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Team Base Camp line-up reflects the uniquely compact nature of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

All 32 teams participating in the FIFA world cup 2022 will be accommodated throughout the competition in world-class facilities. Twenty-four teams will remain within a 10-kilometer range of each other. The most condensed FIFA World Cup since the 1930 edition featured a Team Base Camp (TBC) for each of the 31 participating teams. The same high-quality facilities will be utilized throughout the event, so no internal flights are necessary. Therefore, formal practice sessions will be placed at the appropriate practice facilities the day before games.

Participants will want to prolong their stays from a minimum of 15 days to 33 days. An accomplishment restricted only to the finals at their Team Base Camp Hotels (TBCHs), where teams will come in at least five days before their first encounter.

24 of the 32 teams will remain within a 10-kilometer radius of one another as part of the FIFA World Cup 2022 unique characteristics, guaranteeing that the tournament’s electrifying ambiance will be focused in and around Doha for the enjoyment of both domestic and foreign fans. 

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According to Colin Smith, FIFA’s Director of Operations for the World Cup, “Qatar 2022 will be a World Cup unlike any other, with teams taking advantage of its small size and friendly locals. Players will have more time to train and rest during the competition while enjoying the excitement sweeping the nation at much closer range.”

“We’re happy to let fans witness the world-class facilities that Qatar has constructed for their national teams. Legacy planning has been important in all World Cup projects. Many restored and new training facilities will continue to serve local clubs and communities long after the competition. After 2022, the other hotels will help Qatar’s expanding tourism sector,” said Nasser Al Khater, Chief operating officer of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

A TBC is a competing team’s base of operations during the FIFA World Cup tournament. It blends a designated Team Base Camp Training Site (TBCTS) with an appropriate hotel or another type of lodging (TBCH). During the competition, three training centers will be used: neighborhood clubs, clustered training centers, and venue practice locations. Many have been newly constructed or rebuilt, a significant element of the contest’s legacy for Qatar’s local football.

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The TBCHs include lodging for schools and universities and four- and five-star hotels, chalets, resorts, and other non-hotel accommodations. They contain dedicated communal spaces in addition to facilities like treatment rooms to safeguard the privacy of the teams and follow the appropriate security precautions. Beginning in October 2019, 162 assessment inspections were arranged for the countries that competed in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifications.


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