Qatar guide for FIFA 2022

The following information will help you plan your trip to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Fans of “the wonderful sport” are preparing for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Doha, as football fever is quickly rising. Fans from around the globe will travel to the Arab World from November 20 to December 18, 2022, to support their home team. Here is all the information you need to remember about going to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, whether you’re coming from the United Arab Emirates or anywhere else.

Hayya Card

Every individual watching a game will need a Hayya card, a customized identification given by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Entrance to the stadium requires both a Hayya card and the appropriate match ticket. All match attendees must apply for a Hayya Card online. Install the Hayya application to access your card after it has been approved. It will be your visa-free authorization into Qatar and pass for free public transit.

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The State of Qatar offers visa-free admission to more than 95 national nationals. Saudi Arabia will permit visitors carrying a Hayya Card for the Qatar World Cup to enter the country numerous times within 60 days throughout the competition’s period, which spans from November 1, 2022, to January 23, 2023. Travelers who secure an electronic visa using Saudi Arabia’s united platform will be allowed entry into the country up to 10 days before the competition.

Traveling to Doha by air

Flydubai will operate 30 round-trip flights per day from UAE to Qatar during the Tournament. In comparison, Air Arabia will operate 14 flights per day between UAE and Qatar in addition to the existing three daily services.  

Flydubai’s returning Match Day transfer tickets come with a hand luggage limit, an onboard meal, and free local transport from the Doha airport to the venues. The hand luggage on Air Arabia aircraft is 10 kilograms.

Traveling to Qatar by road

For those who don’t want to travel by plane, traveling by road is a viable alternative to getting to Qatar from the UAE. Depending on border controls, the roughly 600-kilometer journey from Dubai must take six to seven hours. Although there are two borders, you must cross from the UAE to Saudi Arabia and from Saudi Arabia to Qatar, the journey is not very difficult.

You’ll require your Hayya Card, a current visa for either Saudi Arabia or Qatar, and automobile insurance covering the entire GGC. 

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Covid requirements

Residents of the UAE must show adverse COVID-19 PCR test reports at most two days before their travel to Qatar. Everyone with a game pass must be able to verify their complete vaccination status using the Al Hosn application. Travelers are advised to verify the most recent criteria before their journey as these regulations are possible to modify at any time.

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