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Al Bayt Stadium and Other Tourist Amusements in Qatar

Al-Bayt Stadium is a football field in Al Khor, Qatar. It has a retractable roof that will be used for matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will begin on November 21, 2022. The stadium obtained environmental certifications of renewable energy, green architecture, and project management in January 2020.

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Al Bayt Stadium will host the 2022 World Cup’s first game, accommodating 60,000 spectators. It is the second-largest venue after Lusail Stadium. It is one of the seven renovated venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Dar Al-Handasah created the venue’s architecture. It is anticipated to be transformed into a 32,000-seat venue after the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Extra seats from the top tier will be taken out and gifted to other nations or added to the facilities set up for the Asian Games in 2030. After that, the unoccupied area will be transformed into a five-star hotel, a shopping center, and a sports facility.

Statistics of Al Bayt Stadium

The historical tents of the nomadic peoples of Qatar and the surrounding area served as the basis for Al-Bayt Stadium’s architectural style. All spectators will have access to sheltered seating due to its retractable roof.

The arena is linked to various transit networks of 150 public buses and shuttles, 1,000 cabs, and water taxis. It also has on-site parking, with room for 6,000 vehicles and 350 buses. Additionally, the stadium will have magnificent hotel luxury suites and guest rooms with balconies overlooking the football field. Around 60,000 World Cup spectators will attend the game, including 1,000 press seats.

The city of Al Khor

In the State of Qatar, there is a city named Al Khor. It is situated along the country’s northeastern coast, 50 kilometers from Doha, the capital of Qatar. It is named after Al Khawr, which in Arabic means “bay.” The city’s previous name was “Khor Al-Shaqiq.”

Before Qatar’s independence in 1971, the territory was governed by the Al Muhannadi tribe, composed of seven Bedouin clans. Due to the state’s numerous facilities, nature reserves, and cultural sites, tourism has been growing recently.

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In the past, the majority of the residents of the city mainly relied on fishing. It was formerly well-known for its part in the thriving pearling business in Qatar and its seaport, which is crowded with fishing boats and other small ships. The city is home to several beaches, restored forts, and historical sites.

The top five tourist attractions in Al Khor

1-Al Khor Park

Al Khor park Qatar

One of the nation’s oldest parks, Al Khor Park, recently reopened after remaining closed for the past six years while receiving a QR250 million ($68 million) restoration. The new park features a small zoo with animals like oryx, ostriches, zebras, and exotic birds, well-kept green areas, waterfalls, water fountains, a mini golf course, and an aquarium.

In addition, there are 26 restrooms, two cafeterias, volleyball courts, an auditorium, and a skating facility. The park is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm, except on Fridays.

The public park, which has an area of around 28,500 square meters, has a playground for children, a sports field, and a walkway for athletes. This park features a segment dedicated to a unique habitat of around 600 square meters.

Numerous tree species have been placed inside the parkland and as fences. The classic fountain constructed inside the park is another notable aspect.

  • Al Khor Mall

Al Khor Mall Qatar

The Al Khor Mall is the very first biggest mall in the region, with a total area of roughly 55,016.67 square meters. The mall has more than 100 stores and a range of eateries, fashion boutiques, movie theaters, and family entertainment centers, allowing you to participate in various fun activities besides shopping. Combining traditional Arabic architectural design with high-quality services increases its convenience and style.

The mall also has a sizable parking area with room for 1,000 vehicles. The best part is that Al Khor Mall enjoys a prime location close to the city’s attractions, including the Lovely Shores, the Qatar &Ras Gas housing project, and JabalJassiya, which is notable for its exquisite rock carvings. Aside from them, the highly advanced Building Management System (BMS) has overseen the entire system and services of the mall.

  • Purple Island

Purple Island Qatar

The island of Al Khor, sometimes referred to as Jazirat bin Ghanim and Purple Island, is situated off the northeastern coast of Qatar. The only historic site in the nation dating back to the second millennium BC is located there. From roughly 2000 BC to 1900 AD, the island was primarily occupied throughout four periods. The island was home to a Kassite-run purple dye industry in the second millennium BC, which is what makes it most famous today.

Al Khor Island is located 50 kilometers north of Doha, the country’s capital. A curved dirt trail that crosses several creeks is connected to the ground. The 1.67 km2 island is situated on the eastern side of a safe bay that is watched over by the city of Al Khor.

The bay’s breadth varies from 2.2 to 6.5 kilometers. On its southern extremity, a waterway with a width of around 750 meters connects it to the open sea. There are 420 meters of low water between it and the city of Al Khor. Off the southeast and east coasts, there are a lot of mangroves.

  • Al Ferkiah Beach

Al Farkiah Beach Qatar

One of the best beaches in Al Khor for leisure and family pleasure is Al Farkiah Beach. One can travel here on the weekends or during the week for a relaxing beach holiday.

It is conveniently accessible by taxi and is situated in Al Khor, about 2 km from Al Khor Mall. There is just one gate that may be used for access and leave at Qatar’s Al Farkiah Beach, which is fenced up. There are about 50 shelters set up on the beach for guests to relax and enjoy the sun.

Additionally, there are restrooms and showers here for the guests’ convenience, making this beach one of the greatest in Qatar. Small kids can play on playgrounds while their parents enjoy the beach at separate locations. There are barbecue stalls in Farkiah Beach where you may enjoy the hot, grilled delights if you’re looking for extra pleasure. 

  • Al Khor Towers

Al Khor Tower Qatar

Three ancient watchtowers known as the Al Khor Towers can be seen in Al Khor. They were situated so that the Ain Hleetan Well could be observed, a cylindrical well made of gravel, clay, and plaster.

It led to the establishment of the Al Mahannda tribe in the city, which was situated so that it could be observed. These structures were built following the Al Khor Harbor with a defensive intent, keeping watch over incoming ships and positioning themselves. 

The three cylindrical towers guard the port city, a significant hub for fishing and pearling in the early 20th century, with high stone walls and an accessible balcony. The primary water source for the village at Al Khor was this specific well, which was said to bestow magical powers on anybody who drank its water.

Their walls are around 24 inches (60 centimeters) thick. They were made of mud and locally mined stone and had a barrel-like shape. They stand about 8 meters (26 feet) tall each, giving the guards atop them an excellent observation point. 

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The parapets were decorated with arrow-like patterns. To provide cover for defenders who would launch projectiles in the event of an assault, tiny slots were made close to the tower roofs. The towers’ summits could only be reached using ropes.

The Top 5 hotels in Al Khor

  • Al Sultan Beach Resort

Al Sultan Beach Qatar

The Al Sultan Beach Resort is located at Al Khor on Street 887, Safa Al-Tawg, about 35 kilometers from Doha. It is close to Al Khor Marine and on Al Khor’s beach. It is a stunning resort with 181 rooms, including suites, and has a distinctively modern, open design that offers visitors unobstructed views of the Arabian Gulf. 

The elegantly built guest rooms are arranged in a C pattern around the main swimming pool and the Arabian Gulf.

At the Al Dente Restaurant, visitors may enjoy seafood with an Italian flair in a cozy atmosphere. Until sunset, Al-Buhayra serves drinks and appetizers by the pool, while room service is offered around the clock. It has hot weather in summers and moderate cold weather in winters. The price of the rooms starts from 600 QR per night.

  • Korbay Residency Hotel

Kor Bay Hotel Qatar

The Korbay Residency is in Al Khor, just 43 kilometers from the Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings. It is 48 kilometers from the nearest airport, Hamad International, and provides a paid airport transfer service.

It is the ideal place to stay for productive business trips or restorative stays, which offers a distinctive blend of luxury, convenience, and comfort. It ensures the most amazing family-friendly experience in Qatar, including a delightful dining experience with stunning sea views, exciting amenities, modern decor, and consistently top-notch customer service.

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Korbay Residency offers spacious accommodations with free Wi-Fi and free private parking for both short-term and long-term guests. A lovely seating area, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a full bathroom with complimentary toiletries and a shower, and a stylish kitchen with all the necessary appliances, such as a microwave, refrigerator, and kettle, are included in every unit.

The hotel also offers a car rental service. Their goal is to surpass guests’ expectations and become their first choice by attempting to make priceless memories via exceptional hospitality service. Their incredibly committed team, which has a love and competence for hospitality, is always prepared to give you a stylish welcome.


  • A Murwab Resort, Simaisma

A Murwab Resort Qatar

A Murwab Resort is located at Simaisma, just 20 minutes from the heart of Al Khor. It is a family-friendly seaside sanctuary that characterizes the concept of luxury and privacy with unique amenities.

It has a wide range of recreational opportunities and a peaceful setting that will relax you. It skillfully combines its natural surroundings with modern comforts to create a magical resort that charms the heart and soul.

The resort offers a barbecue area and an outdoor pool. Visitors can also get a drink at the snack bar. On-site private parking is cost-free.

Several leisure activities are on-site and outside each luxurious premium suite at A Murwab Resort. Visitors access the complex’s swimming pools, a basketball court, a sports gymnasium, a recreation center, and a kid’s playground.

A Murwab Qatar

If you’re looking for more leisurely pursuits, their Water Sports Complex and Tour Service Provider charge an additional fee for family-friendly activities. The price of the luxury 3-bedroom resort starts from 2800 QR per night.

  • Fan Village, Al Khor

an Village Al Kohr

Fan Village Al Khor is the ideal location for a genuinely delightful and magnificent stay and is just 5-10 minutes from the center of Al Khor. The accommodation is cozy, filled with modern elements, and designed to look like a typical Qatari tent.

Fan Village Al Kohr

The facilities include a private bathroom with a shower and toiletries, a smart TV, a refrigerator, a coffee and tea maker, and complimentary water bottles. 

The Fun Zone is the perfect place for gathering, whether to relax and enjoy the bonfire and the large outdoor screens or to eat some local cuisine at the food booths or eatery. The price of the unit starts from 1500 QR per night.

You may go away and enjoy nature, culture, and the magnificence of the golden beaches because the hotel is right on Farkiah Beach. Dedicated parking, kid’s play area, coffeehouse, corner store, first aid kit, barbecue area, gymnasium, health club, laundry room, tennis court, basketball court, swimming, pools, and Wi-Fi at the reception are all available around-the-clock.


  • Al Khor Villas

Al Kohr Villas Qatar

This mansion is in Al Khor, close to the Ain Hleetan Well and Al Khor Western Tower. Al Khor Beach and Al Thakhira Beach are also nearby, while Al Khor Middle and Eastern Tower are also within two miles.

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Families prefer the luxury of using the swimming pool at the four-bedroom, private indoor villa, which also has a covered parking lot, sitting places, and a Flatscreen TV. One room at the villa’s entrance is designated for chauffeurs.

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