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FIFA World Cup 2022 Ball Unveiled by Adidas – Al Rihla

Adidas, a global leader in sportswear, unveiled the official match ball for the 2022 World Cup. The title of the ball is “Al Rihla,” which means “The Voyage” or “the expedition” in Arabic. Without a doubt, Qatar’s heritage, history, and other features served as inspiration for the title. As per Surprise Sports, the formal launch occurred on March 30, 2022.

This is Adidas’ 14th consecutive ball for the FIFA World Cup. For over 70 years, these two global organizations, FIFA and Adidas, have collaborated. Adidas has played a significant role in FIFA’s advancement of technology, footwear, and balls throughout the organization’s history. 

The host nation’s architecture and culture significantly impact the official match ball design. It has a completely redesigned panel shape. The panel’s design was influenced by the triangular sails of Qatari dhow sailboats. There are a total of 20 panels within every ball. In contrast, the color palette is similar to that of the flag of Qatar and classic white apparel for Arabs. Adidas’ research facilities, wind tunnels, and on-field testing yielded data used to create the Al-Rihla. The environment was also considered in the design of the new ball.

The new match ball has significant technological advancements for improved performance. “CRT Core” is the name of the core design. It will increase the ball’s precision by increasing its consistency and stability. Secondly, it will make the ball spin more and glide farther. Moreover, a unique textured polyurethane skin known as “SPEEDSHELL” is present on the outer layer panels that exhibit outstanding performance, including low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, and robust flexibility. The football players benefit from having a genuine feel and touch when they kick the ball. The new and enhanced panels will improve its flight stability and swerving. 

It also has surface debossing to keep its shape and provide long-term shape retention. Durability was given priority during the ball’s design. The colorful view on the iridescent background was colored with water-based inks and adhesive. A sensor within the ball sends information to the semi-automated Artificial intelligence system500 times per second that will help to track the ball.

Currently, the official website of Adidas offers the opportunity to purchase the official match ball “Al-Rihla.” Pro, Winter, Training, and Club are just a few examples of the various size, colors, and design options. FIFA and Adidas have started several programs to expand local community participation in sports and promote equity.

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