FIFA 2022 Qatar

Teams expected to make an impact and have a chance at winning for FIFA World Cup 2022

The greatest football teams will travel to Qatar in November to participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Due to the weather, this competition is anticipated to be much different from typical. In truth, there hasn’t been a World Cup in which the weather has been crucial.


Regarding World Cup winning chances, Belgium is frequently among the top teams. They remain a powerful international team even though many believe their “golden era” has passed.  Belgium is a serious contender for the 2022 World Cup if stars like Lukaku recover their form. Although Croatia poses the most significant threat in their group, they also should defeat Canada and Morocco to advance to at least 2nd spot.

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Spain has already been silently advancing and could have, in some opinions, won Euro 2020. Although their team has seen significant transition since their 2010s glory years, they still play with the same gorgeous, dynamic style.

We can also anticipate them to be a significant contender in Qatar because they were a dominant force in their qualifying matches and have been in excellent form in events like the Nations League. The only drawback is that Spain is in a group with Germany, so getting to the knockout stage might not be the simplest.


Much to the disappointment of the English people, England has failed to regain its past World Cup glory since 1966. However, they continue to be a formidable opponent in international football and have a fantastic roster of young and promising players.

The team, which placed fourth at the 2018 World Cup, has developed and progressed since then, despite their inconsistent recent form.


Argentina has already won the World Cup twice.  Argentina is frequently recognized as the top World Contending team for 2022. This is primarily because of their outstanding performance and the fact that they seem to have built a team that is independent of Messi. Argentina’s strong team hasn’t lost an official game since 2019.

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Brazil has lost just one game since 2020 and is in good form. With players like Neymar, Vinicius Junior., and Paqueta on their roster, their talent level is off the charts. Brazil is typically the next favorite to win its sixth  FIFA World Cup championship after Argentina.

The Netherlands

Many people think the 2022 World Cup might be the year for the Netherlands, which hasn’t quite achieved significant victories on the FIFA world cup stage. They have a strong group of athletes who all appear to perform better when wearing their orange uniforms. We can anticipate a tactical game from the team.

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