FIFA bans all India Football Federation

FIFA bans all India Football Federation for having third-party influence

The U-17 World Cup for Women “cannot be conducted in India as scheduled,” according to FIFA, which banned India for “excessive interference from third – parties,” delivering the nation a severe blow. The country would host the FIFA competition from October 11 to October 30.

Because of “multiple violations of the FIFA Regulations,” the All-India Football Federation (AIFF) has been prohibited by FIFA for the first time in its 85-year period. The All-India Football Federation (AIFF) will be suspended immediately, FIFA stated in an announcement, “due to excessive influence from third parties, which constitutes a major violation of the FIFA Regulations.”

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“The suspension will be removed after an order to establish a committee of administrators to assume the authority of the AIFF Executive Committee has been revoked, and the AIFF administration has fully regained control of the AIFF’s daily operations,” according to the press release of FIFA. 

The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022, which was supposed to be held in India from October 11–30, 2022, cannot currently be hosted by India as planned due to the ban. If required, FIFA determines the tournament’s future steps and will bring the issue to the Bureau of the Council. Following the most recent event, the Center asked the Supreme Court to hold an urgent review of the AIFF case.

FIFA had sent a letter banning India, which was in the national interest and needed to be recorded. FIFA opposes the CoA’s meddling but is open to debate and wishes for the quickest possible installation of the AIFF executive board, after which they will release the embargo.

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He continued, “The government is dedicated to finding a solution as quickly as possible since it wants India to host the U-17 Women’s Junior World Cup.” The AIFF policy must be rewritten in compliance with FIFA and AFC regulations and ratified by the AIFF general assembly without intervention from a third party before the ban can be lifted, the FIFA Council Bureau determined.

According to FIFA, the AIFF general assembly should create an “independent electoral committee” to oversee the elections for a new executive advisory board. The AIFF must also “carry out the future electoral process following the regulatory requirements and to organize its elections based on the pre-existing membership of the AIFF,” according to the statement.

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However, FIFA has left a door open for India, stating that it is in contact with the sports ministry over the matter. “FIFA is constantly in touch with the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. They are hopeful that a favorable conclusion to the issue could be achieved,” the statement read.

The outcome of the AIFF polls, scheduled to take place on August 28 per the Supreme Court’s directives, is unknown following the prohibition.

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