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Release of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Title song: “Arhbo” greets football fans in Qatar

The official song of the FIFA world cup 2022 features the multi-platinum-winning Puerto Rican singer Ozuna and the French-Congolese singer Gims.

As the start of the competition draws nearer, the Official Song, powered by the FIFA Sound strategic plan, will include more fresh releases. Ozuna and Gims have joined forces with FIFA to release Arhbo, a cheerful latest song from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official song.

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The Creative Media Executive for FIFA, Redone, said: “I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this fantastic World Cup in Qatar. We welcome one another, celebrate being together and doing the things we love, and celebrate football and music together! These opportunities are uncommon, so we must seize them and seize the day! That is the essence of Arhbo: Welcome, brothers, and sisters, from wherever you may be!” Come join us as we celebrate!”

The Arabic word “Marhaba” is the origin of the local Arabic term “Arhbo,” which is used in Qatar to mean “welcome.” As excitement grows for the beginning of football’s biggest festival on November 20, the upbeat song highlights the solidarity and brotherhood woven into the fabric of this year’s historical event in Qatar.

With a beautiful fusion of the global cultures of music and football, the Official Song of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 aspires to unite artists, spectators, and athletes to share their love. This recent release brilliantly captures the friendly nature of Qatar and provides a preview of what to look forward to when the action begins in less than three months.

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Gims stated this in response to the song: “‘Arhbo’ is a warm blessing for me. Although its simple meaning is “welcome,” it has deeper meanings. It is a cause for joy that we—you, me, and everyone—are present.

Arhbo creates the atmosphere and sets the stage for one of the most significant events in the world, the FIFA World Cup, whether attendees are physically present or not. They are coming over! Welcome!”

Ozuna said that regardless of each person’s route to get here, they are all now at home for the time being. It’s true what they say: “Home is where the heart is.” The heart is where the home is. We say “Bienvenidos,” or “welcome home,” to everyone arriving and sincerely wants to do so.

The unique song, a component of the game-changing FIFA Sound approach introduced last year, will grow as the big kickoff draws nearer. Additional releases showcasing musical abilities from around the world will be included.


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