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Pakistan-made footballs to be used and shine in FIFA World Cup 2022

The Pride for Pakistan is produced in Sialkot and will be used in Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022.

The SCCI (Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry) said on Sunday that Sialkot’s football, named “Al-Riha,” is to be used in the FIFA world cup to be played in Qatar this year. Al-Riha is the football produced in Sialkot for Adidas, which would be officially played in FIFA World Cup 2022.

This would be a great honor and pride for the whole nation. He added that this football’s design is to be made per the Qatar culture, and the material used in manufacture was Bio-based recycling material. 

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Sialkot is regarded as the world capital of football production and was the official football provider for both the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil and the 2018 World Cup in Russia and is now ready to provide for the 2022 World Cup played in Qatar.

He said it is the third time the footballs made in Pakistan will be used in the FIFA World Cup.

He said no solvent chemicals were used in football making, but water-based chemicals were used, which do not pollute the environment.

He said the ball consisted of 20 panels and was declared one of the best footballs manufactured in the world.

Traditionally, all footballs for the World Cup were hand-stitched until “thermos bonding,” is a new technology that was first introduced in the 2014 World Cup. The SCCI SVP said that the Sialkot industry would continue to play its full role in strengthening Pakistan’s economy.

SCCI talking to the media on Sunday, said a Sialkot-based leading exports firm produced the best footballs, which are to be used officially in the upcoming World Cup, and added that this would bring great honor and pride to the city of Sialkot and Pakistan.

Pakistan has been facing a ban from international football owing to third-party intervention, although the country continues to create great news in the world’s richest sport. Footballs will be used again for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in November-December in Qatar, the first Gulf nation to host the global event; the drawings were held a few days ago in Doha, a day after the FIFA Congress.

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FIFA banned Pakistan’s Football Federation’s membership in April of last year. On Thursday, FIFA reinstated the membership after a lapse of more than a year.

The country earns $ 1 billion annually from sports goods exports, including $350 million to $500 from footballs alone.

 3,000 footballs will be used at the World Cup in Qatar, with an eight million replicas sales objective. “It measures between 68.8 and 69.3 centimeters and weighs between 425 and 445 grams,” he continued.

Meanwhile, FIFA claims it has been engineered to support peak game speeds since it goes quicker in flight than any ball in tournament history. “This is a magnificent, sustainable, and high-quality official match ball from Adidas that stars competing at the pinnacle of their game on the world’s largest stage in Qatar will be appreciated.

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