FIFA Issues Strict Code of Conduct Ahead

FIFA Issues Strict Code of Conduct Ahead of Qatar World Cup 2022

FIFA Issues Strict Code of Conduct Ahead of Qatar World Cup 2022 that includes ban for non-compliance

Recently FIFA authorities have issued a code of conduct for the Qatar FIFA cup for the year 2022 as Qatar has faced widespread criticism in the past for its handling of migrant workers, as well as several of its policies that violate the human rights of many other countries.

FIFA has issued a rigorous “code of conduct” ahead of the World Cup, threatening anybody who does not follow it with expulsion from the event.

President FIFA stated, “We aim to make the game really accessible and inclusive so that anyone who wants to participate, wherever they are, may join in without any obstacles.”  We can’t do it on our own.

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FIFA’s partners all play an important role in the advancement of football.  As football’s defenders, he continued, “we are dedicated to sharing the positive force of the game worldwide.” Only by setting the important ethical and integrity standards for others to follow can this be accomplished.

He further said that the Code of Conduct for Third Parties symbolizes a long-standing commitment to working with integrity and describes how do we conduct business in the right manner, all of which are connected by a single set of essential principles that govern our daily decisions and actions. FIFA aims to help football achieve its full potential in every world.

To prevent problems in Qatar this winter, the rigorous restrictions will encompass diversity, sexual orientation, religion, political stance, and discrimination. 

The regulations and standards will be sent not just to the world’s media but also to FIFA-accredited coaches, players, agents, organizers, and officials. 

According to FIFA’s mission statement, “Everyone has the right to be free from discrimination, harassment, abuse, and exploitation, whether it is physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or exploitation, neglect, bullying, or discrimination based on skin color, cultural, national or social origin, gender, disability,  age, race, language, religion, political opinion or a national or social origin, any other opinion, wealth, inequality, birth or any other status, sexual orientation, or any other reason,” 

Qatar has been under fire for how it treats migrant workers, and many of its policies violate the human rights of many other countries. It is further stated; “When any member of the football family, such as authorities, tournament agents, players, coaches, media partners, and intermediaries, at FIFA competitions, volunteers or staff members in any capacity, is subjected to it or engages in any abusive behavior or misconduct, it diminishes FIFA’s mission and is inconsistent with promoting the integrity of football and safe sport values.”

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The Code also has a subsection relating to warnings over potential sexual abuse towards children.

It warned individuals must not “engage in one-on-one interaction in private spaces with a child or young person for whom the Accredited Individual is not the legal guardian” or “engage in any sexual relationship with any child or young person, including making sexually suggestive comments to a child or young person.”

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