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Lusail Iconic Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

Lusail, Qatar has a football stadium known as Lusail Stadium or Lusail Iconic Stadium. The FIFA World Cup 2022 championship game will take place in the venue.

The Qatar Football Association is the proprietor. Qatar’s largest stadium and one of eight renovated for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. About 23 kilometers north of Doha is where the stadium is situated.

The location will serve as the focal point of Lusail, a recently constructed, cutting-edge metropolis specially created with people’s requirements in mind. While honoring the vibrant legacy of the nation and the area, Lusail Stadium will add a new chapter to Qatar’s past.

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The intricate stadium exterior will be crowned with a roof that showcases cutting-edge engineering and building methods. The top is made of materials specifically chosen to create shade while letting in just the perfect amount of daylight to replenish the top-notch football pitch.

An innovative lighting setup will be used at night to enhance the interplay between light and facade apertures, simulating the warm glow of fanar lanterns for incoming spectators.

Visitors will be met by the breathtaking sight of 80,000 energetic football supporters once they enter the venue. A wall of sound will join this wall of colors as the top and curved sides of the venue create a cauldron for the echoing songs and cheers of the crowd.

As soon as Lusail Stadium was envisioned and its location was selected, sustainability work began. Due to its location, supporters may access matches through renovated highways, the Doha Subway, shuttle services from nearby park & ride locations, and even by foot — all of which are environmentally friendly modes of transportation for this future city.

We will continue to use sustainable building techniques as Lusail Stadium develops over the following months and years, and we’ll recycle construction trash whenever we can.

Materials are chosen carefully to support our environmental goals, considering their production processes and potential performance. To reduce waste and contaminants, construction activities are also closely supervised.

Around the venue, local plant species that require little maintenance will all be watered using recycled water. The venue complex uses 40% less fresh water than typical stadiums, thanks to the installation of efficient water fittings and leak detection devices.

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Environmental considerations were taken into account even in the arena’s roof design. A cutting-edge material will ease the venue’s air conditioning system strain.

By taking steps like these, Lusail Stadium will be able to receive a 4-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System and herald in a new era of environmental protection.

Smart energy meters will preserve energy across the metropolis, and the biodegradable matter will be gathered for biofuel. There are green places around to enhance the air quality constantly.

After 2022, Lusail won’t require its own sports stadium due to its proximity to Doha’s several football clubs. According to existing plans, the venue will turn into a community center with schools, stores, medical offices, and sports venues inside the old stadium’s exterior and top.

This venue will undoubtedly hold a particular spot in the hearts of residents in the vicinity as it serves as the host location for the first FIFA World Cup final in Qatar.  Generations of aspiring athletes will be inspired by it as the event’s important symbol and will motivate the general public to be more athletic.

The designs receiving the numerous modular components that will be taken down and donated after the competition will receive another legacy.

For instance, the seats where fans witnessed FIFA World Cup history will continue to exist in several other stadiums, facilitating greater access to the sport worldwide. After most of the chairs have been dismantled, a spectacular alteration will occur at Lusail Stadium.

Maintaining these seats and the stadium’s roof will serve as a constant reminder of this location’s illustrious athletic past. Additionally, the future installation of a community football pitch will advance the footballing legacy of Lusail Stadium and strengthen our dedication to the grassroots game.

The Lusail Stadium will not only leave instructions for those new stadiums in the future. Still, it will also inspire football supporters, future football players, and people who appreciate the gathering place it will become.

This venue will serve as a benchmark for sustainable arena construction, starting with its use of ecologically friendly construction materials and energy-saving techniques and continuing with its gift of seats and integration with the community.


Eighty thousand people can be seated in the iconic Lusail stadium. Most of the stadium’s 80,000 seats will be taken out after the FIFA World Cup 2022 Final and donated to sporting endeavors, spreading this arena’s exceptional heritage and a small portion of FIFA World CupTM history worldwide. Fans will be astounded by the Lusail Stadium’s vast size as soon as they see it. 

The city of Lusail

lusail city

In the southern portion of the Al Daayen municipality, near the shore, lies a planned city called Lusail. On a land area of more than 38 kilometers (15 sq mi), Lusail is situated about 23 kilometers (14 mi) northwest of the Doha city center, near the West Bay Lagoons, and will ultimately have the capacity to house 450,000 people.

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Two hundred fifty thousand or less of these 450,000 individuals are anticipated to be residential, 190,000 will work in offices, and 60,000 will work in retail. Marinas, residential neighborhoods, beach resorts, business centers, upscale shopping and recreational centers, a country club community, artificial reefs, and several amusement districts are all planned for the area.

The building is still being done. Parsons Corporation, Dorsch-Gruppe, and state-controlled developer Qatari Diar are all involved in the development.

Not only is Lusail City well-established geographically, but it has also left an irrevocable mark on the minds of visitors, foreigners, and Qataris alike. Along with the World Cup’s renowned stadium, of course.

With good reason, Lusail Metropolis can assert that it is the most innovative, scientifically advanced city in the area, if not the entire world. Businesses benefit from Lusail’s high-speed fiber system, while people enjoy a high standard of green lifestyle.


Top places to visit in Lusail

In the upcoming years, Lusail, a smart city that supports a sustainable way of life and community, is expected to draw tourists worldwide.

Beautiful parks, a top-notch athletic arena, and other premier destinations are just a few of the Lusail attractions that draw tourists.

Crescent Park

Crecent park

The Crescent Park, regarded as one of the most excellent parklands in Qatar and one of the cleanest areas in the city, officially opened its gates to the general public. Several amenities are available, including 530 parking places, landscapes, two top restaurants, a woodland, and many seating areas in a beautiful environment.

Crescent Park offers guests a variety of covered places, water activities, playgrounds, and other amenities. Visitors can have a terrific time here all day long. The park is open every day of the week for 24 hours.

Lusail Marina

Lusail Marina

The Lusail Marina is among the first things one sees while entering the city of Lusail, which is one of the main tourist destinations in Qatar. One of Lusail City’s top attractions, the site is pleasant to visit throughout the day and at night.

lusail Marina

Tourists will see a lot of boats docked here, and the location provides an excellent perspective of Doha’s skyline. In the evening, the area comes to life with lights and a fountain.

During this moment, anybody going by can experience traveling through the tunnel of lights. Hours of Operation: Saturday through Thursday, 6:00 PM. to midnight and from 2:00 PM until 12:00 AM on Friday

Lusail Shooting and Archery Club

Lusail Shooting and Archery club

Visit the Lusail Shooting and Archery Clubs if you want to participate in a traditional sport. Even though the first evidence of archery comes from the use of bows and arrows for hunting and dispute settlement by the Egyptians and Nubians around 12,000 years ago, fans or those curious can still try it today.

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The club is well-liked by amateurs and professionals and holds renowned regional competitions that draw the best athletes from Qatar. In 2006 and 2011, this location hosted activities for the 15th Asian Games.

Trap, dual trap, and skeet (clay pigeon) shooting are permitted on the range. However, you are not required to participate in an event to show up and take advantage of a one-of-a-kind experience exclusive to Qatar.

Lusail Sports arena

Lusail Sports Arena

The Lusail Sports Arena, also referred to as Lusail Venue, is a cutting-edge facility that accommodates tennis, volleyball, and basketball matches and musical performances. It has received three stars from the Global Sustainability Assessment System for design.

Lusail Sports Arena

Its unusual glass construction shows the desert, pearls, and sea of Qatar. Trees, running and cycling trails, an outdoor shaded gymnasium, and a playground are all located around the site. The 2015 World Men’s Handball Tournament was believed to be the perfect event for the venue.

Katara Towers

Katara Towers

The resort’s crescent-shaped building embodies the country’s national identity in an incredible architectural monument and houses upscale hotels, residences, offices, department shops, and eateries.

The national seal of Qatar has scimitar-shaped swords as a spectacular pair of arched towers with a total height of 36 dramatic stories. In addition to the first six-star hotel in the nation, Katara Towers also has a five-star hotel.

Top hotels to stay in Lusail

Cielo Hotel Lusail

Cielo Hotel Lusail

The beachfront is a 20-minute walk from the  Cielo Hotel Lusai. It offers lodging with a cafe, free personal parking, a health club, and a seating area 3.1 km from Lagoona Mall.

This five-star hotel has a courtyard and complimentary WiFi. The lodging offers visitors a front desk that is open around the clock, room service, and money exchange.

Cielo hotel

The hotel offers visitors air-conditioned bedrooms with a toilet, a full washroom, a closet, a kettle, a secure storage box, and a LED TV. Each bedroom at the Cielo Hotel Lusail Qatar comes with towels and bed linens.

The lodging offers a continental breakfast each morning. A sun deck is available at the Cielo Hotel Lusail Qatar. The Cielo Hotel Lusail Qatar also has a business center where visitors can utilize the fax and photocopier. The cost of a night in one of the opulent apartments is $160.

Waterfront Hotel Apartments

Waterfront Hotel Qatar

The beach is 6 minutes from this hotel and is located 24 kilometers from Doha. The Waterfront Apartments offers lodging with an outdoor pool open all year round and a health club. There is free WiFi access.

Waterfront Lusail

Each suite has a kitchen with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a secure storage box, a cable LED TV, ironing supplies, a workstation, and a living room with a sofa. There is a hot tub in the toilet and shower, which is completely furnished.

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The suite features a continental breakfast for its visitors. A jacuzzi is available at Waterfront Apartments. The lodging provides a terrace. The room starts at about 240$ each night.

Staybridge Suites 

staybridge suitsStylish bedrooms and suites with balconies are available at the Staybridge Suites Doha Lusail. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the heart of Doha and offers a swimming pool.

staybridge suit qatar

The vast bedrooms have a kitchen, a private lounge area, and a workstation. Each apartment has air conditioning and a view of the city. Others of them have views of the ocean.

There is free WiFi. Visitors can exercise in the on-site health club or chill in the bar with a multimedia center surrounded by comfortable furniture. The cost of a lavish suite per night starts at $250.

Lusail Stadium Apartment

lusail stadium apartments

The Lusail Stadium Apartment is a residence with a balcony located in Lusail. The resort is located 16 kilometers from Doha. This one-bedroom apartment has air conditioning, a LED TV, and a kitchen. The bedroom is priced at $150.

Le Royal Méridien

le royal méridien

The Le Royal Méridien Doha offers lodging with dining, valet parking, complimentary bicycles, and a health club. This five-star hotel provides an ATM and a children’s playground. The accommodation offers its visitors a front counter, open around-the-clock, room service, and money exchange.

In addition to having a full bathroom with a toilet, bathrobes, and slippers, each hotel room has climate control, a lounge area, a LED TV with cable stations, a secure storage box, and these amenities.

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Each room has a kettle, some of which feature a kitchenette with a burner, an oven, and a refrigerator. Each room at the Le Royal Méridien Doha is furnished with towels and bed linens.

le royal méridien

A breakfast buffet is available to guests at the hotel. During their stay at Le Royal Méridien Doha, visitors may take advantage of the hotel’s spa and wellness amenities, which include a sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool. The cost of a bedroom per night begins at $220.

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