Hayaa card for FIFA 2022

The Hayya Card is now available for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 daytrippers.

Despite common opinions, fans attending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 may now apply for their Hayya Card through the Match Day Shuttle service. Fans who aren’t staying in Qatar can use the Match Day Shuttle to travel, see a game of their choice, and then depart the area in less than 24 hours. Remarkably, the services are being provided by Qatar Airways and several regional airlines, including Saudia, flydubai, Air Arabia, Kuwait Airways, and Oman Air.

The Match Day Hayya Card will offer its owners various advantages, including admission into the State of Qatar, entry to stadiums (with a legitimate match ticket), and access to relatively free genuinely public transit, which is usually rather substantial. Contrary to popular belief, Fans who aren’t staying in Qatar may use the Match Day Shuttle to fly there, see their chosen game, and then fly back within 24 hours. 

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As a result, the Hayya Card website and mobile app can now accept fans’ applications, specifically Match Day Shuttle services. Fans who use Match Day Shuttle services may now apply for Hayya Cards via the company’s website and mobile application. They go on to show how the Match Day Shuttle enables visitors to Qatar to travel there, see their chosen game, and then fly back to where they are staying. To acquire their Hayya Card, fans simply need to give their travel information. Access to stadiums and public transportation is granted through the Hayya Card, sometimes referred to as the Fan ID card.

Throughout the World Cup competition, the card is necessary to enter Qatar. The term “Hayya Card” refers to an intelligent device that SC will give to each applicant who submits a successful application. When used in partnership with a valid match ticket, the applicant can enter a stadium to watch a match and may also make additional Hayya Services available. The mobile app SC released to facilitate the delivery of the Hayya Services is called the “Hayya Mobile App.” The website hayya.qatar2022.qa, where applicants can apply for a Hayya Card, is referred to as the Hayya Portal. When a candidate is informed that their application was successful, the term “Hayya Service Center” refers to the service centers that SC advises. Your ticket grants entrance to the stadium and admittance to the State of Qatar (along with the match ticket).

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Additionally, foreign fans must confirm their travel arrangements. Hayya Services refers to the services that the Hayya Card will provide, whether provided by SC or a third party, aside from entry to a stadium to watch a match (in combination with a valid Match Ticket). Hayya Services’ transportation services include using the Doha Metro, city buses, tournament buses, and trams.

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