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Education City Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

Al Rayyan, Qatar’s Educational City Stadium is also known as Qatar Foundation Stadium. It is constructed as a venue for the Qatar-hosted FIFA World Cup in 2022.

 Leading universities can be found around Education City Stadium, where cutting-edge research is carried out, and professors encourage their students to achieve their full potential.

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The Qatar Foundation for Education, Research, and Public Growth is based in this region. The entire neighborhood is teeming with innovation and a commitment to use the FIFA World Cup 2022 as a catalyst for economic and social advancement. These resources are also available to Education City’s undergraduates, teachers, and employees. 

Following the objectives of the Qatar Foundations and the Qatar National Vision 2030, The Education City Field will stand as a tribute to technology, durability, and development for many years to come.

After hosting games up through the event’s quarterfinal round, the stadium will directly contribute to global development. The arena’s seating capacity will be decreased by half, and 20,000 chairs will be gifted to assist build facilities in underdeveloped nations, fostering a love of the game worldwide.

Modern cooling systems, as with all FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 venues, provide ideal conditions all year round for players and spectators, and accessibility for audiences with impairments is good. The game is also available in hospitality and VIP areas for those who want even more luxury.

Fans will notice numerous green spaces and cutting-edge facilities around the stadium as they enter since these features were all constructed with sustainability and the environment in mind. A golf course, football practice fields, and commercial outlets are available.

Triangles on the facade are arranged in intricate, diamond-like geometric patterns that seem to change color as the sun moves across the sky. The facade puts on a vibrant light display at night, making it even more striking.

Similar to diamonds, the venue’s design is something to be cherished for the emotions it will hold and its potential value to the nation and the area in the future.

ASTAD Projects Management worked as the venue’s development manager, and Fenwick Iribarren Architect was responsible for the initial idea.

JPAC JV served as the principal contract administrator and hired Pattern as the layout consultant, Salfo as the site head architect, and BuroHappold for structural engineering.

All of these institutions collaborated closely and communicated to build an inspirational stadium that places sustainability at its core.

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Like the diamonds that served as its design inspiration, Education City Stadium will be cherished for many generations and serve as a regional heritage.

Everything in this area encourages a healthy, eco-friendly future for all of us, including the greenbelt, the Qatar Green Buildings Council’s offices, and the top recreational venues that welcome visitors.

The venue received a five-star rating for both design and construction from the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) in January 2019. Education City Stadium grew up next to its neighbors, who motivated it to set an example for sustainable stadium designers worldwide.

By employing intelligent infrastructure technology and an interconnected water and electricity management and surveillance network to control actual usage, it also serves as a model for others.

Environmental conscious planning and building methods assist in lowering the venue’s carbon footprint both during development and after it is finished. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has significantly advanced green building techniques in this area.

To reduce the venue’s carbon footprint, at minimum, 55% of the resources used for the program came from sustainable sources, and 28% of building supplies contained recycled material. 75% of the landscaping in the precinct is made up of drought-resistant and native plant species.

While this was going on, the workers for the stadium were living comfortably on-site, saving them from having to go there and back every day.

The ecologically friendly approach begins long before entering the premises. There will be a decrease in the number of vehicles on the road on game days because they can take the Doha Subway and shuttles directly to the venue.

Education City has bicycle lanes and bicycle parking. This legacy strategy will support global infrastructure, social, and football growth.


The exquisite layout of Education City Arena was unveiled on December 2, 2014, the fourth anniversary of Qatar earning the right to host the competition. Soon after construction on the site started, one million hours had been worked on it by May 2015.

In February 2016, excavators found rocks 20–30 million years old, making a fantastic discovery. To place the field below sea level, where conditions are cooler, engineers dug 17 meters below. The venue’s construction entered a tremendous new phase once the first concrete was placed in March 2017.

The main concrete construction was completed in July 2018, giving eager spectators a peek at the shape of the magnificent stadium to come.

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In November 2018, work was underway to raise the roof. By July 2019, the building’s gleaming exterior and roof were finished. Chairs were put in place later, and they were prepared for devoted supporters traveling worldwide.

The Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) awarded the stadium a five-star sustainability grade in January 2020, demonstrating its dedication to environmental preservation.

The deadline for completion was officially 15 June 2020. A unique TV program highlighting the third FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadium was held to commemorate the occasion.

Al Rayan, Qatar

Al Rayyan, the third-largest district in this Islamic kingdom, is one of its most renowned destinations. This enormous area is known as a suburb and is home to numerous well-known landmarks, structures, marketplaces, and more.

Doha and the rest of Qatar are all easily accessible. Doha and Al Rayyan are only separated by 10.7 kilometers, which can be traveled in 11 minutes. Tourists can conveniently hire a car directly into the city or take a taxi for a road trip.

Rayyan Al Qatar is one of the central regions. The area offers high-quality living alongside leisure, schooling, and luxuries, including prestigious hotels and eateries. Given the district’s wide range of accessible activities, monuments, and nightlife opportunities, a trip here can be thrilling and fun.

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Top attractions in the city of Al Rayyan 

Al Rayyan is one of the most well-known areas in Qatar where you can better grasp the heritage, artwork, and culture thanks to its monuments, museums, and cultural sites.

Education City

Education city

Education City in Qatar is situated in the Al Rayyan Municipality and spans a 1,000-acre area. The city, established by the Qatar Foundation, is devoted to academic universities that provide K–12 education.

For early schooling through graduation and post-graduation, there are colleges and schools. The city also has areas for hospitals, bookstores, and research facilities.

Being an interest and center for overseas students, the city has been revolutionized in terms of amenities and growth. To explore every minute detail, restaurants and eateries line the Boulevard.

Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art

Mathraf Arab Museum

The most fantastic place in Al Rayyan to study ancient artwork and explore its past is the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art. It is renowned for having a sizable collection of antiques that Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani is rumored to have found. He visited the world and collected classic and trendy art throughout his lifetime.

Drawings works on paper, murals, and constructions from the 19th century are all included in this collection. By studying the works of early Arab artists like Mahmoud Moukhtar’s The Nile and Jawad Selim’s Baghdadiat, you will discover their art and learn about the richness of their culture and traditions.

Aspire Park

Aspire Park

Aspire Park is one of the most excellent spots in Qatar to unwind and take in the rich scenery. With a total size of over 880,000 square meters, this major attraction in Al Rayyan, Qatar, is the biggest park in the city. The Park is designed with a range of works of art and amenities that benefit visitors and ensure they have a good time.

This parkland in Al Rayyan is one of the best parks in Qatar since it contains everything, from eateries to kid’s play places, jogging tracks, to soccer fields.

Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar

The Mall of Qatar is a premier marketplace in Al Rayyan where you may get the best brands for your collection. The mall provides the ideal location for food, leisure, and shopping. There are 500 retail establishments and a sizable parking lot that has room for more than 7000 vehicles.

Mall Of Qatar

The Mall of Qatar’s entertainment area, which includes a theater, a multimedia screen, and a 360-degree revolving multi-lift platform for a musical concert, is its best feature. Anyone can spend a leisurely day feasting and visiting this mall, which has dining areas and a few upscale cafes.

Gulf Mall

Gulf Mall

The Gulf mall is one of the top family leisure destinations and draws visitors from all social strata. Gulf Mall has made a name for itself as one of the most well-liked shopping locations in the nation among foreigners because of its diversity of shops, designer labels, and dining establishments.

Gulf Mall

It has a surface area of 90,000 square meters and has an exquisite design. The mall is distinctive on every level thanks to its unique collection of services, which include places to eat, shop, and enjoy entertainment.

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To make your day memorable, there are game rooms and cinemas. You may find banks, ATMs, parking spaces, money exchange offices, charging stations, department stores, and boutique shops at the mall.

The top 5 hotels in Al Rayyan

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel Qatar

The Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel is situated in the entertainment industry and is close to amusement parks. Visitors interested in shopping should visit Villaggio Mall and Souq Waqif Art Gallery, while those wishing to take in the area’s natural beauty can visit Doha Corniche and Katara Beach.

Al Aziziyah Hotel

A desk, a 48-inch TV, and a marble bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower are included in each guest room. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also present. Its deluxe and opulent accommodations are offered, with rates beginning at $130 per night.

Ezdan Palace Hotel

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

The 195 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites at the Ezdan Palace Hotel are housed in a grand palace with exquisite Andalusian architecture.

Every room has marble bathrooms with a bathtub and a shower, plush linen, and fashionable furniture. A Cappuccino coffee maker is provided in each room to ensure every visitor has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

There are swimming pools, a fitness center, a gymnasium, a bar, a babysitter area, and free parking and Wi-Fi. A kids’ play area and transportation to the airport are also available. The accommodations there start at $150 per night.


Al Rayyan Hotel

al rayyan hotel

The guest rooms and suites at the Al Rayyan Hotel are exquisitely built. Additionally, it offers access to the Mall of Qatar. While leisurely shopping, visitors can amuse themselves with various entertainment options.

Al Rayyan Hotel

With three temperature-controlled rooftop swimming pools that are saltwater treated, five dining options, adaptable conference space, a stunning ballroom, and. For the ideal family holiday, choose one of the Presidential Suites or Ambassador Suites, which both have two bedrooms, opulent bathrooms, and spacious living and dining areas.

The hotel offers a non-alcoholic environment with a cozy atmosphere that respects Qatar’s priceless traditions and local culture. The prices are indicated, with each night beginning at $250.


Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas

Hilton Salva Qatar

There are 361 rooms, suites, and oceanfront villas with gardens and swimming pools at the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas.

With a variety of amenities like the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, pools, a waterfront, a luxury spa, complimentary parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness center with a gymnasium, a bar or cafe, a daycare area, a kids’ activities area, and a fitness center. The first night’s lodging at this resort starts at $330.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel

The Avenue,A Murwab Qatar

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel is on the cutting edge of modern luxury lodgings with a polished mix of life’s best amenities.

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The Avenue A Murwab Qatar

They offer state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces and recreational amenities like the Senses Sauna, our health and relaxation center with 24/7 access to a fitness center, and an outdoor pool on the roof.

The cost of its suites and opulent rooms starts at $150 per night.


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