Israel is listed as "occupied Palestinian territory"

Israel is listed as “occupied Palestinian territory” on the FIFA ticketing website

The name Israel was removed from the main Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup hospitality reservation portal and was swapped with “occupied Palestinian territories.” Israelis will need to select the Palestinian territories to officially buy passes for the World Cup, which begins in November. Tickets may only be purchased through the official FIFA portal.

This action reflects FIFA’s efforts to exclude Israel from the Qatar 2022 World Cup, comparable to the banning of Russia from the World Cup. Israelis will be able to enter Qatar using their passport. They can apply for a Fan ID, enabling them to access Qatar and scheduled flights. Israel had talked to FIFA authorities to ensure they could travel.

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Qatar has formed a Palestinian country a prerequisite for establishing links with Israel, unlike its neighbors in the Gulf, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, which recently struck such deals. Qatar, a Muslim nation, has some serious reservations about non-Muslim countries. Still, they respect other religious beliefs, can live peacefully, and are aware of diversifying different religious affiliations. Israel, on the other hand, is not, so Israel had to agree with FIFA authorities to travel to the Tournament without using the passport of any other country.

Following the inauguration event, Qatar will make its tournament debut against Ecuador at 7:00 pm on November 20. 

According to Nadav Tsensavir, a correspondent for Yediot Ahronot Sports, “It turns out that Israel is not on the map that Qatar designed for the 2022 World Cup, posted on FIFA’s Qatar World website, and anyone wishing to buy hospitality packages will discover that Israel’s name is not on the list, and replaced by the only option called “occupied Palestinian territories,” a dedicated page on the official website of FIFA.”

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In a press statement, he also said that “when accessing the website of the Organizational Committee and prepared with the flag of Qataris and the management of Qataris, the option of purchasing the packages is offered to locate the sales agency closest to the buyer’s site by country.”

“Besides, entry into Asia and the Middle East shows all countries in the region apart from Israel. When searching between countries, the words “occupied Palestinian territories” were discovered, which surprised the Israeli businessmen who entered the website. They were surprised that Israel’s name had disappeared”.

“We are in front of a great stigma, Qatar has been selected to host games, and it must be for the whole world. Israel cannot just disappear from the FIFA website from all countries by its commitments to FIFA. Qatar is obliged to treat all world countries without omitting the names of flags”.

Another businessman predicted that there would be a significant issue if FIFA learned that the hosting board had let Israel’s name be omitted.

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