Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium Qatar

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium and other Tourist Attractions in Qatar

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is in the Al Rayyan area, renowned for its appreciation of customs and regional heritage and its wildly successful football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club. The new stadium will host FIFA World Cup 2022 games up until the quarterfinal round.

Al Rayyan is keen to introduce football enthusiasts to Qatar’s rich culture and extends a warm welcome to visitors worldwide. The preservation of nature and its gifts has long been a concern in resilient Al Rayyan because it is situated on the verge of the desert, and this stadium is no different.

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The history of Qatar is represented in the architecture of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan. The building’s most noticeable feature is its luminous facade, which is covered in designs that represent several qualities of the country: the value of family, the glory of the deserts, the native plants and animals, as well as regional and global trade.

The great desert city of Al Rayyan is represented by the seventh shape, a shield, which unites all the others and symbolizes strength and togetherness.

These designs are intricate and reminiscent of the geometric shapes frequently used in Islamic architecture, reflecting the high standard of Qatari craftsmanship.

Because of its desert landscape, Al Rayyan has developed into a resourceful city that does not put up with trash. Since the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy is dedicated to green building, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan has had sustainability at its core from the beginning.

The new arena building extensively uses components from the demolished Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium. Some might end up in public art.

More than 80% of the building components have been recycled or reprocessed. The previous venue’s surrounding trees were saved for replanting. Any new features were carefully selected for their environmental friendliness.

The arena has implemented energy- and water-saving measures and further carbon emissions reductions are made possible by the metro connection provided by Qatar Rail.

The arena zone offers the community easy access to bike lanes, walking walkways, and 125,000 meter square of new green space with native, water-efficient plants. Football spectators can go to a self-sustaining location from Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium using an eco-friendly metro system.


Statistics of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

This distinctive exterior is surrounded by a small seating area, creating a lively environment and bringing all 40,000 spectators closer to the action on the field. A compact cover and cutting-edge cooling systems shield those spectators from the weather so they can watch every game in total comfort.

The arena district was built with sustainability in mind for every component. Nearly half of the 40,000 modular seats in the stadium will be disassembled after the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and donated to international football development initiatives. 

The neighborhood will have access to facilities including six football practice fields, a cricket field, a horse-riding circuit, sprinting and cycling trails, gymnasium facilities, and an athletics track, to name just a few.

Promoting healthy lifestyles in Qatar is a fundamental goal of the Qatar National Vision 2030, and Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium will play a significant part in achieving this goal.

Al Rayyan will also provide areas for people who want to relax a bit, perfect for hot days on the outskirts of the desert. Along with the well-known Mall of Qatar, gorgeously designed parks, arcades, cafes, sculptures, and walkways are built next to the stadium.

Al Rayyan 

The third-largest city in the state of Qatar, Al Rayyan, is primarily a suburb of Metropolitan Doha and takes up the whole eastern part of the state. The word “ray,” which means “irrigation” in Arabic, is where the city gets its name.

This name was given to it because of its low elevation, which made it a floodplain and a reliable water source for the many plants that thrived there.

Al Rayyan may be reached by vehicle in 30 minutes from Doha International Airport or 20 minutes from Central Doha. This contemporary development sparkles close to harsh desert landscapes. While the city includes the western coast of Qatar, most of its highlights are located close to Doha.


Top 5 places to visit in Al Rayyan

The best things to do are visiting Al Rayyan’s bustling streets and taking in the city’s numerous top-notch facilities, tall skyscrapers, and Arab culture.

Al Rayyan, located just west of Doha, has developed into one of Qatar’s most prosperous metropolitan regions, although it has retained much of its old-world charm. There are forts, museums, and heritage monuments nearby that contribute to defining its unique history.

Leave the city limits and explore the city’s desert plains and exotic beaches for a natural wonder-filled experience in Qatar.  It may take a little driving to get to some of the locations on this list of enjoyable stuff to do in Al Rayyan, but it will be worthwhile if you want to take full advantage of all the area has to offer.

Al Wajbah Fort

Al-Wajbah Fort Qatar

Al Wajbah Fort is in the Al Wajbah neighborhood of Al Rayyan, 15 km west of Doha. It is accessible to tourists from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday through Thursday. It served as the site of a battle in which Qatari forces defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1893.

Qatar won under the leadership of Sheik Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, and the culture of Qatar widely commemorates this momentous occasion. Al Wajbah Fort is one of the oldest forts in Qatar, with a history that dates to the 18th century.

Qatar views the war’s outcome as a pivotal occasion in the foundation of Qatar as a modern state and the end of Ottoman rule in Qatar, even though Qatar did not achieve complete independence from the Ottoman Empire.

It takes only 10 minutes to drive from Al Rayyan’s center to Al Wajbah Fort. You’ll see its impressive watchtowers when you first arrive at the location.

From within its vast walls, take in the breathtaking perspective of the surroundings and be amazed at the display of battle-related weapons.

Dukhan Public Beach

Dukhan Beach Qatar

Dukhan Public Beach is 75 kilometers west of Al Rayyan. It is open around the clock and is open late on Fridays. A pleasant beach day in Qatar with beautiful sands and sunsets. Swim in calm Gulf waters and enjoy the welcoming ambiance with your family.

There are many locations at Dukhan Public Beach where you can have a BBQ or set up a tent for the night. In the shallow water, kids can have a great time.

To protect oneself from the sharp rocks at the bottom, snorkelers should wear beach shoes as they explore the offshore rocky reefs.

The Musfur Sinkhole

Musafir Sinkhole Qatar

The Musfur Sinkhole is an excellent choice for a quick and straightforward adventure for those interested in exploring belowground because it is only a 45-minute drive from Doha. It is a beautiful natural marvel that offers relief from the oppressive heat.

In Qatar, there are a lot of accessible caves. The enormous ancient cavern known as Musfur is Qatar’s deepest accessible sinkhole. Although its actual depth is unknown, experts think it may exceed 100 meters.

Writings can be seen along the rocks, and birds and other small creatures hide in the shadows to construct nests. In the Musfur Sinkhole, boulder-climbing is a fun physical activity, while a quiet area is available for meditation for those seeking peace.

Mystery Village

Mystery Village Qatar

Mystery Village offers a fantastic trip for thrill lovers and environment admirers in Qatar. It takes roughly 90 minutes to drive from Al Rayyan to this abandoned village tucked away in the middle of a harsh desert, but the trip is half the enjoyment.

You’ll pass through the peninsula of Zekreet through arid, open desert and over rocky terrain. The journey is best made in a 4×4 vehicle.

The charming village was created for an Arabic tv show, but it has never been occupied. You can see what Qatar’s traditional towns may have looked like in the past at Mystery Village and the adjoining Film City.

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers Qatar

The majestic Barzan Towers were constructed in the late 19th century to safeguard Doha’s waterways. The towers face the sea to look for approaching ships and are linked to other significant elements of the city’s defense.

The villages of Umm Salal Mohammed, which are 16 meters in elevation, are about 25 minutes from the coast.

The layered roof of this mighty castle, composed of mangrove branches, bamboo, and planks of wood, is a magnificent example of Qatari engineering.

Look for the wooden drains that shield the roof from too much rain. The clear view of the sea from above made it easier to observe those who.

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were pearl diving. The towers were furnished with contemporary facilities and restored to their former beauty in 2003.

Top 5 hotels to stay in Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan Hotel

Al Rayyan Hotel Qatar

The Al Rayyan Hotel offers superbly constructed guest bedrooms and suites. It provides access to the Mall of Qatar as well. Visitors can enjoy themselves with various entertainment options while shopping comfortably with five dining options, flexible conference space, a magnificent ballroom, and three temperature-controlled rooftop swimming pools treated with salt water.

The Presidential and Ambassador Suites have two bedrooms, luxurious baths, and sizable living and dining spaces for the ultimate family vacation. 

The cutting-edge Leisure and Wellness Center, which has a fully stocked gym, a sauna, a steam room, and a Jacuzzi, is one of the on-site entertainment alternatives. There are numerous inviting dining options at the Al Rayyan Hotel Doha and lots of outdoor seating.

The hotel provides an alcohol-free setting with a family-friendly ambiance, honoring the precious customs of Qatar and incorporating local culture into everything we do.

Al-Rayyan Sports Club is a short stroll from the hotel, while Al Shaqab Horse Racing Academy and Education City Golf Club are close. Starting from 700 QR each night, the pricing is listed.

Ezdan Palace Hotel

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

The Ezdan Palace Hotel has 195 luxuriously furnished rooms and suites and is situated in a majestic palace with elegant Andalusian architecture design.

Quality bedding, stylish furniture, and marble bathrooms with a bathtub and shower are featured in every room. Every room has a Cappuccino coffee maker to guarantee every visit a delightful stay.

Ezdan Palace Hotel Qatar

Free parking, free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, a fitness center with a gym, a bar, and a babysitting area. There is also a children’s activity area and airport transportation. The nightly rates for its rooms begin at 620 QR.

The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel

The Avenue,A Murwab Qatar

With a refined fusion of life’s best facilities, The Avenue, A Murwab Hotel is on the cutting edge of contemporary luxury lodgings. The Avenue is a modern business building with clean, uncomplicated lines and a color scheme of deep browns and warm, understated tones that gives off an undoubtedly premium vibe.

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The abundance of dining options and gourmet selections inside will delight even the pickiest tastebuds of today’s sophisticated tourists.

The Avenue A Murwab Qatar

We provide cutting-edge conference and event rooms, leisure amenities like the Senses Sauna, our very own wellness and relaxation center with accessibility to a workout facility around the clock, and an outdoor pool on the roof of our hotels with breathtaking views of the Doha cityscape. Starting at 900 QR per night, its suites and luxurious rooms are priced.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas

Hilton Salva Qatar

The Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas has 361 bedrooms, suites, and oceanfront villas with lawns and swimming pools.

With a wide range of services, such as the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, pools, a waterfront, a luxury spa, free parking, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center with a gymnasium, a bar or restaurant, a babysitting space, a kids’ activity area, a health club, and a distinctive Arabian Village. The cost of staying at this resort starts at 1100 QR per night.

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel

Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel Qatar

The Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel is close to amusement parks and the entertainment sector. While visitors looking to enjoy the area’s natural features can visit Doha Corniche and Katara Beach, those looking to shop should check out Villaggio Mall and Souq Waqif Art Gallery.

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Each guest room includes a workspace, 48-inch TV, and a marble bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower. It also has floor-to-ceiling windows. Starting at 700 QR per night, its deluxe and luxurious rooms are available.


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