Al thumama stadium

Al Thumama Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

One of the eight venues constructed for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 is the Al Thumama Stadium. The Hamad International Airport is not far from there. Most of the development work is done by a joint venture between Tekfen Construction in Turkey and Al Jaber Engineering in Qatar.

Like the other new FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums in Qatar, this stadium has been created to highlight Arab heritage and culture in addition to the event itself.

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The venue’s striking, circular design is reminiscent of the ghafiya, a traditional woven headgear worn by men and boys for ages throughout the Middle East.


Every young boy’s journey to adulthood is marked by this cherished aspect of Arab family tradition, which stands for autonomy and dignity.

In its lush green surrounds, the apparent presence of Al Thumama Stadium stands majestically. To further improve the neighboring residents’ lifestyles and livelihoods, recreation and enjoyment areas have also been built.

Many tourists see their first glimpse of this spectacular stadium as planes fly over Hamad International Airport. Many Arab families are moved by its remarkable appearance and immediately understand its significance to their way of life and heritage.

The stadium exudes the essence of common regional culture while proposing a daring new direction for athletic arenas in the future. Al Thumama Stadium’s elaborate symbolic design includes Qatar’s past and future and the potential of the entire Arab world.

The idea and preliminary design for Al Thumama Stadium were created by the Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB), one of Qatar’s finest engineering and construction organizations. AEB has won various architectural accolades on a local and global scale for a design that adequately portrays Qatari, Arab, and Islamic heritage.

Ibrahim M. Jaidah, the head architect at AEB, oversaw the project. His prior work involves some of the country’s most notable monuments, such as the Ministry of Interior head office and the Ritz-Sharq Carlton’s Villages & Spa. He is a Qatari citizen and one of the area’s best-renowned architects.

Al thumama stadium

A ground-breaking model venue was constructed near Al Thumama Stadium as part of Qatar’s candidacy to organize the FIFA World Cup in 2022. It was known as the Showcase and was crucial in showing FIFA how devoted Qatar is to sustainable development and creativity throughout the competition and beyond.

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Additionally, it was a victory for the entire Arab world, demonstrating the region’s willingness to take on obstacles head-on and conquer them. Until 2022, it will show how Qatar uses cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies to utilize the sun’s energy for stadium cooling.

This new position emphasizes Qatar’s unwavering commitment to hosting a green FIFA World Cup in 2022 by expanding on the idea created when the Showcase was first constructed.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will have a much lighter carbon footprint than most prior editions, thanks to shorter travel routes and durations between venues than previous competitions.

Al Thumama Stadium strives to achieve 4-star certification from the Global Sustainability Assessment System Trust (GSAS) for development and design.  The project’s current energy facility has been renovated and enhanced to comply with the most recent energy-saving regulations. 

Before its debut, Qatar reaffirmed the venue’s historical significance as a recreation center, its ecological and environmental credentials, and its connectivity due to the Doha Metro.

Along with the variety of sports alternatives available to everyone, several businesses and retail buildings will be built, along with mosques and a luxury hotel inside the venue, to ensure that the region becomes a hive of activity and recreation.

The area around the venue will develop into a center for the neighborhood with courts for volleyball, basketball, and swimming. Additionally, the site has jogging and cycling paths that wind through it, giving athletes of all stripes a place to practice their craft.


Due to the venue’s environmental architecture, 40% more clean water is conserved than at a typical stadium. Green spaces are watered using treated wastewater. The site has 50,000m2 of parkland, with 84% of the landscape covered by natural plants and approximately 400 trees.

The stadium was presented with the esteemed MIPIM/ Architectural Review Future Projects Awards in the area of Recreation and Arenas in May 2018.

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In December 2018, four years before the FIFA World Cup 2022, more than 80% of the reinforced concrete frame for Al Thumama Stadium had already been constructed.

At the European Sports & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) Conference in Porto in January 2019, the Project Manager for AI Thumama Arena Khalifa Al Mana gave a presentation to attendees. He emphasized how the adaptable topmost seating portions would allow for the replacement of chairs after the competition.

The construction of the steel cables in March 2020 was done to get ready for the “Big Lift,” which involved putting the rooftop of Al Thumama Stadium in position. A development program to work on air quality began in September 2020 with the Qatar Energy and the Environment Research Institute (QEERI), with a control system placed at the venue.

The venue’s maximum occupancy will drop from 40,000 to 20,000 following the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The venue’s dismantled seats will be given to nations needing athletic facilities. The minor stadium will continue to hold football games. A clinic run by Aspetar, a FIFA Medical Center of Quality, will be located inside the venue.

The city of Al Thumama

A suburb of Doha is a suburb of Doha. It is located southeast of Old Airfield and west of the Air Force Intersection. The state’s effort to build reservoirs across the nation has five locations when the reservoirs are finished, anticipated to be in 2017.

Top attractions in Al Thumama

National Museum of Qatar

National Museum Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is a museum located in Doha, Qatar. The museum guides visitors through a loop of galleries organized around three central, interconnected themes.

The galleries are arranged chronologically, beginning with exhibits on the desert’s and the Persian Gulf’s natural, historical past, then moving on to Bedouin heritage items, cultural presentations on tribal conflicts, the establishment of the Qatari state, and finally, the exploration of oil up to the present.

Exhibitions and performances incorporate audiovisual displays with carefully selected artifacts from the museum’s collection to address these subjects. Currently, these collections hold about 8,000 objects, including architectural elements, vintage household and travel items, fabrics and clothing, jewelry, works of art, books, and historical documents.

Aspire Park

Aspire Park

Aspire Park is one of the best places in Qatar to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings. This popular site in Al Rayyan, Qatar, is the largest park in the city, with a total area of 880,000 square meters.

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The Park is built with various artworks and amenities that ensure enjoyment. This parkland in Al Rayyan is among the best parks in Qatar since it has restaurants, playgrounds, and soccer fields.

Katara Village

Katara Village Qatar

The eastern side, north of Doha, between the pearl and west bay, is where this cultural hamlet was constructed on a reclaimed beach. The Valley of Culture is an attempt to recreate Qatari culture through the utilization of traditional design and vibrant activity.

A national theater, libraries, auditoriums, art museums, and other educational establishments will be a part of this initiative, estimated to cost around $82 million in the US. Additionally, there will be greenery, a community center, eateries, gallery buildings, and other commercial spaces.

The Katara complex is built in a mixture of oriental architectural and vintage styles, contrasting with most of Doha’s beautiful contemporary cultural structures.

Pearl Monument

Pearl Monument

At the northern end of the Beachfront, the entry to the dhow port is marked by the iconic pearl monument and fountains, a renowned location for photography.

The fountain statue shows a vast, opened oyster holding a massive pearl in its mouth. This fountain honors Qatar’s pearling heritage and makes for a great photo opportunity when it lights up at night. One of Qatar’s primary income sources was pearling until oil discovery in 1939. Qatar continues to honor the pearl’s great importance.

The Pearl Island

pearl island qatar

An artificial island called The Pearl is about four square kilometers in size. It is the first area in Qatar that is available for freehold ownership by non-Qataris. The population is 27,000 people.

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When The Pearl is finished being built, more than 32 kilometers of new shoreline will have been added. This unique shoreline will be used as a housing project with an expected 18,831 dwellings and 45,000 residents. The island, 350 meters in Doha’s West Bay Lagoon coast, was built by United Development Firm with Callison’s aid in architecture and design.

Top hotels to stay in Al Thumama

Four Season Hotel

Four season hotel

It takes only 15 minutes to get to the Four Seasons. It offers luxurious accommodations with a beachfront and a posh port. Additionally, it boasts a renowned spa and health facility and a 5-pool compound that includes a grotto pool. The Four Seasons Hotel Doha offers luxury to visitors to Qatar who are both leisure and business travelers.

The hotel offers stylish contemporary suites and guest rooms with windows that provide breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea or the Doha metropolis. A wide variety of dining alternatives are available to visitors, including the biggest Nobu in the world, which serves modern Japanese cuisine.

While the Poolside Grill offers a broad selection of hookah tastes, the Shisha Terrace, which faces the port, provides a spectacular view of the Sea and serves traditional Arabic food. A full-service beauty salon and various body and facial treatments are available at the three-story spa.

Visitors can use the hotel’s fitness center, spin classes, meditation rooms, and basketball and volleyball courts. The cost of the opulent suites is 350 dollars a night.

Strato Hotel by Warwick

Strato Hotel by Warwick

In the center of Doha, adjacent to Hamad International Airport, the Strato Hotel by Warwick is accompanied by exquisite furnishings and classic architecture. Despite being close to the airport, our lobby is spectacular, with polished marble flooring, high ceilings, and lavish chandeliers.

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Offers spacious accommodations, distinctive dining options, and extras like an outdoor swimming pool and a health club. The resort features a gift shop, a cash machine, a common area, and a front desk with 24-hour staff. Starting, the room costs $150 per night.

Time Rako Hotel

Time Rako Hotel Qatar

The four-star modern hotel Time Rako is located 15 minutes from the busy city center and 15 minutes from Hamad International Airport. This stylish hotel blends a residential design with the refinement and luxury of hotel features and services, making it the perfect choice for families, business travelers, and professionals.

Time Rako Qatar

Its eye-catching interior design, imaginative locations, and warm service give a wonderful city a touch of international luxury. Visitors with disabilities can access three of the four-star hotel’s 102 bedrooms and suites.

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to enter, lighting up the apartments and the rooms. A few features that make short- or long-stays peaceful and enjoyable include exquisite design and superior beds. A night in this hotel starts at $85.

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

The Grand Hyatt Oryx Doha is 10 minutes from Souq Waqif, includes a spa with body massage, and is close to Hamad International Airport. Elegant dining options are available at the hotel, and live jazz music is played in the club.

There are lounge areas and LED TVs with cable in each of the 400 enclosed luxurious rooms. Its features include spacious restrooms with walk-in rain showers, towels, and hair dryers.

The complex has a variety of restaurants that are popular hangouts and offer a fine dining experience, as well as an executive lounge.

The outdoor kitchen provides outstanding brunch, lunch, and dinner in addition to the restaurant menu, daily theme nights, and other options.

The Sky Lounge is ideal for gathering and conversing all day while enjoying a mug of coffee and a bagel under the astonishingly high glass conservatory-style roof. A night in a five-star hotel starts at $100.

Le Royal Méridien

le royal méridien

Along with hotels, restaurants, parking facilities, complimentary bicycles, and a health club, the Le Royal Méridien Doha offers services. In addition to a full bathroom with a toilet, bathrobes, and slippers, each hotel room has climate control, a sitting area, an LED TV with cable channels, and these amenities.

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le royal méridien

A kettle is provided in every room, but some come with a kitchen with a burner, an oven, and a refrigerator. Each room at the Le Royal Méridien Doha comes with linens and towels. Visitors to the hotel can enjoy a breakfast buffet.

While staying at Le Royal Méridien Doha, guests are welcome to take advantage of the hotel’s spa and wellness amenities, which include a steam room, a jacuzzi, and an indoor swimming pool. A bedroom starts at around $220 per night.


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