host the U-17 Women’s Junior World Cup.” The AIFF policy must be rewritten in compliance with FIFA and AFC regulations and ratified by the AIFF general assembly without intervention from a third party before the ban can be lifted, the FIFA Council Bureau determined.

According to FIFA, the AIFF general assembly should create an “independent electoral committee” to oversee the elections for a new executive advisory board. The AIFF must also “carry out the future electoral process following the regulatory requirements and to organize its elections based on the pre-existing membership of the AIFF,” according to the statement.

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However, FIFA has left a door open for India, stating that it is in contact with the sports ministry over the matter. “FIFA is constantly in touch with the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. They are hopeful that a favorable conclusion to the issue could be achieved,” the statement read.

The outcome of the AIFF polls, scheduled to take place on August 28 per the Supreme Court’s directives, is unknown following the prohibition.

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