FIFA hospitality site remove Israel

Did FIFA hospitality site remove Israel? FIFA hospitality packages had updated the list

As per media reports;

On Wednesday, the Ynet news portal first reported that FIFA hospitality packages had updated the list, and Israel is not present on any of the lists. Israeli media is infuriated by this news.

In a section of FIFA’s website devoted to World Cup hospitality packages, Israel is not listed as one of the Middle Eastern countries.

Users pointed out that FIFA’s hospitality package sales website featured no mention of Israel on its list of sales agents, and the “occupied Palestinian territory” sales agency appeared to be deleted from the list.

On the other hand, Qatar is bound by its promises to treat every country equally. Only “Occupied Palestinian Territories” is included instead.

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The FIFA website has information on hospitality packages and can help guests locate a local representative to complete their bookings.

An additional drop-down menu appears after selecting “Asia and the Middle East” from a global map.

However, “Occupied Palestinian Territories” is included in the list of several countries. 

Israel is also absent from the Europe section.

FIFA has granted Hong Kong-based Winterhill Hospitality the exclusive right to provide World Cup hospitality services.

According to the firm’s website, ticket-inclusive hospitality packages for every FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM match will be available through MATCH Hospitality’s subsidiary, which claims to be the only company permitted by FIFA.

Accommodations, game tickets, and reception admission were included in the hospitality packages for the countries listed. For each round of the competition, the game price ranges from $950 to $6,700.

As of June, despite the lack of formal diplomatic ties between the two countries, Israel stated that its people would be allowed entry into the country of Qatar for World Cup celebrations.

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It was previously announced that Israeli nationals — which normally can only visit Qatar on a foreign passport — would be able to freely travel and attend games during the tournament, scheduled to start on November 21.

It is necessary for Israeli fans who wish to take part in the event to acquire a ticket and then apply for a Fan ID card on FIFA’s website. If approved, this document authorizes the holder’s entry into Qatar and allows them to make hotel reservations.

Winterhill Hospitality, the company, selling hospitality packages for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, lists Israel’s location as “Palestinian Territory, occupied” and does not provide an option for Israelis to select “Israel.”

The media in Israel were infuriated by the discovery. However, that list has also omitted Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia and Armenia from the site.

Visitors from Israel were surprised to find that Israel had been removed from the site, according to Ynet.

A deal struck in June between FIFA and Israel would have allowed Israelis to attend the World Cup in Qatar, but Israel has since been removed from the list.

Before the agreement was finalized, there was concern regarding whether Israelis could attend the event.

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