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The British FIFA World Cup enthusiasts to pay over $20,000 for supporting their side in Qatar.

British FIFA worldcup

The Private Page did a study that suggested it would cost around or more than $20,000 to support the English team in the competition.

The costs were determined using Emirates Holiday packages, and the costs of the airlines and accommodations were obtained using Skyscanner, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, and Prices for food and beverages were calculated predicated on a typical fan’s daily intake.

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All factors adequal, it would cost a staggering $20K for England supporters to support the English team. This is predicated on Harry Kane’s team making it to the event’s semifinals.

Think about Brazilian fans if you think that cost was outrageous. Fans of the Brazilian national football team may wind up spending more than $26K  because their nation is preparing for a critical nationwide election and is experiencing extremely high inflation.

The overall fee for Australian supporters to watch their team compete is the lowest at around $8K. It is because they are massive underdogs to go past the group round.

The analysis estimates that it will cost a typical $3,888 for the three games to follow a nation during the competition’s group stage. For all countries, the estimated flight cost to Qatar is more than $1K.

Regarding housing, Lusail, which will host 10 FIFA World Cup games, has a typical Airbnb rate of $1,811 per night from 20 November to 18 December. Regarding food and beverages, the estimated price for three daily meals is a respectable $44, while a pint of beer will cost spectators $10.17.

Due to the rigorous alcohol-related rules in the nation, England supporters will need to behave themselves as the worst-case situation for any spectators who are in violation of the laws is a penalty of $693.

After experiencing devastation at Wembley in the Euro 2020 championship final last year, where the English team lost to the Italian team on penalty kicks, the English team will be hoping to win the FIFA World Cup this season.

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Brazil is currently the heavy favorite to win the trophy, with previous champions France as the next preference, according to the most recent odds. According to the experts, the third contender to win the competition in England.

On November 20, the FIFA World Cup’s opening game will take place at Al Bayt stadium, Al Khor, Qatar.

Al Thumama Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

Al thumama stadium

One of the eight venues constructed for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 is the Al Thumama Stadium. The Hamad International Airport is not far from there. Most of the development work is done by a joint venture between Tekfen Construction in Turkey and Al Jaber Engineering in Qatar.

Like the other new FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums in Qatar, this stadium has been created to highlight Arab heritage and culture in addition to the event itself.

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The venue’s striking, circular design is reminiscent of the ghafiya, a traditional woven headgear worn by men and boys for ages throughout the Middle East.


Every young boy’s journey to adulthood is marked by this cherished aspect of Arab family tradition, which stands for autonomy and dignity.

In its lush green surrounds, the apparent presence of Al Thumama Stadium stands majestically. To further improve the neighboring residents’ lifestyles and livelihoods, recreation and enjoyment areas have also been built.

Many tourists see their first glimpse of this spectacular stadium as planes fly over Hamad International Airport. Many Arab families are moved by its remarkable appearance and immediately understand its significance to their way of life and heritage.

The stadium exudes the essence of common regional culture while proposing a daring new direction for athletic arenas in the future. Al Thumama Stadium’s elaborate symbolic design includes Qatar’s past and future and the potential of the entire Arab world.

The idea and preliminary design for Al Thumama Stadium were created by the Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB), one of Qatar’s finest engineering and construction organizations. AEB has won various architectural accolades on a local and global scale for a design that adequately portrays Qatari, Arab, and Islamic heritage.

Ibrahim M. Jaidah, the head architect at AEB, oversaw the project. His prior work involves some of the country’s most notable monuments, such as the Ministry of Interior head office and the Ritz-Sharq Carlton’s Villages & Spa. He is a Qatari citizen and one of the area’s best-renowned architects.

Al thumama stadium

A ground-breaking model venue was constructed near Al Thumama Stadium as part of Qatar’s candidacy to organize the FIFA World Cup in 2022. It was known as the Showcase and was crucial in showing FIFA how devoted Qatar is to sustainable development and creativity throughout the competition and beyond.

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Additionally, it was a victory for the entire Arab world, demonstrating the region’s willingness to take on obstacles head-on and conquer them. Until 2022, it will show how Qatar uses cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies to utilize the sun’s energy for stadium cooling.

This new position emphasizes Qatar’s unwavering commitment to hosting a green FIFA World Cup in 2022 by expanding on the idea created when the Showcase was first constructed.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will have a much lighter carbon footprint than most prior editions, thanks to shorter travel routes and durations between venues than previous competitions.

Al Thumama Stadium strives to achieve 4-star certification from the Global Sustainability Assessment System Trust (GSAS) for development and design.  The project’s current energy facility has been renovated and enhanced to comply with the most recent energy-saving regulations. 

Before its debut, Qatar reaffirmed the venue’s historical significance as a recreation center, its ecological and environmental credentials, and its connectivity due to the Doha Metro.

Along with the variety of sports alternatives available to everyone, several businesses and retail buildings will be built, along with mosques and a luxury hotel inside the venue, to ensure that the region becomes a hive of activity and recreation.

The area around the venue will develop into a center for the neighborhood with courts for volleyball, basketball, and swimming. Additionally, the site has jogging and cycling paths that wind through it, giving athletes of all stripes a place to practice their craft.


Due to the venue’s environmental architecture, 40% more clean water is conserved than at a typical stadium. Green spaces are watered using treated wastewater. The site has 50,000m2 of parkland, with 84% of the landscape covered by natural plants and approximately 400 trees.

The stadium was presented with the esteemed MIPIM/ Architectural Review Future Projects Awards in the area of Recreation and Arenas in May 2018.

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In December 2018, four years before the FIFA World Cup 2022, more than 80% of the reinforced concrete frame for Al Thumama Stadium had already been constructed.

At the European Sports & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) Conference in Porto in January 2019, the Project Manager for AI Thumama Arena Khalifa Al Mana gave a presentation to attendees. He emphasized how the adaptable topmost seating portions would allow for the replacement of chairs after the competition.

The construction of the steel cables in March 2020 was done to get ready for the “Big Lift,” which involved putting the rooftop of Al Thumama Stadium in position. A development program to work on air quality began in September 2020 with the Qatar Energy and the Environment Research Institute (QEERI), with a control system placed at the venue.

The venue’s maximum occupancy will drop from 40,000 to 20,000 following the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The venue’s dismantled seats will be given to nations needing athletic facilities. The minor stadium will continue to hold football games. A clinic run by Aspetar, a FIFA Medical Center of Quality, will be located inside the venue.

The city of Al Thumama

A suburb of Doha is a suburb of Doha. It is located southeast of Old Airfield and west of the Air Force Intersection. The state’s effort to build reservoirs across the nation has five locations when the reservoirs are finished, anticipated to be in 2017.

Top attractions in Al Thumama

National Museum of Qatar

National Museum Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is a museum located in Doha, Qatar. The museum guides visitors through a loop of galleries organized around three central, interconnected themes.

The galleries are arranged chronologically, beginning with exhibits on the desert’s and the Persian Gulf’s natural, historical past, then moving on to Bedouin heritage items, cultural presentations on tribal conflicts, the establishment of the Qatari state, and finally, the exploration of oil up to the present.

Exhibitions and performances incorporate audiovisual displays with carefully selected artifacts from the museum’s collection to address these subjects. Currently, these collections hold about 8,000 objects, including architectural elements, vintage household and travel items, fabrics and clothing, jewelry, works of art, books, and historical documents.

Aspire Park

Aspire Park

Aspire Park is one of the best places in Qatar to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings. This popular site in Al Rayyan, Qatar, is the largest park in the city, with a total area of 880,000 square meters.

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The Park is built with various artworks and amenities that ensure enjoyment. This parkland in Al Rayyan is among the best parks in Qatar since it has restaurants, playgrounds, and soccer fields.

Katara Village

Katara Village Qatar

The eastern side, north of Doha, between the pearl and west bay, is where this cultural hamlet was constructed on a reclaimed beach. The Valley of Culture is an attempt to recreate Qatari culture through the utilization of traditional design and vibrant activity.

A national theater, libraries, auditoriums, art museums, and other educational establishments will be a part of this initiative, estimated to cost around $82 million in the US. Additionally, there will be greenery, a community center, eateries, gallery buildings, and other commercial spaces.

The Katara complex is built in a mixture of oriental architectural and vintage styles, contrasting with most of Doha’s beautiful contemporary cultural structures.

Pearl Monument

Pearl Monument

At the northern end of the Beachfront, the entry to the dhow port is marked by the iconic pearl monument and fountains, a renowned location for photography.

The fountain statue shows a vast, opened oyster holding a massive pearl in its mouth. This fountain honors Qatar’s pearling heritage and makes for a great photo opportunity when it lights up at night. One of Qatar’s primary income sources was pearling until oil discovery in 1939. Qatar continues to honor the pearl’s great importance.

The Pearl Island

pearl island qatar

An artificial island called The Pearl is about four square kilometers in size. It is the first area in Qatar that is available for freehold ownership by non-Qataris. The population is 27,000 people.

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When The Pearl is finished being built, more than 32 kilometers of new shoreline will have been added. This unique shoreline will be used as a housing project with an expected 18,831 dwellings and 45,000 residents. The island, 350 meters in Doha’s West Bay Lagoon coast, was built by United Development Firm with Callison’s aid in architecture and design.

Top hotels to stay in Al Thumama

Four Season Hotel

Four season hotel

It takes only 15 minutes to get to the Four Seasons. It offers luxurious accommodations with a beachfront and a posh port. Additionally, it boasts a renowned spa and health facility and a 5-pool compound that includes a grotto pool. The Four Seasons Hotel Doha offers luxury to visitors to Qatar who are both leisure and business travelers.

The hotel offers stylish contemporary suites and guest rooms with windows that provide breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea or the Doha metropolis. A wide variety of dining alternatives are available to visitors, including the biggest Nobu in the world, which serves modern Japanese cuisine.

While the Poolside Grill offers a broad selection of hookah tastes, the Shisha Terrace, which faces the port, provides a spectacular view of the Sea and serves traditional Arabic food. A full-service beauty salon and various body and facial treatments are available at the three-story spa.

Visitors can use the hotel’s fitness center, spin classes, meditation rooms, and basketball and volleyball courts. The cost of the opulent suites is 350 dollars a night.

Strato Hotel by Warwick

Strato Hotel by Warwick

In the center of Doha, adjacent to Hamad International Airport, the Strato Hotel by Warwick is accompanied by exquisite furnishings and classic architecture. Despite being close to the airport, our lobby is spectacular, with polished marble flooring, high ceilings, and lavish chandeliers.

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Offers spacious accommodations, distinctive dining options, and extras like an outdoor swimming pool and a health club. The resort features a gift shop, a cash machine, a common area, and a front desk with 24-hour staff. Starting, the room costs $150 per night.

Time Rako Hotel

Time Rako Hotel Qatar

The four-star modern hotel Time Rako is located 15 minutes from the busy city center and 15 minutes from Hamad International Airport. This stylish hotel blends a residential design with the refinement and luxury of hotel features and services, making it the perfect choice for families, business travelers, and professionals.

Time Rako Qatar

Its eye-catching interior design, imaginative locations, and warm service give a wonderful city a touch of international luxury. Visitors with disabilities can access three of the four-star hotel’s 102 bedrooms and suites.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to enter, lighting up the apartments and the rooms. A few features that make short- or long-stays peaceful and enjoyable include exquisite design and superior beds. A night in this hotel starts at $85.

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

The Grand Hyatt Oryx Doha is 10 minutes from Souq Waqif, includes a spa with body massage, and is close to Hamad International Airport. Elegant dining options are available at the hotel, and live jazz music is played in the club.

There are lounge areas and LED TVs with cable in each of the 400 enclosed luxurious rooms. Its features include spacious restrooms with walk-in rain showers, towels, and hair dryers.

The complex has a variety of restaurants that are popular hangouts and offer a fine dining experience, as well as an executive lounge.

The outdoor kitchen provides outstanding brunch, lunch, and dinner in addition to the restaurant menu, daily theme nights, and other options.

The Sky Lounge is ideal for gathering and conversing all day while enjoying a mug of coffee and a bagel under the astonishingly high glass conservatory-style roof. A night in a five-star hotel starts at $100.

Le Royal Méridien

le royal méridien

Along with hotels, restaurants, parking facilities, complimentary bicycles, and a health club, the Le Royal Méridien Doha offers services. In addition to a full bathroom with a toilet, bathrobes, and slippers, each hotel room has climate control, a sitting area, an LED TV with cable channels, and these amenities.

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le royal méridien

A kettle is provided in every room, but some come with a kitchen with a burner, an oven, and a refrigerator. Each room at the Le Royal Méridien Doha comes with linens and towels. Visitors to the hotel can enjoy a breakfast buffet.

While staying at Le Royal Méridien Doha, guests are welcome to take advantage of the hotel’s spa and wellness amenities, which include a steam room, a jacuzzi, and an indoor swimming pool. A bedroom starts at around $220 per night.


Ras Abu Aboud Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

Ras Abu Aboud stadium

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, often known as Stadium 974, is a football ground in Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, Qatar. Stadium 974 is a magnificent venue hosting several group stage games during the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is located on the east coast, with Doha’s sparkling central commercial sector across the bay.

The cutting-edge architecture of Stadium 974 was motivated by Qatar’s international trade and shipping. Qatar’s country code is 974, and the precise quantity of cargo containers used during construction is also 974.

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It is the first demountable competition arena in FIFA World Cup history. The creative 40,000-seat facility boasts a fantastic design. This introduces radical concepts in event succession, planning, and establishing a new benchmark for sustainability. Stadium 974 is a priceless infrastructure for athletic ventures all over the world.

Fewer structural elements were needed for the venue’s development than would have been required for a regular stadium because of its temporary nature and intelligent, customizable architecture, which significantly helped construction prices low.

Portions of the venue will continue to be used for years and possibly decades, thanks to other initiatives that reuse the chairs, ceiling, and other venue materials.

Stadium 974 has developed a ground-breaking model that many others will imitate. A nod to the surrounding port and Doha’s rich nautical history, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadium was built using approved shipping containers and modular steel parts.

The end product is an unusual, brightly colored, entirely contemporary arena and almost appears to be formed of building blocks.

The design idea led to the quick and economical building of a magnificent arena with an elegantly curved square form. The stadium’s enclosed design guarantees unique atmospheres at crucial FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches for players and spectators.

This stadium is well-positioned to pursue a 4-star Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) accreditation due to how it was built. Prefabricated and modular components are used in the design.

Using this strategy resulted in less trash being produced on-site during construction and the manufacture of stadium components. The usage of modular components shortened the period of the stadium’s development.

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It is an environmental venture on many fronts and serves as a model for stadium architects seeking clever solutions. Furthermore, the cost burden was reduced by utilizing fewer building supplies. Fenwick Iribarren Architects unveiled the Stadium 974 plan on November 26, 2017.

The most state-of-the-art stadium for the FIFA Public Cup Qatar 2022 was revealed to the world. The innovative proposal to construct a “completely demountable” arena, according to H.E. Hassan Al Thawadi, executive secretary of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, will set a standard for venues worldwide and be one of the event’s long-lasting legacies.

Stadium 974 is creating a new standard and showing the way toward athletic events that are more lasting and legacy-driven, giving nations from all over the world the chance to host Nearby residents of the stadium site will benefit from a lush waterfront development that will take up the space after the stadium is gone.

Soon after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 concludes, construction will start.

Statistics of Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

This stadium has a seating capacity of 40,000 spectators. By July 2019, Stadium 974’s digging was finished. The first group of containers reached the location at this time and were prepared for installation.

Most of the last remaining containers—bringing the total to 923 out of the needed 974—were delivered to the venue site on May 10, 2020. The building’s steel forging was 94% finished, and the steel structure’s development was 33% finished.

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Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, came by Stadium 974 in September 2021. Two months before the stadium’s digital debut, he could see the pitch, which had been installed in April 2021, and other final touches. 

Ras Abu AboudDohaQatar.

A neighborhood called Ras Abu Aboud can be found in the Qatari city of Doha. It is an industrial area with desalination and electricity plants.

One of the three primary power plants that generate electricity for the entire nation is housed there.

Top places to visit in Ras Abu Aboud

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque

Imam Abdul wahhab mosque

Imam Abdul Wahhab Mosque, commonly known as the Qatar State Grand Mosque, was opened in 2011 and is the biggest mosque in Qatar. Despite being eye-catching, its straight lines and graceful arched windows are typical of the Islamic history of architecture.

The mosque can accommodate more than 30,000 worshipers and has three libraries, separated prayer and ablution rooms for men and women, and unique spaces for Quran memorization. During the sweltering summer, earth-colored marble floors keep visitors cool, and passageways with tiny domes provide shade.

A total of 93 domes make up the mosque, some of which are perched atop the prayer hall and the mihrab, or alcove used for invocation. Along with a full social, educational, and cultural schedule, religious teaching is provided all year long.

Msheireb Downtown

Msheireb Downtown

Msheireb Downtown, the first environmental downtown revitalization project in the world, breathes new life into Doha’s historical business sector. The magnificent courtyard is located at the center of Msheireb Downtown and consists of over 100 structures with residential and commercial properties and shopping and recreational services.

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It features specialty shops and a range of outdoor places to eat. The proportionality, purity, openness, lighting, transparency, and responsiveness to the country’s environment in Msheireb’s contemporary architecture are all inspired by Qatar’s cultural history.

The initiative’s overall goal is to change Doha’s pattern of energy-intensive expansion. Doha Designing District, a major tourist attraction for local and foreign talent, will also be housed in MDD.

Al Shaqab

Al Shaqab qatar

Qatar’s state-of-the-art horse riding facility is called Al Shaqab, and it has been situated in Education City as a subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation since 2004. His Majesty the Father Amir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, founded Al Shaqab in 1992.

It was created to support the preservation and perpetuation of the Arabian horse breed at the historic Al Shaqab battle venue, where the Bedouins waged a crucial battle that resulted in Qatar’s freedom almost a century ago in 1893.

The closest metro stop is Al Shaqab Station, which is on the green belt. It takes 30 minutes to get there from Hamad International Airport.

Falcon Souq

falcon souq qatar

Discover the official bird of Qatar by going to The Falcon Souq at Souq Waqif. Not only will you be able to take pictures of them, but you’ll also get the chance to have the magnificent bird sit on your arm while an expert supervises it.

The Corniche is easily accessible from Falcon Souq, located in Souq Waqif between Al Asmakh and Al Ahmed streets. It features a separate entrance with a gilt plaque that announces the building’s location.

falcon souq

As the official bird of Qatar, falcons are greatly revered and cherished and have long played a significant role in the nation’s rich history and culture.  Falconry is a traditional skill that dates back to the Bedouin tribes when a trained and experienced raptor is employed to catch food-producing migrating birds. 

Qatar National Library 

qatar national library

The library’s diamond-shaped facade conceals its roomy interior, which places a premium on light and transparency.  The bookshelf rises out of the floor and integrates into the structure’s design, making them an essential component.

Innovative technology is seamlessly incorporated into every structure aspect to improve accessibility and effectiveness.  The 45,000-square-meter structure was created by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas to mimic two paper sheets torn apart and folded diagonally at the edges to form a shell-like superstructure that encloses the open-plan inside.

In order to retain a link to the outside world and let in a specific amount of daylight, the primary internal space was explicitly built.

qatar national library

The glass front of the building allows in some sunlight, which provides reading and socializing with natural light. Since they rise out of the floor, the bookshelves are a physical reminder of the importance of reading in Qatari culture.

Top 5 Hotel near Ras Abu Aboud

Le Royal Méridien

le royal méridien

The Le Royal Méridien Doha provides lodging, dining, valet parking, free bicycles, and a fitness center. Each hotel room features climate control, a sitting space, an LED TV with cable stations, a secure storage box, and these facilities, in addition to a full bathroom with a toilet, bathrobes, and slippers.

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Every room has a kettle, and some have a kitchenette with a stovetop, an oven, and a refrigerator. At the Le Royal Méridien Doha, towels and bed linens are provided in every room.

The hotel offers a breakfast buffet to its visitors. Visitors at Le Royal Méridien Doha are welcome to use the hotel’s spa and wellness facilities, which include a sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool, while they are there. A bedroom starts at around $220 per night.

The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village, Doha

The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village, Doha

The beach is 3 minutes from the luxury beachside hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village, Doha.  This unique 174-room resort combines the most cutting-edge contemporary comforts and services with authentic Arabian architecture.

It is situated along 350 meters of shoreline and has a 1,400-m2 infinity pool and a sizable wellness center. The rooms at Sharq Village have canopied mattresses, wooden decorations, and an Arab design theme.

They have their balcony with views of the resort community or Doha Bay. The marbled bathroom contains a rain shower and a huge soaking tub.

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The Ritz-Carlton Sharq Village

For unique dining options in a modern, trendy setting, guests can choose from an engaging style of classic Persian delicacies at its most excellent at Parisa Restaurant with sea views across Doha Bay or inventive snacks at Al Seef, the poolside pub and cafe.

Lebanese, seafood, and breakfast buffets are available at the Al Liwan Grill restaurant. Starting, the room costs $280 per night.

Premier Inn Doha

Premier Inn Doha

The Premier Inn Doha offers lodging with a restaurant, free personal parking, and a seating area in Doha, 2.7 kilometers from the Qatar National Museum. A 24-hour information desk, room service, and wireless Internet are just a few amenities offered at this establishment.

There are family rooms in the hotel. Seating space is included in each hotel room. Every Premier Inn Doha Airport room has a safety deposit box and air conditioning. Breakfast is available to guests as a buffet or a different option. A room starts at around $110 per night.

Al Liwan Suites

al liwan suits

Al Liwan Rooms, about a ten-minute drive from Doha International Airport, provides contemporary suites with kitchenettes. There are amenities like a sauna, a workout center, and an outdoor swimming pool.

al liwan suites

Bright colors and wood panels are used to design the air-conditioned apartments at Al Liwan. Every suite has a washroom, a kitchen with a microwave, and a roomy living room with a LED TV.

Both Arabic and foreign cuisine are offered at the Al Liwan Restaurant. The cafe beside the poolside serves light fare, foreign and Asian cuisine, and cold beverages.

There is also room service provided. The business center at Al Liwan offers free WiFi. Additionally, the hotel provides a 24-hour front desk, currency exchange, and car rentals. An average suite starts at around $75 per night.

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

The Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha has a spa with massage services and is 10 minutes from Souq Waqif and is near Hamad International Airport. The hotel features elegant dining options, and the club features live jazz music.

The 400 enclosed luxury rooms include LED TVs with cable stations and a lounge area. Its amenities include large restrooms with walk-in rain showers, towels, and hair dryers. The facility features an executive lounge and different restaurants that are popular hangouts with an exquisite culinary experience.

Along with the restaurant menu, everyday Theme Nights, and an excellent brunch, lunch, and dinner, the open kitchen offers. The upscale Jazz Club features live music every night from Sunday through Friday.

The Cellar serves specialty wines and European appetizers, and the Al Nafourah Garden features an exquisite Arabic meal, outdoor dining, and sparkling celebrations.

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Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

Under the breathtakingly high glass conservatory-style roof, the Sky Lounge is the perfect place to meet and speak throughout the day while enjoying a cup of coffee and a croissant. The cost of a night in a luxury hotel starts at 100$.

Lusail Iconic Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

lusal iconic stadium

Lusail, Qatar has a football stadium known as Lusail Stadium or Lusail Iconic Stadium. The FIFA World Cup 2022 championship game will take place in the venue.

The Qatar Football Association is the proprietor. Qatar’s largest stadium and one of eight renovated for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. About 23 kilometers north of Doha is where the stadium is situated.

The location will serve as the focal point of Lusail, a recently constructed, cutting-edge metropolis specially created with people’s requirements in mind. While honoring the vibrant legacy of the nation and the area, Lusail Stadium will add a new chapter to Qatar’s past.

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The intricate stadium exterior will be crowned with a roof that showcases cutting-edge engineering and building methods. The top is made of materials specifically chosen to create shade while letting in just the perfect amount of daylight to replenish the top-notch football pitch.

An innovative lighting setup will be used at night to enhance the interplay between light and facade apertures, simulating the warm glow of fanar lanterns for incoming spectators.

Visitors will be met by the breathtaking sight of 80,000 energetic football supporters once they enter the venue. A wall of sound will join this wall of colors as the top and curved sides of the venue create a cauldron for the echoing songs and cheers of the crowd.

As soon as Lusail Stadium was envisioned and its location was selected, sustainability work began. Due to its location, supporters may access matches through renovated highways, the Doha Subway, shuttle services from nearby park & ride locations, and even by foot — all of which are environmentally friendly modes of transportation for this future city.

We will continue to use sustainable building techniques as Lusail Stadium develops over the following months and years, and we’ll recycle construction trash whenever we can.

Materials are chosen carefully to support our environmental goals, considering their production processes and potential performance. To reduce waste and contaminants, construction activities are also closely supervised.

Around the venue, local plant species that require little maintenance will all be watered using recycled water. The venue complex uses 40% less fresh water than typical stadiums, thanks to the installation of efficient water fittings and leak detection devices.

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Environmental considerations were taken into account even in the arena’s roof design. A cutting-edge material will ease the venue’s air conditioning system strain.

By taking steps like these, Lusail Stadium will be able to receive a 4-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System and herald in a new era of environmental protection.

Smart energy meters will preserve energy across the metropolis, and the biodegradable matter will be gathered for biofuel. There are green places around to enhance the air quality constantly.

After 2022, Lusail won’t require its own sports stadium due to its proximity to Doha’s several football clubs. According to existing plans, the venue will turn into a community center with schools, stores, medical offices, and sports venues inside the old stadium’s exterior and top.

This venue will undoubtedly hold a particular spot in the hearts of residents in the vicinity as it serves as the host location for the first FIFA World Cup final in Qatar.  Generations of aspiring athletes will be inspired by it as the event’s important symbol and will motivate the general public to be more athletic.

The designs receiving the numerous modular components that will be taken down and donated after the competition will receive another legacy.

For instance, the seats where fans witnessed FIFA World Cup history will continue to exist in several other stadiums, facilitating greater access to the sport worldwide. After most of the chairs have been dismantled, a spectacular alteration will occur at Lusail Stadium.

Maintaining these seats and the stadium’s roof will serve as a constant reminder of this location’s illustrious athletic past. Additionally, the future installation of a community football pitch will advance the footballing legacy of Lusail Stadium and strengthen our dedication to the grassroots game.

The Lusail Stadium will not only leave instructions for those new stadiums in the future. Still, it will also inspire football supporters, future football players, and people who appreciate the gathering place it will become.

This venue will serve as a benchmark for sustainable arena construction, starting with its use of ecologically friendly construction materials and energy-saving techniques and continuing with its gift of seats and integration with the community.


Eighty thousand people can be seated in the iconic Lusail stadium. Most of the stadium’s 80,000 seats will be taken out after the FIFA World Cup 2022 Final and donated to sporting endeavors, spreading this arena’s exceptional heritage and a small portion of FIFA World CupTM history worldwide. Fans will be astounded by the Lusail Stadium’s vast size as soon as they see it. 

The city of Lusail

lusail city

In the southern portion of the Al Daayen municipality, near the shore, lies a planned city called Lusail. On a land area of more than 38 kilometers (15 sq mi), Lusail is situated about 23 kilometers (14 mi) northwest of the Doha city center, near the West Bay Lagoons, and will ultimately have the capacity to house 450,000 people.

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Two hundred fifty thousand or less of these 450,000 individuals are anticipated to be residential, 190,000 will work in offices, and 60,000 will work in retail. Marinas, residential neighborhoods, beach resorts, business centers, upscale shopping and recreational centers, a country club community, artificial reefs, and several amusement districts are all planned for the area.

The building is still being done. Parsons Corporation, Dorsch-Gruppe, and state-controlled developer Qatari Diar are all involved in the development.

Not only is Lusail City well-established geographically, but it has also left an irrevocable mark on the minds of visitors, foreigners, and Qataris alike. Along with the World Cup’s renowned stadium, of course.

With good reason, Lusail Metropolis can assert that it is the most innovative, scientifically advanced city in the area, if not the entire world. Businesses benefit from Lusail’s high-speed fiber system, while people enjoy a high standard of green lifestyle.


Top places to visit in Lusail

In the upcoming years, Lusail, a smart city that supports a sustainable way of life and community, is expected to draw tourists worldwide.

Beautiful parks, a top-notch athletic arena, and other premier destinations are just a few of the Lusail attractions that draw tourists.

Crescent Park

Crecent park

The Crescent Park, regarded as one of the most excellent parklands in Qatar and one of the cleanest areas in the city, officially opened its gates to the general public. Several amenities are available, including 530 parking places, landscapes, two top restaurants, a woodland, and many seating areas in a beautiful environment.

Crescent Park offers guests a variety of covered places, water activities, playgrounds, and other amenities. Visitors can have a terrific time here all day long. The park is open every day of the week for 24 hours.

Lusail Marina

Lusail Marina

The Lusail Marina is among the first things one sees while entering the city of Lusail, which is one of the main tourist destinations in Qatar. One of Lusail City’s top attractions, the site is pleasant to visit throughout the day and at night.

lusail Marina

Tourists will see a lot of boats docked here, and the location provides an excellent perspective of Doha’s skyline. In the evening, the area comes to life with lights and a fountain.

During this moment, anybody going by can experience traveling through the tunnel of lights. Hours of Operation: Saturday through Thursday, 6:00 PM. to midnight and from 2:00 PM until 12:00 AM on Friday

Lusail Shooting and Archery Club

Lusail Shooting and Archery club

Visit the Lusail Shooting and Archery Clubs if you want to participate in a traditional sport. Even though the first evidence of archery comes from the use of bows and arrows for hunting and dispute settlement by the Egyptians and Nubians around 12,000 years ago, fans or those curious can still try it today.

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The club is well-liked by amateurs and professionals and holds renowned regional competitions that draw the best athletes from Qatar. In 2006 and 2011, this location hosted activities for the 15th Asian Games.

Trap, dual trap, and skeet (clay pigeon) shooting are permitted on the range. However, you are not required to participate in an event to show up and take advantage of a one-of-a-kind experience exclusive to Qatar.

Lusail Sports arena

Lusail Sports Arena

The Lusail Sports Arena, also referred to as Lusail Venue, is a cutting-edge facility that accommodates tennis, volleyball, and basketball matches and musical performances. It has received three stars from the Global Sustainability Assessment System for design.

Lusail Sports Arena

Its unusual glass construction shows the desert, pearls, and sea of Qatar. Trees, running and cycling trails, an outdoor shaded gymnasium, and a playground are all located around the site. The 2015 World Men’s Handball Tournament was believed to be the perfect event for the venue.

Katara Towers

Katara Towers

The resort’s crescent-shaped building embodies the country’s national identity in an incredible architectural monument and houses upscale hotels, residences, offices, department shops, and eateries.

The national seal of Qatar has scimitar-shaped swords as a spectacular pair of arched towers with a total height of 36 dramatic stories. In addition to the first six-star hotel in the nation, Katara Towers also has a five-star hotel.

Top hotels to stay in Lusail

Cielo Hotel Lusail

Cielo Hotel Lusail

The beachfront is a 20-minute walk from the  Cielo Hotel Lusai. It offers lodging with a cafe, free personal parking, a health club, and a seating area 3.1 km from Lagoona Mall.

This five-star hotel has a courtyard and complimentary WiFi. The lodging offers visitors a front desk that is open around the clock, room service, and money exchange.

Cielo hotel

The hotel offers visitors air-conditioned bedrooms with a toilet, a full washroom, a closet, a kettle, a secure storage box, and a LED TV. Each bedroom at the Cielo Hotel Lusail Qatar comes with towels and bed linens.

The lodging offers a continental breakfast each morning. A sun deck is available at the Cielo Hotel Lusail Qatar. The Cielo Hotel Lusail Qatar also has a business center where visitors can utilize the fax and photocopier. The cost of a night in one of the opulent apartments is $160.

Waterfront Hotel Apartments

Waterfront Hotel Qatar

The beach is 6 minutes from this hotel and is located 24 kilometers from Doha. The Waterfront Apartments offers lodging with an outdoor pool open all year round and a health club. There is free WiFi access.

Waterfront Lusail

Each suite has a kitchen with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a secure storage box, a cable LED TV, ironing supplies, a workstation, and a living room with a sofa. There is a hot tub in the toilet and shower, which is completely furnished.

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The suite features a continental breakfast for its visitors. A jacuzzi is available at Waterfront Apartments. The lodging provides a terrace. The room starts at about 240$ each night.

Staybridge Suites 

staybridge suitsStylish bedrooms and suites with balconies are available at the Staybridge Suites Doha Lusail. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the heart of Doha and offers a swimming pool.

staybridge suit qatar

The vast bedrooms have a kitchen, a private lounge area, and a workstation. Each apartment has air conditioning and a view of the city. Others of them have views of the ocean.

There is free WiFi. Visitors can exercise in the on-site health club or chill in the bar with a multimedia center surrounded by comfortable furniture. The cost of a lavish suite per night starts at $250.

Lusail Stadium Apartment

lusail stadium apartments

The Lusail Stadium Apartment is a residence with a balcony located in Lusail. The resort is located 16 kilometers from Doha. This one-bedroom apartment has air conditioning, a LED TV, and a kitchen. The bedroom is priced at $150.

Le Royal Méridien

le royal méridien

The Le Royal Méridien Doha offers lodging with dining, valet parking, complimentary bicycles, and a health club. This five-star hotel provides an ATM and a children’s playground. The accommodation offers its visitors a front counter, open around-the-clock, room service, and money exchange.

In addition to having a full bathroom with a toilet, bathrobes, and slippers, each hotel room has climate control, a lounge area, a LED TV with cable stations, a secure storage box, and these amenities.

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Each room has a kettle, some of which feature a kitchenette with a burner, an oven, and a refrigerator. Each room at the Le Royal Méridien Doha is furnished with towels and bed linens.

le royal méridien

A breakfast buffet is available to guests at the hotel. During their stay at Le Royal Méridien Doha, visitors may take advantage of the hotel’s spa and wellness amenities, which include a sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool. The cost of a bedroom per night begins at $220.

Education City Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

education city stadium

Al Rayyan, Qatar’s Educational City Stadium is also known as Qatar Foundation Stadium. It is constructed as a venue for the Qatar-hosted FIFA World Cup in 2022.

 Leading universities can be found around Education City Stadium, where cutting-edge research is carried out, and professors encourage their students to achieve their full potential.

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The Qatar Foundation for Education, Research, and Public Growth is based in this region. The entire neighborhood is teeming with innovation and a commitment to use the FIFA World Cup 2022 as a catalyst for economic and social advancement. These resources are also available to Education City’s undergraduates, teachers, and employees. 

Following the objectives of the Qatar Foundations and the Qatar National Vision 2030, The Education City Field will stand as a tribute to technology, durability, and development for many years to come.

After hosting games up through the event’s quarterfinal round, the stadium will directly contribute to global development. The arena’s seating capacity will be decreased by half, and 20,000 chairs will be gifted to assist build facilities in underdeveloped nations, fostering a love of the game worldwide.

Modern cooling systems, as with all FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 venues, provide ideal conditions all year round for players and spectators, and accessibility for audiences with impairments is good. The game is also available in hospitality and VIP areas for those who want even more luxury.

Fans will notice numerous green spaces and cutting-edge facilities around the stadium as they enter since these features were all constructed with sustainability and the environment in mind. A golf course, football practice fields, and commercial outlets are available.

Triangles on the facade are arranged in intricate, diamond-like geometric patterns that seem to change color as the sun moves across the sky. The facade puts on a vibrant light display at night, making it even more striking.

Similar to diamonds, the venue’s design is something to be cherished for the emotions it will hold and its potential value to the nation and the area in the future.

ASTAD Projects Management worked as the venue’s development manager, and Fenwick Iribarren Architect was responsible for the initial idea.

JPAC JV served as the principal contract administrator and hired Pattern as the layout consultant, Salfo as the site head architect, and BuroHappold for structural engineering.

All of these institutions collaborated closely and communicated to build an inspirational stadium that places sustainability at its core.

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Like the diamonds that served as its design inspiration, Education City Stadium will be cherished for many generations and serve as a regional heritage.

Everything in this area encourages a healthy, eco-friendly future for all of us, including the greenbelt, the Qatar Green Buildings Council’s offices, and the top recreational venues that welcome visitors.

The venue received a five-star rating for both design and construction from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) in January 2019. Education City Stadium grew up next to its neighbors, who motivated it to set an example for sustainable stadium designers worldwide.

By employing intelligent infrastructure technology and an interconnected water and electricity management and surveillance network to control actual usage, it also serves as a model for others.

Environmental conscious planning and building methods assist in lowering the venue’s carbon footprint both during development and after it is finished. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has significantly advanced green building techniques in this area.

To reduce the venue’s carbon footprint, at minimum, 55% of the resources used for the program came from sustainable sources, and 28% of building supplies contained recycled material. 75% of the landscaping in the precinct is made up of drought-resistant and native plant species.

While this was going on, the workers for the stadium were living comfortably on-site, saving them from having to go there and back every day.

The ecologically friendly approach begins long before entering the premises. There will be a decrease in the number of vehicles on the road on game days because they can take the Doha Subway and shuttles directly to the venue.

Education City has bicycle lanes and bicycle parking. This legacy strategy will support global infrastructure, social, and football growth.


The exquisite layout of Education City Arena was unveiled on December 2, 2014, the fourth anniversary of Qatar earning the right to host the competition. Soon after construction on the site started, one million hours had been worked on it by May 2015.

In February 2016, excavators found rocks 20–30 million years old, making a fantastic discovery. To place the field below sea level, where conditions are cooler, engineers dug 17 meters below. The venue’s construction entered a tremendous new phase once the first concrete was placed in March 2017.

The main concrete construction was completed in July 2018, giving eager spectators a peek at the shape of the magnificent stadium to come.

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In November 2018, work was underway to raise the roof. By July 2019, the building’s gleaming exterior and roof were finished. Chairs were put in place later, and they were prepared for devoted supporters traveling worldwide.

The Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) awarded the stadium a five-star sustainability grade in January 2020, demonstrating its dedication to environmental preservation.

The deadline for completion was officially 15 June 2020. A unique TV program highlighting the third FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadium was held to commemorate the occasion.

Al Rayan, Qatar

Al Rayyan, the third-largest district in this Islamic kingdom, is one of its most renowned destinations. This enormous area is known as a suburb and is home to numerous well-known landmarks, structures, marketplaces, and more.

Doha and the rest of Qatar are all easily accessible. Doha and Al Rayyan are only separated by 10.7 kilometers, which can be traveled in 11 minutes. Tourists can conveniently hire a car directly into the city or take a taxi for a road trip.

Rayyan Al Qatar is one of the central regions. The area offers high-quality living alongside leisure, schooling, and luxuries, including prestigious hotels and eateries. Given the district’s wide range of accessible activities, monuments, and nightlife opportunities, a trip here can be thrilling and fun.

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Top attractions in the city of Al Rayyan 

Al Rayyan is one of the most well-known areas in Qatar where you can better grasp the heritage, artwork, and culture thanks to its monuments, museums, and cultural sites.

Education City

Education city

Education City in Qatar is situated in the Al Rayyan Municipality and spans a 1,000-acre area. The city, established by the Qatar Foundation, is devoted to academic universities that provide K–12 education.

For early schooling through graduation and post-graduation, there are colleges and schools. The city also has areas for hospitals, bookstores, and research facilities.

Being an interest and center for overseas students, the city has been revolutionized in terms of amenities and growth. To explore every minute detail, restaurants and eateries line the Boulevard.

Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art

Mathraf Arab Museum

The most fantastic place in Al Rayyan to study ancient artwork and explore its past is the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art. It is renowned for having a sizable collection of antiques that Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani is rumored to have found. He visited the world and collected classic and trendy art throughout his lifetime.

Drawings works on paper, murals, and constructions from the 19th century are all included in this collection. By studying the works of early Arab artists like Mahmoud Moukhtar’s The Nile and Jawad Selim’s Baghdadiat, you will discover their art and learn about the richness of their culture and traditions.

Aspire Park

Aspire Park

Aspire Park is one of the most excellent spots in Qatar to unwind and take in the rich scenery. With a total size of over 880,000 square meters, this major attraction in Al Rayyan, Qatar, is the biggest park in the city. The Park is designed with a range of works of art and amenities that benefit visitors and ensure they have a good time.

This parkland in Al Rayyan is one of the best parks in Qatar since it contains everything, from eateries to kid’s play places, jogging tracks, to soccer fields.

Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar

The Mall of Qatar is a premier marketplace in Al Rayyan where you may get the best brands for your collection. The mall provides the ideal location for food, leisure, and shopping. There are 500 retail establishments and a sizable parking lot that has room for more than 7000 vehicles.

Mall Of Qatar

The Mall of Qatar’s entertainment area, which includes a theater, a multimedia screen, and a 360-degree revolving multi-lift platform for a musical concert, is its best feature. Anyone can spend a leisurely day feasting and visiting this mall, which has dining areas and a few upscale cafes.

Gulf Mall

Gulf Mall

The Gulf mall is one of the top family leisure destinations and draws visitors from all social strata. Gulf Mall has made a name for itself as one of the most well-liked shopping locations in the nation among foreigners because of its diversity of shops, designer labels, and dining establishments.

Gulf Mall

It has a surface area of 90,000 square meters and has an exquisite design. The mall is distinctive on every level thanks to its unique collection of services, which include places to eat, shop, and enjoy entertainment.

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To make your day memorable, there are game rooms and cinemas. You may find banks, ATMs, parking spaces, money exchange offices, charging stations, department stores, and boutique shops at the mall.

The top 5 hotels in Al Rayyan

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel Qatar

The Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel is situated in the entertainment industry and is close to amusement parks. Visitors interested in shopping should visit Villaggio Mall and Souq Waqif Art Gallery, while those wishing to take in the area’s natural beauty can visit Doha Corniche and Katara Beach.

Al Aziziyah Hotel

A desk, a 48-inch TV, and a marble bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower are included in each guest room. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also present. Its deluxe and opulent accommodations are offered, with rates beginning at $130 per night.

Ezdan Palace Hotel

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

The 195 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites at the Ezdan Palace Hotel are housed in a grand palace with exquisite Andalusian architecture.

Every room has marble bathrooms with a bathtub and a shower, plush linen, and fashionable furniture. A Cappuccino coffee maker is provided in each room to ensure every visitor has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

There are swimming pools, a fitness center, a gymnasium, a bar, a babysitter area, and free parking and Wi-Fi. A kids’ play area and transportation to the airport are also available. The accommodations there start at $150 per night.


Al Rayyan Hotel

al rayyan hotel

The guest rooms and suites at the Al Rayyan Hotel are exquisitely built. Additionally, it offers access to the Mall of Qatar. While leisurely shopping, visitors can amuse themselves with various entertainment options.

Al Rayyan Hotel

With three temperature-controlled rooftop swimming pools that are saltwater treated, five dining options, adaptable conference space, a stunning ballroom, and. For the ideal family holiday, choose one of the Presidential Suites or Ambassador Suites, which both have two bedrooms, opulent bathrooms, and spacious living and dining areas.

The hotel offers a non-alcoholic environment with a cozy atmosphere that respects Qatar’s priceless traditions and local culture. The prices are indicated, with each night beginning at $250.


Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas

Hilton Salva Qatar

There are 361 rooms, suites, and oceanfront villas with gardens and swimming pools at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas.

With a variety of amenities like the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, pools, a waterfront, a luxury spa, complimentary parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness center with a gymnasium, a bar or cafe, a daycare area, a kids’ activities area, and a fitness center. The first night’s lodging at this resort starts at $330.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel

The Avenue,A Murwab Qatar

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel is on the cutting edge of modern luxury lodgings with a polished mix of life’s best amenities.

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The Avenue A Murwab Qatar

They offer state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces and recreational amenities like the Senses Sauna, our health and relaxation center with 24/7 access to a fitness center, and an outdoor pool on the roof.

The cost of its suites and opulent rooms starts at $150 per night.


Khalifa International Stadium And Other Tourist Attractions In Qatar

Khalifa International Qatar

Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, is a core part of the Doha Sports City complex. It is also called the National Stadium of Doha. It carries the name of Qatar’s former Emir, Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani.

The surrounding area of Khalifa International Stadium has seen a lot of construction over the years, converting it into the Aspire Zone hub of sporting success it is today.

The massive new roof cover was among the stadium’s most significant changes. It offers a straightforward, environmentally friendly answer to a problem by maintaining a pleasant temperature for football spectators with cutting-edge cooling equipment.

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Every effort was made to reconstruct the stadium, with the introduction of energy-efficient lights and equipment. The first FIFA World Cup 2022 stadium to earn Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) certification is Khalifa International Stadium. 

The stadium is merely a portion of the Aspire Zone initiative, which served as the starting point for the 2006 Asian Games. The entire precinct is intended to promote participation in sports and healthy lives, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Aspire Zone’s existing facilities include the Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital, a FIFA Medical Center of Excellence, the world’s most enormous indoor multifunctional sports hall, Aspire Dome, the Hamad Aquatic Centre, and Aspire Park, and highly specialized women’s athletic facilities.

It will be accessed by the Doha Subway system, making it even more straightforward for the surrounding residents to use the top-notch sporting activities nearby.



About 30,000 people work at the Khalifa International stadium. It was inaugurated in 1976. Before the 2006 Asian Games, it underwent renovations and an upgrade which increased its seating capacity from 20,000 to 40,000. 

A roof covers the western side of the stadium. A massive arch on the eastern end was used as a starting point for fireworks during the inauguration celebration of the 2006 Asian Games. The venue was renovated once more and reopened in May 2017.

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In September and October of that year, the stadium hosted the World Athletics Championship 12,000 more seats were installed on a new tier, and the entire stadium has a stunning new exterior. At the same time, electronic stadium lights and LED pitch lights add an entirely new level to the fan experience. 

The venue’s seating capacity was initially set to be increased to 68,000 after Qatar was selected to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, that original plan has since been altered. Before the spectacular roof of the stadium was finished, 4,000 tons of steel strain cables were installed to support it. 

The recognizable twin arches taken down and put back together throughout the rebuilding process will endure as a reminder of this magnificent arena and the FIFA World Cup 2022. The final component of the arches, which weighed 47 tons, was installed by an experienced crane operator flown in from India.

Meanwhile, the crane for this delicate endeavor weighed more than 600 tons. The Torch Doha hotel’s unique design has become a distinctive feature of the city’s skyline, towering over Khalifa International Stadium.

The hotel was constructed to hold a massive flame for the 2006 Asian Games, as suggested by its name. The spectacular roof protects fans from the sun, enabling the pitch to grow and recover during sessions.

The City of Doha

Doha Qatar

Qatar’s capital city is Doha, situated in the Persian Gulf on the east coast of the Qatari Peninsula. Within the city’s boundaries, more than two-fifths of Qatar’s citizens reside. Doha has historically been a significant seaport in the region. It is located in a small harbor about 3 miles (5 km).

Until the construction of its deep-water port in the 1970s, it mainly handled small vessels due to nearby coral reefs and shallow waterways. A British administrative organization was kept in the city after Qatar was declared a British-controlled territory in 1916. Doha was designated as the capital of the newly established Qatar in late 1971.

Around 350 pearling boats were in operation in Doha at the start of the 20th century. The city was seriously affected by the growth of Japanese cultured pearls and the 1930s global economic slump. But after World War II, Qatar’s significant oil deposits began to be exploited, resulting in a total economic revolution.

Qatar pursued the comprehensive modernization of its city and developed into an incredibly wealthy nation with a high average per capita income. Newer business and housing structures have replaced old slum areas. The water used in Doha is produced by distilling salt water.

Ships are accommodated in the deep-water port. The harbor is home to the Qatar National Fishing Company, which operates modern mechanized vessels. A contemporary shrimp packing facility has also been constructed there.

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Top places to visit in Doha

  • Museum of Islamic Arts                                                      Museum Of Islamic Arts Qatar  At the very end of Doha’s Corniche is the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). The museum is off an artificial peninsula extending into the bay for traditional shows. A specially constructed park encircles the building on its eastern and southern sides. Two crossings link the building’s southern front side to the central peninsula where the park is located.

The port, which highlights Qatar’s maritime history, is what distinguishes the western and northern sides. The Museum of Islamic Art showcases 1,400 years of Islamic art from three continents.

From the 7th to the 20th century, the collection comprises metals, pottery, jewelry, crafts, fabrics, and glassware from three continents. Documents, carpets, and ceramics have accumulated in the museum’s collection since the late 1980s.

With objects from Spain, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, and Central Asia, it is among the most comprehensive collections of Islamic antiquities ever assembled.


  • Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche

In the capital of Qatar, Doha, a beachfront walkway known as the Doha Corniche stretches seven kilometers along Doha Bay. The Doha Corniche is the focal point for federal holidays, including National Sports Day and Qatar National Day.

It is a popular tourism and entertainment destination. The Government Zone, Corniche Street, and the Park and Promenade are the main sections of the Corniche.

People who enjoy walking, running, skating, jogging, and other leisure and recreational activities frequently visit the Corniche Promenade and Park. The key road that links Doha’s developing West Bay business zone with the city’s southern region and Doha International Airport is Corniche Boulevard.

It was created because of significant dredging operations that changed Doha’s shoreline in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Administrative structures like the Amiri Diwan can be found in the Government zone, which provides a sea view.

  • National Museum of Qatar

National Museum Qatar

In Doha, Qatar, there is a museum called the National Museum of Qatar. On March 28, 2019, the current building, which replaced the earlier one that debuted in 1975, was made publicly accessible. Tourists to the museum are led around a gallery loop that focuses on three main, connected themes.

The galleries are planned chronologically, starting with displays on the natural, historical past of the desert and the Persian Gulf, followed by objects from Bedouin heritage, cultural shows on the tribal conflicts, the founding of the Qatari state, and finally, the exploration of oil to the current time. 

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These topics are explored through exhibitions and performances that combine audiovisual presentations with carefully chosen artifacts from the museum’s holdings.

National Museum Qatar

These collections contain about 8,000 items, including architectural components, antique domestic and travel articles, fabrics and garments, jewels, artwork, literature, and historical records.

  • The Pearl Island

Pearl Island Qatar

The Pearl is an artificial island almost four square kilometers in size. It is the first piece of land in Qatar that is open to foreigners for freehold possession. There are 27,000 residents.

When The Pearl construction is completed, it will add more than 32 kilometers of new shoreline to be used as a housing complex with an anticipated 18,831 homes and 45,000 occupants. 

The island sat 350 meters off the coast of Doha’s West Bay Lagoon and was created by the United Development Company with architectural and design assistance from Callison.

The initial cost of building the island was $2.5 billion in 2004 when the concept was initially made public. It is currently estimated that the project will cost $15 billion.

  • Katara Village

Katara Village Qatar

This cultural hamlet was built on a recovered coastline on the eastern side north of Doha, between the pearl and west bay, and it was opened in 2010 during the year when Doha served as the Arab World’s Cultural Capital. The idea behind the valley of culture is to use traditional design with lots of activity to imitate Qatari culture. 

This initiative, which is expected to cost around $82 million in the US, will include historical centers, a national theater, libraries, an auditorium, art museums, and other educational institutions, in addition to restaurants, gallery buildings, other commercial spaces, greenery, and a resource center.

In contrast to most of Doha’s lovely new cultural structures, the Katara complex is constructed with oriental architecture and a vintage look.

Top Hotels to stay in Doha.

  • Four Season Hotel

Four Season Hotel Qatar

The Four Seasons is just a quick 15-minute drive from the airport. It provides abundant lodging with a beachfront and a swanky harbor. In addition, it has a 5-pool compound, a grotto pool, and a renowned spa and health facility. Both tourists and businesspeople visiting Qatar will find comfort at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha.

The hotel has attractively modern suites and bedrooms with windows that provide spectacular views of the metropolis of Doha or the Arabian Sea. 

Four Season Hotel Qatar

Visitors can choose from a diverse range of dining options, including the largest Nobu in the world, which serves contemporary Japanese cuisine. While the Shisha Terrace, which faces the harbor, gives a breathtaking view of the Sea and serves authentic Arabic cuisine, offers a wide variety of Hookah flavors, the Poolside Grill.

The three-story spa provides a wide range of body and face treatments in addition to a full-service beauty salon. The hotel’s health facility, meditation sessions, and volleyball and basketball courts are all available to visitors. The prices of the luxury suites are 350$ per night.

  • Steigenberger Hotel

Steignberger Hotel Qatar

The Qatar National Museum is 1.9 kilometers away from the Steigenberger Hotel Doha. It provides accommodations with dining options, cost-free on-site parking, an outdoor hot tub, and a workout center.

This facility offers rooms and a cafe with a balcony for visitors. The hotel offers its visitors a 24-hour front office, room service, and currency exchange.

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The accommodations will include a coffee maker and a wardrobe for visitors. A continental buffet is available to guests of the Steigenberger Hotel Doha. A jacuzzi and spa are among the wellness amenities.

The Steigenberger Hotel Doha offers a business center and access to local publications. The prices start at around 130$ per night.

  • Al Najada Hotel

Al Najada Hotel Qatar

Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli in Doha has an open swimming pool and guest rooms with Wi-Fi Access. It is located 1.4 km from Amiri Diwan and 800 m from Souq Waqif.

Al Najada Hotel Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is 1.9 km away, while Al Arabi Sports Club is 4.5 km from the hotel. It has a 24-hour reception and a health club. 

At the hotel, a table and a LED Television are provided in every room. Luxurious bathrooms are provided in each room. The Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli offers accommodations with seating areas.

The resort provides a regular complimentary breakfast. The on-site cafe specializes in foreign cuisine and is open to those who want a bite to eat. The starting price of the bedroom is 100$.

  • Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Qatar

Mandarin Oriental, Doha is in the heart of Msheireb Central Doha and has an external jacuzzi and health club. The building includes a balcony and a cafe.

Mandarian Oriental Qatar

Mediterranean food is served in the on-site restaurant. The bedrooms have complimentary toiletries, a table, an electric kettle, climate control, a LED TV with channels, and a toilet. 

There is patio seating in the rooms. A comprehensive a la carte breakfast is available to guests. A sauna, a jacuzzi, and a swimming pool are among the health amenities provided by Mandarin Oriental, Doha. The price of the luxury suite per night start from 200$

  • Alwadi Hotel MGallery

Alwardi Hotel Qatar

The Alwadi Hotel in Doha has a health club and air-conditioned bedrooms. The hotel offers on-site food options, including a dining area and full access to Souq Waqif.

A flat-screen Television, charging dock, a coffee maker, and a small fridge is included in each hotel suite. Some rooms at the Alwadi Hotel Doha MGallery have a view of the city in addition to a private washroom with a bathtub, separated shower, and complimentary toiletries. 

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Expert services are offered at the hotel’s 24-hour reception desk and may help guests plan programs and trips throughout the city and provide information.

The hotel is 1.8 kilometers from the Diwan Emiri Royal Palace, and the Qatar National Museum is located 3.1 kilometers away. The prices of the bedroom per night start from 120$.


Al Janoub Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Al-Wakrah, Qatar

Al Janob Stadium Qatar

Al-Janoub Stadium, previously Al-Wakrah Stadium, is a football stadium with a retractable roof in Al-Wakrah, Qatar. It was opened on May 16, 2019.

Following the restoration of Khalifa International Stadium, this is the second of the eight stadiums in Qatar that will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In November 2013, the venue’s design was revealed to the media, sparking a lot of interest domestically and overseas. On May 16, 2019, 40,000 spectators saw the Amir Cup final and witnessed history as the renovated stadium was revealed.

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Al Wakrah has been continually inhabited for centuries and has long been a fishing and pearl diving hub. The design of Al Janoub Stadium was influenced by the conventional dhow boats employed in these activities.

When it was opened, a magnificent pre-game performance honored the history of Al Wakrah and Zaha Hadid, whose architectural firm created the stadium’s audaciously futuristic form.

The 2019 Amir Cup final gave spectators a preview of what to expect at this FIFA World Cup. In December 2019, a second-packed crowd watched Qatar play Saudi Arabia in the semi-final of the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup.

The landscape and design of Al Janoub Stadium will impress football supporters as they approach the venue. Tourists from other countries can appreciate this fantastic location.

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A college, marriage hall, a route for bicycling and jogging, cafes, markets, gyms, and parks are all being built around Al Janoub Stadium. The initiative will have significant advantages for the locals and strengthen their community.

The sight from within the stadium, where bending beams support the roof, which resembles a ship’s hull and lets light pour into the arena, is just as breathtaking.

 Along with a cutting-edge cooling system, clever design contributes to the comfort of spectators, athletes, and officials. The arena’s shape was determined by a thorough examination of the microclimate, with aerodynamics and the best shading from a roof with little glass making a big difference in temperature regulation.

These ideas were influenced by AECOM, which worked with Zaha Hadid Architects to design Al Janoub Stadium. The planning and construction advisor was AECOM, while the project leader was KEO International Consultants. The project was completed by a group of domestic and foreign companies. 

The stadium’s entire design conceals a wonderfully eco-friendly temperature management system, leaving much work to the facility’s brilliant aerodynamic design.

The roof provides significant shade and relieves pressure on sophisticated cooling systems. The innovative thinking utilized to save the environment would make the resourceful maritime traders who once called Al Wakrah home happy.

As the nation works diligently to meet the environmental objectives outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030, modern-day Qatar can also be proud.

The stadium was awarded a Class A* sustainability rating by the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) in November 2018, acknowledging the project’s environmental solid protection initiatives.

Around the Al Janoub Stadium facility, extensive green zones are being constructed. These beautiful parks will provide space for more than 800 new trees and low-water-use vegetation.

Roads are being improved to shorten commutes and lower pollutants. Bus capacity is also being expanded. However, a brand-new Doha Metro station that stops at the venue may encourage many spectators to avoid the roadways altogether.

Statistics of Al Janoub Stadium

Al Janoub Stadium has a seating capacity of 40,000 football fans for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM. Approximately 20,000 seats will be taken out after the event champions are declared (making use of its modular design) and shipped to nations that require football infrastructure.

In addition to expanding the game’s social expansion abroad, this will leave Al Wakrah with an ideal arena suited to local requirements.

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Plans by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy go beyond the football stadium. Cycling and jogging tracks, as well as a multipurpose indoor arena, are among the additional recreation areas being built in the area surrounding the stadium.

Building a mosque, reception hall, and supermarket will further bind the little town. The corniche, harbor, and Souq will all get renovations, which will help local commerce and tourism.

Al Janoub Stadium continues to provide an essential contribution to the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030 using green technologies (QNV 2030). The initiative has already improved community amenities, sporting venues, and commercial and tourism prospects.

Additionally, it promotes the development of the economy, society, people, and environment—all pillars of the QNV 2030 program to create a brighter future for Qatar.

Al-Wakrah, Qatar

Al Wakrah Municipality’s capital city in Qatar is called Al Wakrah. The Persian Gulf shoreline forms the eastern border of Al Wakrah, and Doha, the capital of Qatar, is located close. The name of the city is a translation of the Arabic word “wakar,” which approximately translates to “bird’s nest.”

According to the Ministry of Municipalities and Environment, this name was given in honor of a neighboring hill (Jebel Al Wakrah) that served as a nesting site for various species.

It started as a tiny fishing and pearling community, now ruled by Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani. It developed into a small city with a population of over 80,000 throughout time, and today is regarded as the second-largest city in Qatar.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, it has experienced significant expansion and progress while slowly encroaching upon the quickly growing Doha to the north.

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In the city’s recent history, important events include the opening of Al Janoub Stadium in May 2019, which will serve as the site of the FIFA World Cup 2022, the debut of Al Wakrah Heritage Village in 2016, the completion of the Al Wakrah Main Highway Project in 2020, and the city’s inclusion on the Red Line of the Doha Metro.

Best places to visit in Al Wakrah, Qatar.

Al Wakrah has received a sizable allotment of public parks and recreational projects. The Al Wakrah Heritage Village initiative was one of the most important ones.

Al Wakrah Souq, Al Wakrah Corniche, and a gated mosque with a 3 km stretch of beachfront near Al Wakrah Port are all part of the village.

Public beaches

Al Wakrah Souq Seaside and Al Wakrah Family Bay are the two main public beaches in the city. They are at a short distance from one another in terms of travel.

Midway through 2017, Al Wakrah Souq Beach, a family-friendly beach that also offers certain water activities, was made accessible to the public. The beachfront was initially free. However, this rule was changed to charge for some activities.

A sizable playground area was inaugurated in 2018 and is also situated on the beach. The playground provides volleyball and football amenities and children’s play areas.

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Al Wakrah Family Beach is one of the top beaches in the nation. The sea is shallow, and the beach is flat. Amenities include a playground for kids, BBQ pits, parking spaces, restrooms, and a few pavilions. There is also a place where volleyball and football can be played.

Souq Waqif Al Wakrah

Souq Waqif Al Wakrah Qatar

In the State of Qatar, Souq Al Wakra, also known as Al Wakra Old Market, first opened its doors in 2014. The marketplace building combines elements of the contemporary with the old. This market’s design incorporates a historical aspect.

The houses are separated into groups of rooms as part of the design technique, and most of them are currently used as commercial shops. This bazaar was created to resemble a traditional Qatari home.

Along the coastline, there are several eateries, old-fashioned vessels, and sailboats. The Tivoli Hotel Chain oversees the hotel at the market, Souq Al Wakra.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Village Qatar

Visit the Katara Cultural Village to see how it uses artistic expression and cross-cultural dialogue to reach out to the many different cultures around the globe.

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The current location was built to become a global leader in ethnic events. Features like the three iconic Pigeon Towers outside a mosque combine Qatari with European and Oriental design influences.

Visit the Opera House to see a performance by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. The Dramatic Theater and the Greek-style Katara Theater also host additional events. View astrophysics or other scientific presentations in 2-D or 3-D on the Al Thuraya Planetarium’s massive screen.

Eat at one of the village’s more than a handful of eateries featuring various cuisines. Visit a dessert or chocolate shop for a sugary treat. There are two lovely mosques where one can pray every day.


City Center Shopping Mall

City Center Qatar

One of Doha’s first commercial malls, the City Center Shopping Mall is still among the biggest in the area.

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Locals, expatriates, and visitors all adore it and frequent it to explore the 350 shops or take advantage of the variety of entertainment opportunities.

City Center Qatar

Up to 70,000 people can enter the mall at once during busy times. 

Villagio Mall

Villagio Mall Qatar

The best shopping in Doha can be found at the Villaggio Mall. An opulent commercial complex with Venetian-inspired art, design, and even its winding canal can be located.

Wander over charming bridges and beneath elegant ceilings as you peruse the enormous selection of trendy outlets.

Best Hotels to stay in Al Wakrah


Time Rako Hotel

Time Rako Hotel Qatar

TIME Rako is a four-star contemporary hotel that is 15 minutes from Hamad International Airport and fifteen minutes from the bustling city center. This trendy hotel combines residence aesthetics with the elegance and comfort of hotel services and facilities, making it ideal for business travelers, professionals, and families.

Its striking interior design, creative settings, and friendly service inject international elegance into a magnificent city. Three of the 102 rooms and suites in this four-star hotel are accessible for visitors with disabilities.

Time Rako Qatar

The suites and the rooms are well-lit by natural light coming in through large windows. Elegant decor and top-notch beds are only a few amenities that make short- or long-stays relaxing and delightful. The cost of a night in a luxury hotel starts at $80.

Souq Al Wakra Hotel

Souq Al Wakra Qatar

Souq Al Wakra Hotel is a brand-new five-star hotel that combines Qatari artistic culture with modern leisure in Souq Al Wakra, a booming seaside neighborhood close to central Doha that is 3 minutes by foot from Al Wakrah Beach.

Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar

Facilities comprise five cafes and restaurants with various dining options, a masjid, the Tivoli Spa, a private gym, and a conference room. The cost of a suite per night begins at about $130.

Retaj Inn Al Wakrah

Retaj Inn Qatar

Retaj Inn Al Wakrah is a hotel in Al Wakrah close to the airport and the beach. Shopping enthusiasts could check out Al Wakrah Souq and Virgin Superstore, while those looking to take in the area’s natural beauty might visit Al Wakrah Beach and Doha Corniche.

This hotel offers a restaurant, a 24-hour fitness facility, and a coffee shop/café. Additionally provided are complimentary valet parking and free Wi-Fi in public areas. There is also a porter/bellhop on site, a front desk opens around the clock, and a TV in a standard room.

Retaj Inn Qatar

Fifty-six air-conditioned rooms with minibars and safes are available at Retaj Inn Al Wakrah. Digital channels are included with 43-inch LED televisions. Baths, towels, complimentary toiletries, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are provided in the bathrooms. The cost of a room begins at $80 per night.


Strato Hotel by Warwick

Starto Hotel Qatar

The Strato Hotel by Warwick, surrounded by magnificent décor and historic design, is situated in the heart of Doha, close to Hamad International Airport. Despite being close to the airport, our lobby is magnificent.

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It has polished marble flooring, high ceilings, and opulent chandeliers with roomy lodgings, unique eating choices, and luxuries like an outdoor pool and a health club.

The resort has a gift store, a cash machine, a communal lounge, and a front desk staffed round-the-clock. The room costs $150 per night as a starting point.

Al Aseel Hotel

Al Aseel Qatar

Al Aseel Hotel embodies Middle Eastern and European beauty while reflecting the richness of authentic and regal culture. With one Restaurant, a Night Cafe, a Poolside Bar, and a classy coffee shop, the Al Aseel Hotel offers the most remarkable family-friendly experience in Doha.

With 126 rooms and suites, it also offers exceptional amenities like a Spa with Bath & Sauna, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Health Club, Room Services, and exciting kids’ and adults’ activities. The cost of a suite per night starts at about $70.00.


Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium Qatar

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is in the Al Rayyan area, renowned for its appreciation of customs and regional heritage and its wildly successful football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club. The new stadium will host FIFA World Cup 2022 games up until the quarterfinal round.

Al Rayyan is keen to introduce football enthusiasts to Qatar’s rich culture and extends a warm welcome to visitors worldwide. The preservation of nature and its gifts has long been a concern in resilient Al Rayyan because it is situated on the verge of the desert, and this stadium is no different.

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The history of Qatar is represented in the architecture of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan. The building’s most noticeable feature is its luminous facade, which is covered in designs that represent several qualities of the country: the value of family, the glory of the deserts, the native plants and animals, as well as regional and global trade.

The great desert city of Al Rayyan is represented by the seventh shape, a shield, which unites all the others and symbolizes strength and togetherness.

These designs are intricate and reminiscent of the geometric shapes frequently used in Islamic architecture, reflecting the high standard of Qatari craftsmanship.

Because of its desert landscape, Al Rayyan has developed into a resourceful city that does not put up with trash. Since the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy is dedicated to green building, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan has had sustainability at its core from the beginning.

The new arena building extensively uses components from the demolished Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Some might end up in public art.

More than 80% of the building components have been recycled or reprocessed. The previous venue’s surrounding trees were saved for replanting. Any new features were carefully selected for their environmental friendliness.

The arena has implemented energy- and water-saving measures and further carbon emissions reductions are made possible by the metro connection provided by Qatar Rail.

The arena zone offers the community easy access to bike lanes, walking walkways, and 125,000 meter square of new green space with native, water-efficient plants. Football spectators can go to a self-sustaining location from Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium using an eco-friendly metro system.


Statistics of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

This distinctive exterior is surrounded by a small seating area, creating a lively environment and bringing all 40,000 spectators closer to the action on the field. A compact cover and cutting-edge cooling systems shield those spectators from the weather so they can watch every game in total comfort.

The arena district was built with sustainability in mind for every component. Nearly half of the 40,000 modular seats in the stadium will be disassembled after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and donated to international football development initiatives. 

The neighborhood will have access to facilities including six football practice fields, a cricket field, a horse-riding circuit, sprinting and cycling trails, gymnasium facilities, and an athletics track, to name just a few.

Promoting healthy lifestyles in Qatar is a fundamental goal of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium will play a significant part in achieving this goal.

Al Rayyan will also provide areas for people who want to relax a bit, perfect for hot days on the outskirts of the desert. Along with the well-known Mall of Qatar, gorgeously designed parks, arcades, cafes, sculptures, and walkways are built next to the stadium.

Al Rayyan 

The third-largest city in the state of Qatar, Al Rayyan, is primarily a suburb of Metropolitan Doha and takes up the whole eastern part of the state. The word “ray,” which means “irrigation” in Arabic, is where the city gets its name.

This name was given to it because of its low elevation, which made it a floodplain and a reliable water source for the many plants that thrived there.

Al Rayyan may be reached by vehicle in 30 minutes from Doha International Airport or 20 minutes from Central Doha. This contemporary development sparkles close to harsh desert landscapes. While the city includes the western coast of Qatar, most of its highlights are located close to Doha.


Top 5 places to visit in Al Rayyan

The best things to do are visiting Al Rayyan’s bustling streets and taking in the city’s numerous top-notch facilities, tall skyscrapers, and Arab culture.

Al Rayyan, located just west of Doha, has developed into one of Qatar’s most prosperous metropolitan regions, although it has retained much of its old-world charm. There are forts, museums, and heritage monuments nearby that contribute to defining its unique history.

Leave the city limits and explore the city’s desert plains and exotic beaches for a natural wonder-filled experience in Qatar.  It may take a little driving to get to some of the locations on this list of enjoyable stuff to do in Al Rayyan, but it will be worthwhile if you want to take full advantage of all the area has to offer.

Al Wajbah Fort

Al-Wajbah Fort Qatar

Al Wajbah Fort is in the Al Wajbah neighborhood of Al Rayyan, 15 km west of Doha. It is accessible to tourists from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday through Thursday. It served as the site of a battle in which Qatari forces defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1893.

Qatar won under the leadership of Sheik Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, and the culture of Qatar widely commemorates this momentous occasion. Al Wajbah Fort is one of the oldest forts in Qatar, with a history that dates to the 18th century.

Qatar views the war’s outcome as a pivotal occasion in the foundation of Qatar as a modern state and the end of Ottoman rule in Qatar, even though Qatar did not achieve complete independence from the Ottoman Empire.

It takes only 10 minutes to drive from Al Rayyan’s center to Al Wajbah Fort. You’ll see its impressive watchtowers when you first arrive at the location.

From within its vast walls, take in the breathtaking perspective of the surroundings and be amazed at the display of battle-related weapons.

Dukhan Public Beach

Dukhan Beach Qatar

Dukhan Public Beach is 75 kilometers west of Al Rayyan. It is open around the clock and is open late on Fridays. A pleasant beach day in Qatar with beautiful sands and sunsets. Swim in calm Gulf waters and enjoy the welcoming ambiance with your family.

There are many locations at Dukhan Public Beach where you can have a BBQ or set up a tent for the night. In the shallow water, kids can have a great time.

To protect oneself from the sharp rocks at the bottom, snorkelers should wear beach shoes as they explore the offshore rocky reefs.

The Musfur Sinkhole

Musafir Sinkhole Qatar

The Musfur Sinkhole is an excellent choice for a quick and straightforward adventure for those interested in exploring belowground because it is only a 45-minute drive from Doha. It is a beautiful natural marvel that offers relief from the oppressive heat.

In Qatar, there are a lot of accessible caves. The enormous ancient cavern known as Musfur is Qatar’s deepest accessible sinkhole. Although its actual depth is unknown, experts think it may exceed 100 meters.

Writings can be seen along the rocks, and birds and other small creatures hide in the shadows to construct nests. In the Musfur Sinkhole, boulder-climbing is a fun physical activity, while a quiet area is available for meditation for those seeking peace.

Mystery Village

Mystery Village Qatar

Mystery Village offers a fantastic trip for thrill lovers and environment admirers in Qatar. It takes roughly 90 minutes to drive from Al Rayyan to this abandoned village tucked away in the middle of a harsh desert, but the trip is half the enjoyment.

You’ll pass through the peninsula of Zekreet through arid, open desert and over rocky terrain. The journey is best made in a 4×4 vehicle.

The charming village was created for an Arabic tv show, but it has never been occupied. You can see what Qatar’s traditional towns may have looked like in the past at Mystery Village and the adjoining Film City.

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers Qatar

The majestic Barzan Towers were constructed in the late 19th century to safeguard Doha’s waterways. The towers face the sea to look for approaching ships and are linked to other significant elements of the city’s defense.

The villages of Umm Salal Mohammed, which are 16 meters in elevation, are about 25 minutes from the coast.

The layered roof of this mighty castle, composed of mangrove branches, bamboo, and planks of wood, is a magnificent example of Qatari engineering.

Look for the wooden drains that shield the roof from too much rain. The clear view of the sea from above made it easier to observe those who.

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were pearl diving. The towers were furnished with contemporary facilities and restored to their former beauty in 2003.

Top 5 hotels to stay in Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan Hotel

Al Rayyan Hotel Qatar

The Al Rayyan Hotel offers superbly constructed guest bedrooms and suites. It provides access to the Mall of Qatar as well. Visitors can enjoy themselves with various entertainment options while shopping comfortably with five dining options, flexible conference space, a magnificent ballroom, and three temperature-controlled rooftop swimming pools treated with salt water.

The Presidential and Ambassador Suites have two bedrooms, luxurious baths, and sizable living and dining spaces for the ultimate family vacation. 

The cutting-edge Leisure and Wellness Center, which has a fully stocked gym, a sauna, a steam room, and a Jacuzzi, is one of the on-site entertainment alternatives. There are numerous inviting dining options at the Al Rayyan Hotel Doha and lots of outdoor seating.

The hotel provides an alcohol-free setting with a family-friendly ambiance, honoring the precious customs of Qatar and incorporating local culture into everything we do.

Al-Rayyan Sports Club is a short stroll from the hotel, while Al Shaqab Horse Racing Academy and Education City Golf Club are close. Starting from 700 QR each night, the pricing is listed.

Ezdan Palace Hotel

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

The Ezdan Palace Hotel has 195 luxuriously furnished rooms and suites and is situated in a majestic palace with elegant Andalusian architecture design.

Quality bedding, stylish furniture, and marble bathrooms with a bathtub and shower are featured in every room. Every room has a Cappuccino coffee maker to guarantee every visit a delightful stay.

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

Free parking, free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, a fitness center with a gym, a bar, and a babysitting area. There is also a children’s activity area and airport transportation. The nightly rates for its rooms begin at 620 QR.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel

The Avenue,A Murwab Qatar

With a refined fusion of life’s best facilities, The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel is on the cutting edge of contemporary luxury lodgings. The Avenue is a modern business building with clean, uncomplicated lines and a color scheme of deep browns and warm, understated tones that gives off an undoubtedly premium vibe.

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The abundance of dining options and gourmet selections inside will delight even the pickiest tastebuds of today’s sophisticated tourists.

The Avenue A Murwab Qatar

We provide cutting-edge conference and event rooms, leisure amenities like the Senses Sauna, our very own wellness and relaxation center with accessibility to a workout facility around the clock, and an outdoor pool on the roof of our hotels with breathtaking views of the Doha cityscape. Starting at 900 QR per night, its suites and luxurious rooms are priced.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas

Hilton Salva Qatar

The Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas has 361 bedrooms, suites, and oceanfront villas with lawns and swimming pools.

With a wide range of services, such as the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, pools, a waterfront, a luxury spa, free parking, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center with a gymnasium, a bar or restaurant, a babysitting space, a kids’ activity area, a health club, and a distinctive Arabian Village. The cost of staying at this resort starts at 1100 QR per night.

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel Qatar

The Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel is close to amusement parks and the entertainment sector. While visitors looking to enjoy the area’s natural features can visit Doha Corniche and Katara Beach, those looking to shop should check out Villaggio Mall and Souq Waqif Art Gallery.

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Each guest room includes a workspace, 48-inch TV, and a marble bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower. It also has floor-to-ceiling windows. Starting at 700 QR per night, its deluxe and luxurious rooms are available.


Al Bayt Stadium and Other Tourist Amusements in Qatar

al bayt stadium qatar

Al-Bayt Stadium is a football field in Al Khor, Qatar. It has a retractable roof that will be used for matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will begin on November 21, 2022. The stadium obtained environmental certifications of renewable energy, green architecture, and project management in January 2020.

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Al Bayt Stadium will host the 2022 World Cup’s first game, accommodating 60,000 spectators. It is the second-largest venue after Lusail Stadium. It is one of the seven renovated venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Dar Al-Handasah created the venue’s architecture. It is anticipated to be transformed into a 32,000-seat venue after the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Extra seats from the top tier will be taken out and gifted to other nations or added to the facilities set up for the Asian Games in 2030. After that, the unoccupied area will be transformed into a five-star hotel, a shopping center, and a sports facility.

Statistics of Al Bayt Stadium

The historical tents of the nomadic peoples of Qatar and the surrounding area served as the basis for Al-Bayt Stadium’s architectural style. All spectators will have access to sheltered seating due to its retractable roof.

The arena is linked to various transit networks of 150 public buses and shuttles, 1,000 cabs, and water taxis. It also has on-site parking, with room for 6,000 vehicles and 350 buses. Additionally, the stadium will have magnificent hotel luxury suites and guest rooms with balconies overlooking the football field. Around 60,000 World Cup spectators will attend the game, including 1,000 press seats.

The city of Al Khor

In the State of Qatar, there is a city named Al Khor. It is situated along the country’s northeastern coast, 50 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar. It is named after Al Khawr, which in Arabic means “bay.” The city’s previous name was “Khor Al-Shaqiq.”

Before Qatar’s independence in 1971, the territory was governed by the Al Muhannadi tribe, composed of seven Bedouin clans. Due to the state’s numerous facilities, nature reserves, and cultural sites, tourism has been growing recently.

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In the past, the majority of the residents of the city mainly relied on fishing. It was formerly well-known for its part in the thriving pearling business in Qatar and its seaport, which is crowded with fishing boats and other small ships. The city is home to several beaches, restored forts, and historical sites.

The top five tourist attractions in Al Khor

1-Al Khor Park

Al Khor park Qatar

One of the nation’s oldest parks, Al Khor Park, recently reopened after remaining closed for the past six years while receiving a QR250 million ($68 million) restoration. The new park features a small zoo with animals like oryx, ostriches, zebras, and exotic birds, well-kept green areas, waterfalls, water fountains, a mini golf course, and an aquarium.

In addition, there are 26 restrooms, two cafeterias, volleyball courts, an auditorium, and a skating facility. The park is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm, except on Fridays.

The public park, which has an area of around 28,500 square meters, has a playground for children, a sports field, and a walkway for athletes. This park features a segment dedicated to a unique habitat of around 600 square meters.

Numerous tree species have been placed inside the parkland and as fences. The classic fountain constructed inside the park is another notable aspect.

  • Al Khor Mall

Al Khor Mall Qatar

The Al Khor Mall is the very first biggest mall in the region, with a total area of roughly 55,016.67 square meters. The mall has more than 100 stores and a range of eateries, fashion boutiques, movie theaters, and family entertainment centers, allowing you to participate in various fun activities besides shopping. Combining traditional Arabic architectural design with high-quality services increases its convenience and style.

The mall also has a sizable parking area with room for 1,000 vehicles. The best part is that Al Khor Mall enjoys a prime location close to the city’s attractions, including the Lovely Shores, the Qatar &Ras Gas housing project, and JabalJassiya, which is notable for its exquisite rock carvings. Aside from them, the highly advanced Building Management System (BMS) has overseen the entire system and services of the mall.

  • Purple Island

Purple Island Qatar

The island of Al Khor, sometimes referred to as Jazirat bin Ghanim and Purple Island, is situated off the northeastern coast of Qatar. The only historic site in the nation dating back to the second millennium BC is located there. From roughly 2000 BC to 1900 AD, the island was primarily occupied throughout four periods. The island was home to a Kassite-run purple dye industry in the second millennium BC, which is what makes it most famous today.

Al Khor Island is located 50 kilometers north of Doha, the country’s capital. A curved dirt trail that crosses several creeks is connected to the ground. The 1.67 km2 island is situated on the eastern side of a safe bay that is watched over by the city of Al Khor.

The bay’s breadth varies from 2.2 to 6.5 kilometers. On its southern extremity, a waterway with a width of around 750 meters connects it to the open sea. There are 420 meters of low water between it and the city of Al Khor. Off the southeast and east coasts, there are a lot of mangroves.

  • Al Ferkiah Beach

Al Farkiah Beach Qatar

One of the best beaches in Al Khor for leisure and family pleasure is Al Farkiah Beach. One can travel here on the weekends or during the week for a relaxing beach holiday.

It is conveniently accessible by taxi and is situated in Al Khor, about 2 km from Al Khor Mall. There is just one gate that may be used for access and leave at Qatar’s Al Farkiah Beach, which is fenced up. There are about 50 shelters set up on the beach for guests to relax and enjoy the sun.

Additionally, there are restrooms and showers here for the guests’ convenience, making this beach one of the greatest in Qatar. Small kids can play on playgrounds while their parents enjoy the beach at separate locations. There are barbecue stalls in Farkiah Beach where you may enjoy the hot, grilled delights if you’re looking for extra pleasure. 

  • Al Khor Towers

Al Khor Tower Qatar

Three ancient watchtowers known as the Al Khor Towers can be seen in Al Khor. They were situated so that the Ain Hleetan Well could be observed, a cylindrical well made of gravel, clay, and plaster.

It led to the establishment of the Al Mahannda tribe in the city, which was situated so that it could be observed. These structures were built following the Al Khor Harbor with a defensive intent, keeping watch over incoming ships and positioning themselves. 

The three cylindrical towers guard the port city, a significant hub for fishing and pearling in the early 20th century, with high stone walls and an accessible balcony. The primary water source for the village at Al Khor was this specific well, which was said to bestow magical powers on anybody who drank its water.

Their walls are around 24 inches (60 centimeters) thick. They were made of mud and locally mined stone and had a barrel-like shape. They stand about 8 meters (26 feet) tall each, giving the guards atop them an excellent observation point. 

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The parapets were decorated with arrow-like patterns. To provide cover for defenders who would launch projectiles in the event of an assault, tiny slots were made close to the tower roofs. The towers’ summits could only be reached using ropes.

The Top 5 hotels in Al Khor

  • Al Sultan Beach Resort

Al Sultan Beach Qatar

The Al Sultan Beach Resort is located at Al Khor on Street 887, Safa Al-Tawg, about 35 kilometers from Doha. It is close to Al Khor Marine and on Al Khor’s beach. It is a stunning resort with 181 rooms, including suites, and has a distinctively modern, open design that offers visitors unobstructed views of the Arabian Gulf. 

The elegantly built guest rooms are arranged in a C pattern around the main swimming pool and the Arabian Gulf.

At the Al Dente Restaurant, visitors may enjoy seafood with an Italian flair in a cozy atmosphere. Until sunset, Al-Buhayra serves drinks and appetizers by the pool, while room service is offered around the clock. It has hot weather in summers and moderate cold weather in winters. The price of the rooms starts from 600 QR per night.

  • Korbay Residency Hotel

Kor Bay Hotel Qatar

The Korbay Residency is in Al Khor, just 43 kilometers from the Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings. It is 48 kilometers from the nearest airport, Hamad International, and provides a paid airport transfer service.

It is the ideal place to stay for productive business trips or restorative stays, which offers a distinctive blend of luxury, convenience, and comfort. It ensures the most amazing family-friendly experience in Qatar, including a delightful dining experience with stunning sea views, exciting amenities, modern decor, and consistently top-notch customer service.

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Korbay Residency offers spacious accommodations with free Wi-Fi and free private parking for both short-term and long-term guests. A lovely seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a full bathroom with complimentary toiletries and a shower, and a stylish kitchen with all the necessary appliances, such as a microwave, refrigerator, and kettle, are included in every unit.

The hotel also offers a car rental service. Their goal is to surpass guests’ expectations and become their first choice by attempting to make priceless memories via exceptional hospitality service. Their incredibly committed team, which has a love and competence for hospitality, is always prepared to give you a stylish welcome.


  • A Murwab Resort, Simaisma

A Murwab Resort Qatar

A Murwab Resort is located at Simaisma, just 20 minutes from the heart of Al Khor. It is a family-friendly seaside sanctuary that characterizes the concept of luxury and privacy with unique amenities.

It has a wide range of recreational opportunities and a peaceful setting that will relax you. It skillfully combines its natural surroundings with modern comforts to create a magical resort that charms the heart and soul.

The resort offers a barbecue area and an outdoor pool. Visitors can also get a drink at the snack bar. On-site private parking is cost-free.

Several leisure activities are on-site and outside each luxurious premium suite at A Murwab Resort. Visitors access the complex’s swimming pools, a basketball court, a sports gymnasium, a recreation center, and a kid’s playground.

A Murwab Qatar

If you’re looking for more leisurely pursuits, their Water Sports Complex and Tour Service Provider charge an additional fee for family-friendly activities. The price of the luxury 3-bedroom resort starts from 2800 QR per night.

  • Fan Village, Al Khor

an Village Al Kohr

Fan Village Al Khor is the ideal location for a genuinely delightful and magnificent stay and is just 5-10 minutes from the center of Al Khor. The accommodation is cozy, filled with modern elements, and designed to look like a typical Qatari tent.

Fan Village Al Kohr

The facilities include a private bathroom with a shower and toiletries, a smart TV, a refrigerator, a coffee and tea maker, and complimentary water bottles. 

The Fun Zone is the perfect place for gathering, whether to relax and enjoy the bonfire and the large outdoor screens or to eat some local cuisine at the food booths or eatery. The price of the unit starts from 1500 QR per night.

You may go away and enjoy nature, culture, and the magnificence of the golden beaches because the hotel is right on Farkiah Beach. Dedicated parking, kid’s play area, coffeehouse, corner store, first aid kit, barbecue area, gymnasium, health club, laundry room, tennis court, basketball court, swimming, pools, and Wi-Fi at the reception are all available around-the-clock.


  • Al Khor Villas

Al Kohr Villas Qatar

This mansion is in Al Khor, close to the Ain Hleetan Well and Al Khor Western Tower. Al Khor Beach and Al Thakhira Beach are also nearby, while Al Khor Middle and Eastern Tower are also within two miles.

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Families prefer the luxury of using the swimming pool at the four-bedroom, private indoor villa, which also has a covered parking lot, sitting places, and a Flatscreen TV. One room at the villa’s entrance is designated for chauffeurs.

Qatar to allow alcohol sales three hours prior to World cup

FIFA Worldcup Qatar alcohol

Alcohol will be served inside the ticketed area around each venue, but not in the venue seating or walkways, as Budweiser, a critical World Cup advertiser, owns the rights to sell alcohol at the competition.

The fact that the Tournament is being hosted this year in a Muslim nation with strict liquor laws presents particular difficulties for the tournament’s planners, given the World Cup is typically affiliated with beer-drinking supporters and is promoted by a large beer company.

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Three hours before kickoff, when the gates open, beer will be offered. Then, for an additional hour after the end of the match, anyone who wants a drink will be able to do so when they depart from the venue. 

Moreover, from 6:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. daily, Budweiser will be allowed to offer beer in a portion of downtown Doha’s primary FIFA fan zone.

In the past, beer was continuously available in the supporter zones throughout World Cup tournaments. While the location and timing of when and where the beer will be offered to spectators are already set, the cost of a beer to supporters is still up for debate.

On most days during the contest’s pool stages, four matches are planned, with the earliest match beginning at 1 p.m. How Qatar would handle beer sales before the 1 p.m. start time was not entirely obvious.

On Friday, November 25, when Wales plays against the Iranians team, most of Qatar’s Muslims will be gathered in mosques for the Friday prayer. Most businesses in Qatar are currently required to close during Friday prayers.

Since Qatar earned the right to host in 2010, concerns have been raised about the role that alcohol will play at this year’s World Cup. Alcohol use in public places is forbidden in Qatar, despite the country not being a “dry” state like its neighbor Saudi Arabia. Tourists cannot purchase alcohol in Qatar’s only liquor store, located outside of Doha, or carry it into the state, nor from the airport duty-free shops. Only foreigners who have permits may shop there for domestic use.

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A glass of beer can cost up to $18 in the few dozen restaurants and clubs with alcohol permits for tourists. Throughout games and at other fan locations, Budweiser will serve its non-alcoholic beverage, Budweiser Zero, in the venue seating areas and stands.

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