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Cristiano Ronaldo claims that Portugal’s victory over North Macedonia secured them a “rightful place” at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Portugal defeated the strong North Macedonia team on March 29, 2022, in a thrilling match to qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Cristiano Ronaldo, who played as the captain of the Portugal team when they defeated North Macedonia by 2-0, said that the FIFA World Cup was Portugal’s “rightful place.”

In the 32nd minute of the game, after being set up by Ronaldo with a clever pass, Bruno Fernandes shattered North Macedonia’s defense with a goal. Later, in the 65th minute, the midfielder completed a quick counterattack by sliding the ball past North Macedonia’s goalkeeper, Stole Dimitrievski, to guarantee his team’s qualification for FIFA World Cup 2022.

His move made sure Portugal will attend the men’s FIFA World Cup for a sixth time in a row, preventing them from making the same mistake as Italy, the Euro 2020 champions who were shocked by the North Macedonian team in the playoff semifinals.

Ronaldo also praised the loyal Portuguese supporters for their devotion.

“We’ve reached the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Hence the goal is accomplished,” he stated on Instagram. “We’re standing where we belong! Thank you to the entire Portuguese population for your steadfast dedication! Let’s go Portugal!”

Portugal, one of the highest-ranked qualifying teams, will be among the top-seeded teams in FIFA World Cup 2022. This Portuguese team defeated the Turkish team in the all-important semifinal to qualify for the game against North Macedonia. It finished second after Serbia in Group A of UEFA qualification.

However, despite being an all-time leading male goal scorer in international football, Ronaldo hasn’t scored a single goal after the group phase of a World Cup. If he plays this year’s FIFA world cup in Qatar, he will join Rafael Marquez, Lothar Matthaus, and Antonio Carbajal in participating in five World Cups for men.

Moreover, Ronaldo’s longtime competitor for solo awards, Lionel Messi, who plays for Argentina, is also certain to accomplish the milestone.

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