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As Egypt lost to Senegal, Mohamed Salah was subjected to racist remarks. He was also attacked with plastic bottles and stones.

Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah faced racial insults when Senegal beat Egypt in a penalty shootout at Abdoulaye Wade Stadium located in Senegal. The incident occurred following an exciting end-to-end contest on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

After the Senegal vs. Egypt game ended 1-1, Mohamed Salah and his teammates were marked by laser lights as they prepared to take shots in penalty shootouts. Salah missed the goal while having green laser lights flashed on his face and torso, most likely by Senegalese supporters attempting to divert his attention.

Egypt failed to score three of its four penalties in Senegal. Meanwhile, the Senegal players also faced a similar issue during the first leg of the match last week in Cairo.

Furthermore, Senegal wasted its first two penalties. However, after the goals of Ismaila Sarr and Bamba Dieng, Sadio Mane scored the game-winning penalty to give Senegal a 3-1 lead in the penalty shootout and guarantee its spot at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In front of about 50,000 spectators, Mane simply looked at the referee, gave him the thumbs-up, and then scored the penalty by slamming the ball down the center.

Senegal has only qualified for the World Cup three times, and this will be the first time it has advanced for two consecutive editions after qualifying for Russia in 2018. Senegal only previously competed once, in 2002, when it made an unexpected run to the quarterfinals.

Senegal’s triumph resembled a rerun of the African Cup of Nations final from a month ago when Mane secured his nation’s first significant victory by nailing the decisive penalty in a shootout against Egypt in a similar manner.

Together with Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, and Cameroon will form the five African teams competing in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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