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Adidas unveils eye-catching FIFA world cup 2022 jerseys for Spain, Germany, Japan, and more.

Adidas has presented the 2022 World Cup jersey ideas for five international teams, and the assortment is simply stunning. Germany, Japan, and Spain all have a home and away versions in the latest update, while Argentina and Mexico eventually get their away jerseys. Adidas has done an outstanding job of capturing the culture and heritage of five countries to convey their identity onto the field, from the Aztec traditions of Mexico to the Origami Crows, which influence Japan’s home jerseys.

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Adidas continues to uphold its dedication to protecting the environment and reducing plastic waste Adidas continues to uphold its dedication Adidas continues to uphold its dedication. At the same time, the genuine Argentina, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Spain jerseys each include 50% Ocean – bound plastic, which is recycled and keeps ocean pollution at bay.


The search for a more balanced world served as the inspiration for Argentina’s striking purple-away jersey. The battle for gender equality is symbolized by the lavender colorway, coupled with a flaming pattern that recalls the country’s iconic Sun of May.


The 2022 Germany jersey bears homage to the original Germany jersey with a striking vertical black line. A simple design and gold accents on the club crest and Adidas symbol are in the middle of the jersey. The national flag colors on the collar complete the fashionable appearance.

The national flag inspired the vivid cherry red and black color scheme of Germany’s away uniform. To reflect the team’s dynamic style of play, a blurred “D” from the word “Deutschland” is included as an allover pattern as a cute little design element.


Japan’s World Cup jerseys are based on the arts of origami and personality. The three-legged raven is the basis for the bugged graphic design, which stands for pace and the Origami technique. It is available in the classic electrical blue and white color scheme.

The Japanese team’s free-flowing playing style is reflected in their away jersey. The sleeves and shoulders of the white shirt are decorated with vibrant origami forms in tones of red and blue to give the otherwise basic garment a spark of color.


Adidas pays homage to the historic civilizations steeped in Mexican heritage to inspire the player’s competitive spirit for the away shirt. The elaborate red print comprises five special symbols and stands out beautifully against the white shirt. 

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The revised team crest is woven into the modified V-neck collar, which is also decorated with the colors of the country’s flag. The revised team crest is incorporated into the modified V-neck collar, decorated with the country’s flag colors. Against the sky-blue shirt, the art-deco pattern pops in bubblegum blue. Adidas’ iconic three stripes are painted red and yellow.


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