Properties of Qatar for world cup

Properties can be rented out for the World Cup by Qataris.

Less than three months before the competition, officials made the statement as worries about the shortage of accommodations for foreign spectators continue to rise. Citizens of Qatar can list their homes and private guest rooms for rent to spectators to relieve their housing issues for the football event, which begins on November 20.

On 8th September 2022 at Lusail Stadium, the location of the World Cup final on December 18. Yasir al Jamal, general manager of the Special Committee for the Tournament, stated that pass holders would be able to apply for their Fan IDs or Hayya Cards using a booking that is from a third-party source without requiring confirmation from the QAA or providing information about friends and families who live in the nation Qatar, 

Jamal stated, “ We took this action to make it simpler for more individuals to enroll for Hayya cards. Additionally, we provide fans with reasonable prices, starting at $80 and subject to change based on fan demand”.

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During the Tournament, Qatar hopes to draw one million or more tourists. There are worries that Qatar may not be able to accommodate all the expected supporters and travelers, particularly those without reservations who wish to enjoy the World Cup and the local culture in various locations outside the venues, such as open spaces and fans camps.

Additionally, tenants have claimed about being removed from their homes, despite landlords’ claims that this was necessary to make room for the traveling fans during the event.

It was verified to News Agencies early this year by a representative of the Supreme Committee (SC), the host planners, that the organizers had reserved 80 percent of the accommodations and other lodging options accessible to pass holders across the nation.

“The two cruise ships will have more than 4,000 rooms,” claims Omar al-Jaber, executive manager of lodging at the SC. At four various places, there will be fan villages. The choice of staying with relatives and friends is also accessible to travelers, as are lodging alternatives through vacation houses.

The SC declared last month that “Caravans Village” would also be ready to offer extra lodging alternatives.

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Broadcasters warned travelers traveling to Qatar without match tickets would have trouble finding accommodation earlier this year.

He claimed that in contrast to Qatar, the top five nations where tickets for the competition were purchased were the USA, Argentina, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

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