British FIFA worldcup

The British FIFA World Cup enthusiasts to pay over $20,000 for supporting their side in Qatar.

The Private Page did a study that suggested it would cost around or more than $20,000 to support the English team in the competition.

The costs were determined using Emirates Holiday packages, and the costs of the airlines and accommodations were obtained using Skyscanner, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, and Prices for food and beverages were calculated predicated on a typical fan’s daily intake.

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All factors adequal, it would cost a staggering $20K for England supporters to support the English team. This is predicated on Harry Kane’s team making it to the event’s semifinals.

Think about Brazilian fans if you think that cost was outrageous. Fans of the Brazilian national football team may wind up spending more than $26K  because their nation is preparing for a critical nationwide election and is experiencing extremely high inflation.

The overall fee for Australian supporters to watch their team compete is the lowest at around $8K. It is because they are massive underdogs to go past the group round.

The analysis estimates that it will cost a typical $3,888 for the three games to follow a nation during the competition’s group stage. For all countries, the estimated flight cost to Qatar is more than $1K.

Regarding housing, Lusail, which will host 10 FIFA World Cup games, has a typical Airbnb rate of $1,811 per night from 20 November to 18 December. Regarding food and beverages, the estimated price for three daily meals is a respectable $44, while a pint of beer will cost spectators $10.17.

Due to the rigorous alcohol-related rules in the nation, England supporters will need to behave themselves as the worst-case situation for any spectators who are in violation of the laws is a penalty of $693.

After experiencing devastation at Wembley in the Euro 2020 championship final last year, where the English team lost to the Italian team on penalty kicks, the English team will be hoping to win the FIFA World Cup this season.

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Brazil is currently the heavy favorite to win the trophy, with previous champions France as the next preference, according to the most recent odds. According to the experts, the third contender to win the competition in England.

On November 20, the FIFA World Cup’s opening game will take place at Al Bayt stadium, Al Khor, Qatar.

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